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Bedroom POP Designs: Simple yet Modern Plus Minus POP for Bedrooms

The term "POP" is a very common word and refers to Plaster of Paris, which is a dehydrated form of Gypsum technically. Like white...

False Ceiling Design: New, Simple, Modern Designs for Home

Ceiling coverings are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials, depending on the purpose for which they will be utilized. These rooms'...


Indian Balcony Railings Looks and Their Types

Balcony is a space which is must have in all houses. Stylish railing gives an attractive look and represents your home on the behalf...

Main Gate Colour Combination for Iron, Wooden, Steel Gates

Whether you want your gate to reflect the traditional colours of your home's country or paint it in a bright, funky hue, there are...


Vastu Shastra for Running Horse Painting

Paintings at home are not only used for attractiveness or decoration of home they also have significant role in vastu. Hence it should be...

Feel the Power of Vastu with Paintings

Paintings and Photo frames play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vastu shastra hence placing them at proper location...


30 feet by 60 feet (30×60) House Plan

It's always confusing when it comes to 30 by 60 house plan while constructing a house because you get your house constructed once. If you...

20 feet by 45 feet House Map

If you have a plot size of 20 feet by 45 feet i.e 900 sqmtr or 100 gaj and planning to start construction and...





Location of Tulsi Plant as Per Vastu. Benefits and Drawbacks

Where to Place Tulsi Plant: Vastu Tips and Suggestions Do you know why every Hindu home has a Tulsi plant? What are its benefits? What is the...

Vastu Shastra for Aloe Vera


Modern Retro Living Room Ideas And Designs

Lately, the modern retro plan pattern has become increasingly in vogue. It has an exceptional and nostalgic feel because of the blend of Modern...
Natural light Living Room

10 Modern Sunroom Ideas to Transform Your Space Into A Stylish Retreat

A sunroom is an optimal expansion to any home as it gives an extensive region to unwind and partake in the normal magnificence of...

Pieces and Aries, A Cosmic Harmony Unleashed

Astrology has long fascinated humanity, offering insights into the intricate tapestry of human connections. Among the celestial pairings, the union between Pisces and Aries...
Couple Bedroom Decor Ideas for Creating an Elegant and Modern Bedroom

Couple Bedroom Decor Ideas for Creating an Elegant and Modern Bedroom

The room is a sanctuary for couples, where they can unwind, loosen up, and foster closeness. By planning a room that suits the preferences...


Wall Stickers for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen in Home

Wall decals are an excellent method to personalize your space. You may get wall stickers for every room in your house, from the kitchen...




Home Decoration Ideas and Tips

When it comes to decoration, plays a vital role in everyone’s life with its unique and mind blowing home decoration ideas, tips and suggestions with real pictures. These ideas and tips are not only for making your home, office or any building decorated but also comply vastu shastra rules. Some acknowledge but some not, but we try to give all our decoration suggestions as per vastu. Be it interior decoration, exterior decoration, architectural phase or any construction related query we have listed N number of articles (increasing day by day) to give you best solution and stylish look for your home, office, shop or any space.

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