30 feet by 60 feet (30×60) House Plan


It’s always confusing when it comes to 30 by 60 house plan while constructing a house because you get your house constructed once.

If you have a plot size of 30 feet by 60 feet (30*60) which is 1800 Sq.Mtr or you can say 200 SqYard or Gaj and looking for the best plan for your 30*60 house, we have some best option for you.

30*60 house plan is very popular among the people who are looking for their dream home. 30×60 house plans are available in different formats. Some are in 2bhk and some in 3bhk.

You can select the house plan as per your requirement and need. These 30 by 60 house plans include all the features that are required for the comfortable living of people.

And we do not stop at any fix size of house plan or map and keep providing you the house plan of different sizes. You can also check the following house plans as well: 40 by 60 house plan, 15 by 40 house plan, 40 by 50 house plan, 30 by 30 house plan, 25 by 50 house plan, and 25 by 40 house plan here.

Have a look below at the latest and trendy 30 by 60 house plans for your reference. These are:

Option 1: 30 60 House Plan with Lawn & Parking



Option 2: Double Story 30 60 House Plan

The second option is given below in which you can make two similar size bedroom with almirah. Bathroom attached with master bedroom only, a separate washroom for common use attached with living room, big kitchen, external stairs, one car parking space, and a small garden.

This design will give you the perfect size for each room. You can build a similar portion on the first floor as well. On the first floor, you can get the benefit of space available on balconies.

You can also have a look at 30 50 house plan 3bhk to get an idea from.


Option 3: Ground Floor 30 by 60 3BHK Plan

Third option comes with both Ground Floor and First floor. In this map front and rear space is left open for ventilation and sun rays. All the rooms are specious in this floor plan including kitchen. You can use terrace on first floor or it can be converted in a room. Its totally, as per your requirement.


Option 4: 30 by 60 House Plan with Lobby

This option has internal stairs and gives an awesome look to your home. Two rooms with attached toilet. One common toilet in between. Kitchen in the front with drawing-room. You can convert middle toilet for other use as well like store etc.

This plan comes with two bedrooms at the end with an attached toilet. Between the rooms, there is one pooja room and one store. Pooja room is facing towards dining room for worship. The rear portion is left open for light and ventilation. One separate toilet is also there for common use for guest or anybody.

Also have a look at some latest 20×45 house plan here.



Option 5: 30 by 60 House Plan, Lobby, Big Kitchen

200 gaj house map

Option 6: 30*60 House Plan with Garden

This 30 by 60 house plan comes with a garden that enhances the beauty of your home. This 2 bedroom house plan indian style provides an east-facing entrance that opens into a living room which is combined with the dining area.30 by 60 House Plan with Garden

  • The two bedrooms are on one side facing each other. Each room has ample space to relax with attached bathrooms.
  • There is a small open space adjoining the two rooms which can be used as a place to enjoy the sunset and pleasant evenings.
  • Coming to the other side of the house, there is a kitchen right next to the garden area. The modular kitchen offers all the latest appliances and storage options.
  • This 2BHK house plan with a garden is perfect for a small family or working couple who are looking for their dream home.

Another option for 30 feet by 60 feet house plan which you can adopt while constructing your house is as follow.

Option 7: 30*60 House Plan with Terrace

This house plan comes with a terrace that enhances the beauty of your home. This is a two-story home design that allows you to have all of the seclusion and comforts you desire.30x60 House Plan with Terrace

The first floor of this 30 by 60 house plan consists of three bedrooms and an open space which can be converted into a second living room or a relaxing lounge area.

The terrace plan is set up above the first floor which provides an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Consider viewing the latest maps or plans which are of 20 by 40 square feet house plan for some additional hints and look.

This is an ideal house plan in a 30×60 square feet plot for a family who wants to enjoy the outdoors and have all the privacy they need.

