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20 feet by 45 feet House Map

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If you have a plot size of 20 feet by 45 feet i.e 900 sqmtr or 100 gaj and planning to start construction and looking for the best plan for 100 gaj plot then you are at the right place. Yes, here we suggest you best-customized designs that fit into your need as per the space available.

Are you in search of a compact yet functional floor plan? Look no further! In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the 20×45 floor plan. With its optimal use of space, this floor plan offers a great balance between comfort and efficiency.

Let’s explore the possibilities and design considerations for this layout.

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20×45 (100 gaj) Duplex Floor Plan

The 20×45 (100 gaj) duplex floor plan is designed to make the most of every square foot available. With careful planning, this layout offers ample space for comfortable living without compromising on functionality. The compact design ensures that all areas of the house are well-utilized, making it ideal for small to medium-sized families.

Before construction, understand the different types of plastering used 

Ground Floor Configuration

The ground floor of this duplex floor plan typically features an entrance foyer that leads to a spacious living room. Adjacent to the living room is a dining area, perfect for family meals and entertaining guests.

The kitchen is strategically placed for convenient access and efficient workflow. Additionally, a common bathroom is provided for the convenience of residents and visitors. A bedroom on the ground floor offers flexibility, serving as a guest room or accommodating elderly family members who prefer avoiding stairs


First Floor Configuration

Moving up to the first floor, the master bedroom takes center stage. Equipped with an attached bathroom, it provides privacy and comfort for the homeowners. Two additional bedrooms are also located on this floor, along with a common bathroom. The arrangement of bedrooms ensures individual spaces for family members while maintaining a cohesive layout.

Optimizing Natural Light and Ventilation

Another important aspect to consider when designing a duplex is the integration of natural light and ventilation. Well-placed windows and openings can maximize the inflow of sunlight, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance. Adequate cross-ventilation promotes airflow throughout the house, enhancing the comfort and well-being of the residents.Floor Plan

20 feet by 45 feet two Story House Plan

The 20×45 feet two-story house plan is specifically designed to optimize space utilization. With a compact footprint, this layout maximizes both the ground and upper floors, ensuring every square foot is put to efficient use. This makes it an ideal choice for small families or individuals looking for a comfortable and manageable living space.

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Vertical Living

Opting for a two-story house plan presents several advantages. Firstly, it allows for a smaller building footprint, making it suitable for narrow or limited land plots.

Secondly, vertical living provides more privacy, separating the living and sleeping areas on different floors.

Additionally, the two-story design offers the possibility of incorporating balconies or outdoor spaces, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views.


Customization and Personalization

The beauty of the 20×45 feet two-story house plan lies in its flexibility. Homeowners can customize the layout and interior design to suit their unique requirements.

Whether you desire additional bedrooms, a home gym, or a creative workspace, the plan can be tailored to fulfill your vision. Discuss your ideas with an architect or designer to create a personalized living space that reflects your style and enhances your daily life.

20 by 45 Ground Floor with Parking (3D View)

Visualising your dream home is an exciting experience and nothing captures the essence of a design better than 3D view. We will take you on a virtual tour of a ground floor plan with parking, showcasing the perfect blend of style and functionality within a 20*45 ground.

Welcoming Entrance and Parking

As you approach the ground floor, you will be greeted by a welcoming entrance that sets the tone for rest of space. The 3D view showcases a well-designed driveway leading to the parking area; offering practicality and making everyday living hassle-free.

Open and Spacious Living Areas

Stepping inside the house, you will find a stunning open living area that captivates the sense of style and space. The 3D view showcases a seamlessly connect living room, dining area and kitchen creating a cohesive living space.

The abundance of natural light, thoughtfully placed windows and modern interior design elements combine to create an inviting atmosphere.

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Modern Kitchen

With its sleek cabinetry, ample counter top surface and functional appliances; the layout ensures optimal workflow and efficient use of space, making meal preparation a joyous experience.

Functional and Stylish Bedrooms with Bathroom

The spaciousness for each bedroom allows for creative interior designs, giving homeowners the freedom to personalize the space according to their taste. The incorporation of natural light through large windows create an airy and relaxing ambience.

From sleek fixtures to tasteful tiling choices, these bathrooms are a testament to the attention to detail in this ground floor plan. Ample storage space, modern fittings, and well-placed lighting enhance the overall experience, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing daily routine.


In Conclusion, the 20 feet by 45 feet house map presents a compact and well-designed layout that optimizes space and functionality. The size is ideal for small to medium size families or individuals looking for comfortable and manageable living spaces.

The house map encompasses a thoughtful arrangement of rooms, ensuring privacy, convenience, and a seamless flow between spaces. The house can be customized to accommodate specific requirements and personal preferences.

Ultimately, the 20 feet by 45 house map offers a harmonious blend of functionality, style, and comfort. It provides an opportunity to create a cozy and personalized living space that reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle and taste.

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  1. Mere makan banana he jisme 24×30 ki size me jisme pise aik side 3×4 ka kona pasta he
    Is me mere ko 2 room +1 kichan aur age 11×24 ka khula baramda rakhna he

  2. Dear sir
    My plot size is 21×60 feet north face ground floor haal for office i want house plan for 1 floor. So please send sketch drowing.

  3. Dear sir
    My pilot size is 20×42 & north facing. I want to devlop one bedroom,one open kitchen, one guest room, one store one bathroom, 02 washroom & car parking map according to vastu. Please help me.

  4. Dear sir
    My pilot size is 92.6×48 & west facing. I want to develop three (3 flats each attached ) with two bedroom set , one guest room, two bathroom, one kitchen map according to vastu. Please help me.

  5. Comment:my plot is west faching 20*45 vastu house plan in single flor map in 1living room,1master bedroom,1bedroom,kitchen,toilet and bathroom.

  6. हमारी कंपनी रोड, ब्रिज, मकान, एरिया, सिंचाई, का टोटल स्टेशन, ऑटो लेवल, ऑटो कैड, ऑटो प्लोटर द्वारा सर्वे, डिजाईन, नक्शा, सेक्सन, टेस्टिंग का कार्य करती है.

  7