Option 8: 30*60 House Plan Single Floor

This is a modern single floor house design on the ground floor that is designed in such a way that you get plenty of open space. The 2BHK layout has a good size parking space.30*60 Single Floor House Plan

  • The entrance of the house leads directly into the drawing-room which has an attached lawn that offers a beautiful view.
  • The lawn can be used for various purposes such as hosting parties, morning walks, or children’s play areas.
  • The house has two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a kitchen which is designed keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of people.
  • Note, 30 40 house plan is a house size which is a very popular house map size. You should also consider plans made in this size for the latest designs as well.
  • There is a utility space and an extra storage room as well to help you keep your house tidy and organized.
  • This 30*60 house plan with a single floor is perfect for those who are looking for a compact and efficient home design.
  • Besides this, you’ll also find a small room on the left side of the house which can be used as a pooja room or a study room.

Option 9: 30*60 House Plan 3BHK with Car Parking

This single-floor 3BHK house plan is unique as it offers everything that you need in a compact design. 30 by 60 House Plan with Lawn Parking

  • The entrance of the house leads directly into the drawing-room where you can unwind and relax.
  • The house has three bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a kitchen.
  • A conservatory offers additional space to expand your garden or a little lawn.
  • The house has a covered car parking space that can easily accommodate one car.
  • There is a store room and an open area as well which can be used for various purposes such as a study room or a play area for children.

Things To Consider While Building a 30 X 60 House:

There are certain things that you need to consider while purchasing a 30*60 house plan. These things are as follows:

Note: you may be interested in viewing the latest 20×50 house plan for your reference here. These are the latest designs and are made by experienced architects.

  • You should purchase a house plan according to the size of your family. If you have a small family, then you can purchase a small house plan.
  • You should purchase a house plan according to your budget. If you have a limited budget, then you can purchase a small house plan.
  • You should purchase a house plan according to the location of your house. If you want to live in a peaceful environment, then you can purchase a house plan in the countryside.
  • You should purchase a house plan according to the climate of your area. If you live in a cold region, then you can purchase a house plan with a fireplace.
  • You should purchase a house plan according to the facilities that you need in your house. If you need a garden in your house, then you can purchase a house plan with a lawn.
  • Finally, you should purchase a house plan according to your taste and preference. You can purchase a modern house plan or a traditional house plan according to your taste and preference.
  • Refer to 25×30 house plan here.

These were few top used maps for 30 feet by 60 feet house. To view more maps and plans for your house click House Plans and select map as per your requirement and available plot size.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the finest home plan for a 30*60 plot?

A: The best house plan for a 30*60 plot would be one that suits your requirements and needs. You can choose from a variety of house plans depending on your budget and preferences.

Q: How many rooms can I have in my 30*60 house plan?

A: You can have up to 3 bedrooms in your 30*60 house plan.

Q: What is the typical cost of building a 30*60 home plan?

A: The average cost of construction for a 30*60 house plan would be around Rs. 20 lakhs.

Q: What are the advantages of including a garden in my house design?

A: Having a garden in your house plan offers several benefits such as fresh air, natural light, and a pleasant environment.

Q: What is the best approach to make the most of my 30*60 house design’s open area?

A: The open space in your 30*60 house plan can be utilized for various purposes such as a garden, a playground for children, or an extra room.

Consider reading Indian house colour combination outside the home.


After going through the different house plans for a 30*60 size plot, you can now choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Consider all the factors such as budget, number of rooms, open space, and others before finalizing the house plan.

Keep in mind that the house plan should be such that it meets all your requirements and also fits into your budget.

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  1. Hello Sir my corner plot size is 32*60. east 32 and south 60 is open. i want 2 bedroom, 1 drawing room, 2 tiolets, 2 bathroom, 1 store room, 1 kitchen, 1 pooja room and 1 shop at south side . please make a map according to vaastu.

  2. Sir I want to change my house map which is 30*60 in size and its first floor is also constructed. I want to change only ground. Pls provide me a technical help and suitable map for 3 bedroom, stor, kitchen, drawing, Pooja room

  3. hello
    my plot size 15/38 and iwant bedroom kichen and pooja room with drawing room. my plot face is north plz make vastu acording.

  4. Hello,
    Respected sir,
    I wolud like to tell u my plot size was 16×120 sq ft. And y requirement was ground floor I beed one office 1 toilet and other space for Stock yard area means Godaun after that first floor requirement 3 master bed room 1 kitchen 1common toilet bathroom and store room.

  5. My plot size is 30 x 70 east facing, i want to construct 4 bed room( one in ground floor & 3 in first floor) and drg room 1, kitchen , loby, pl make accordingly

  6. My plot size is 25*50 feet east facing. I want one kitchen three bedrooms one lift & stairs three toilet.one under ground. 7 height feet parking servant rooms on ground below 1floor.please send more options

  7. Hello Sir
    my plot size is 22*120 I want 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom , 1 toilet , 1 store room, kitchen and Pooja room with drawing room .

  8. Hello sir my plot size is 26x 50, and its north facing , east facing common wall . I want two bedroom , hall, kitchen in ground floor , and 1st floor, plan for 2 bhk, plan please suggest me sir….thanks

  9. hello sir
    I have a plot size 29 x 61 I want two bed room on ground floor rfont kitchen open space front and back plot is not corner no need of puja room and store plz help

  10. My plot size is 33’9″(east), 49’7″(south), 33’6″(west) and 53′(north). And front should be from 33’6″ . I want 3 bedrooms , 1 dining room, 1 drawing room , 2bathroom, 1 pooja room and 1 kitchen. Please make according to vastu shastra.

  11. Hello Sir
    my plot size is 25X45 ( East – West 25 and South North 45) west facing and I want 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom , 1 toilet , 1 store room, kitchen and Pooja room with drawing room . plz make vastu according.

  12. hello
    my plot size is 20 x 100 north facing and I want 1bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 hall, kitchen and Pooja room with 2 portions or 3 portions. plz make vastu according.

  13. hello
    my plot size 31/66 north facing and i want 3bedrooms, kichen, balcony, 2attached toilet and one common toilet and pooja room with drawing room. plz make vastu acording.

  14. Hello sir my plot size is 25x 34, and its east facing i want full parking ground floor, and 1st floor, plan for 2 bhk, and 2nd floor 2 1rk plan please suggest me sir….thanks

  15. Hello my plot size is 50 into 50 feet two side road east and south my needs are ground floor I need godown and parking and Frist floor 3 bhk , second floor I need 3 bed and one recreational hall so plz make a plan

  16. Sir i have site of 30*40 site i want make two 2bhk house for rental purpose west side i have 15ft road i want north facing house size of site is east west is 40 n north south is 30 i want build same house at first floor too kindly suggest me sir

  17. Hallo sir,my plot size is 30 feet front and60 feet width.it is facing west and parking too ground floor one bed room,puja room .1st floor two bed rooms .please duplex plan

  18. Hello sir, My plot size is 30 feet front and 60 feet width. It’s facing east and park facing too. I am looking for three rooms down with drawing and dining and similar can be made upstair too. Stairs must. Be from out and this plot falls under huda area in kaithal. Please give me map plan as per vastu. Looking forward for your reply.

  19. My plot size is 32.5′ x 57.5′ at Noida. I want stilt parking with FF and SF. Both FF and SF should have 2 bedroom and a study , kitchen , puja room , drawing cum dining, 2 toilet . Suggest plan

  20. My plot is 30yards wide and 67 yards length h .I want in to double floor house .3 bhk ground floor and 3bhk First floor and also kitchen and bathroom at each floor .so please give me a idea for this plan with price

  21. Sir, I have a plot of 33 x 66 ft. east facing. 3 sides opened – 20 ft. road in each side of south & north besides 40 ft. road in east side. I want to construct a shop of 16′ x 11′ size, garage, two bed rooms of any convenient size, one kitchen with utility, two bath rooms, one drawing cum dinning and stair case on the ground floor. Secondly I want three bed rooms on the first floor with all amenities like 2/3 bath rooms, kitchen with utility, dinning, drawing, 2/3 balconies and a puja room. Above all the plan should be bastu compliant. Thanking you.

  22. Sir my plot size 12×22 and front 25×16 pl map my house 2 room and kitchen pooja room let bath double story pm send my map my mail

  23. Comment:Dear sir
    mera plot 21×36 corner west ad south ka h.west facing h.2 bedrooms set bnana hfirst flor ke liye naksha send kr dijiye plz.wo commercial area hisliye ground flor pr to sirf hall hi bnana h.2room kitchen bathroom toilet nd posibl ho to drawing room.vastu ke according aap map sand kr de plz.


  25. Dear sir
    I have a plot of 40 by 60 feet at raipur. I need 4 bedrooms each with attached toilet bathroom and dressing room ,2 kitchen,1 poo jaldi room and a single hall. I am having east face.plz suggest me a good house design according to vastu. I want a design like if it needed I can do it in 2 partition without breaking any thing. B’cos it’s possible in future.

  26. hi, my plot sise is 30*83 feet, north phase, please give the drawing 3bhk, kitchen, store, lobby, drawing room and stair outside, please make sure with vastu, thenks

  27. Dear Mam
    I have a plot size 30×60 size. pls advise for two bedroom, one big hall, kitchen, two wash rooms and POOJA GHAR

  28. Dear Sir
    I have a plot size 30 by 55 feet at Aligarh up. I need 3 bedroom, 01 kitchen, 01 bathroom, 01 veranda, very good ventilation, north facing.
    please suggest me good house map.

  29. hi my plot size 31 length by 10. suggest me digram i want in /bathroom and room withh1 kitchen.and puja room plz suggest the digram..

  30. Dear Sir / Ma’m,

    I have a plot of size 20X60 Sqft, and planning to start building soon. Can you guys suggest me nice duplex house plan. Requirements –
    A) Basement for parking and store room.
    B) Ground Floor – Front lawn and parking/open space around 14 to 15 Sqft. Wide open drawing room in front of the lawn. Drawing room opened in common hall area shared for dining and living area. 1 bed room only at the ground floor. If possible a small store room. Kitchen must be spacious and well ventilated. 1 toilet at the ground floor and Toilet area should not be near the kitchen area. A small open area in the backyard for utility.
    C) First Floor – Should have a front spacious balcony. 2 bed rooms on first floor with 1 attached toilet and 1 common toilet. If possible rooms should open in balcony.

    I am open to amend and can accept your suggestions. Please help to provide good house plans.


  31. Dear,

    I have Plot size 10 X 20 Meter, as per norms i can construct only 135 meter rest need to keep open space looking GF + FF + Half SF ( If required), which need to cover 3 BHK + Dining + Living + Pooja + Library + Small GYM, Requesting you so suggest

  32. hello sir
    I have a plot size 25 x 66.67 ft . I want 2 bedroom with attach bathroom,1 kid room ,1 kitchen, pooja room,drawing n dinning room, one common toilet,parking area n small garden area plz design acc. to these requirement

  33. Dear Sir

    I have 30 x 60 land facing northern side. I want to construct three floors, ground floor parking with a house, first floor two houses and second floor with two houses. In each house consisting of a living hall, dining, two bed room (one with attached bathroom), kitchen and pooja room with balcony – as per vasthu plan designing. So, I request you, kindly send me the map to my emial.

    Thanking you

  34. hi looking for 25*50 and 50*60 north facing 3 bhk house map ground floor with garden as per vasthu
    please help me with house map .

  35. Sir
    My plot 30*60 and two side road east & north
    Ground floar only comarcial haal with porch east side
    First flor vasto acording home

  36. Dear sir , My plot size is 29 x 61 feet (EAST FACING)
    I want 2 bhk & parking area in ground floor and 3 bhk in first floor( hall ,3 bed rooms with attached bath rooms, kitchen,puja room and 1 common bathroom) and two 2 bhks in second floor can you pls suggest best plan to me.
    my email id is:

  37. Hello i have 30*60 size i want 2 master bed room 2 bedroom 1 dining room and 1 big lounge and front and back both said road so i want entrence both said plz reply me soon as possible

  38. hii my self ashu and my plot 30×50 my demand 3badroom, diraing room, kicthe, leth,bath,store room please send massage

  39. sir my house 30×50 sir mera graund floor ka naksha sahi nhi hai isley me apne house ke 1st floor ka sahi naksha chata hu plesae mujhe sahi naksha ke liye tips de

  40. Dear Sir
    I have 25×40 fit land . I wish 2 flate in this area& 2 bedroom. toilet kitchen parking dinning hol.
    So i request you that you send me map on my mail.

  41. Hii my self deepak my plot 55 by 60 give sajestion
    Mujhe 4 bedroom 1 kichen 1car parking 1 living room ek hall that’s it please give Naksha

  42. Dear sir, i have plot size weith30 feet by length 100 feet i want 3 room with attach bathroom and daring room and danging hall and kitchen and car park

  43. i have plot in Maharashtra and my plot size is 33×66 and 3 bedroom and kitchen and hall and car parking plz suggest best design

  44. i have aplot in Punjab at Hoshiarpur of size 69.9×31 feet kindly suggest me to construct home with drawing and buildup area with cost only ground floor with extension arrangement

  45. Hello, My plot size is 29.6 feet x 60.1 feet with front of 29.6 feet . I can cover only 65% of floor area with 8 feet open from front side and 13 feet open from back side according to zoning plan. Kindly suggest a drawing with 2 bedroom ,1 drawing, loby , 2 bathrooms, one children room. front is west facing , all other sides are closed.

  46. hi my plot size 18 by 40. (80 GAJ) suggest me digram i want in 1 drawing room and 2 bed rooms kitchen.and puja room plz suggest the digram..

  47. my plot size 25by 40 feet east facing we need one hall kitchen one bed room with washroom car parking area .please suggest good design

    • Comment:sukhvir Singh my plot size 30 by 60 feet north facing.I need 3bedrom kitchn.,loby,car parking.plz suggest good design.

  48. Plat size 30′ x 55′ feet east facing plat, non-developed (only plantation by corporation)open area on west side ineed a open space in front of house car parking, stair case from inside elevation with car parking area. No more construction in ground floor only one bed room kitchen drawing room and staircase, front elevation is looking full view from drawing room and first floor 2bhk, living, study room, terrace, sit out on west side. basement rooms as east to west slope @ 6’6″
    Plz. do the needful and send the vastu oriented innovative plan.

  49. Plat size 24 by 46 feet east facing plat ineed a open space in front of house car parking stair case from inside elevation with car parking area. No more construction in ground floor only one bed room kitchen drawing room and staircase front elevation is looking full view from drawing room and first floor 2bhk

  50. hi my plot size 28 by 85. suggest me digram i want in front shop and after goddown after trrace/bathroom and 3 bedroom 1 kitchen.and puja room plz suggest the digram..

  51. hello
    my plot size is 30X60 east facing and I want 3bedroom, 3 bathroom, 1 store room, kitchen and Pooja room with drawing room car parking. plz make vastu according.

  52. plat size 50 by 70 fet.and plat is south facing.middle plat and in frunt of plat a big garden.need2 bed room in ground floor and 4 bed room in 1 floor .car parking space for 2 car.

  53. Looking for a plan of 4bhk in tilt area as the ground floor ill be left blank for oly parking.. dimensions of the plot is 30*60.. Where 30ft I’ll be front portion that is west facing.. And request to live free space of 2ft round the built area..

  54. Hello
    My plot size is 34/48 and I want 2bedroom kitchen and pooja room 1stady room 2dinngroom and car parking.my plot face is east plz make vastu sastre according

  55. hello
    my plot size 30/60 and iwant 3bedroom kichen and pooja room with drawing room car parking. my plot face is east plz make vastu acording.

  56. hello
    my plot siz 30/60 .nd i want 3bedroom kitchen nd dinning nd drawing room ,puja ghar,2toilt.with car parking nd lawn. my plot face is south.so plz make vastusasta acording

    • my plot size is 26*52 sq.ft(26 ft south facing),i need 2bhk,one kitchen,parking space,pooja ghar,drawing cum drawing roon,store ,pl.help

    • Hello Sir,
      my plot size is 25X60 ( north face front with 25 )
      02 bedroom, 2 bathroom/toilet , 01 Gest Room Attch bathroom/toilet , 1 store room,
      kitchen and Pooja room with Labi . plz
      make vastu according.


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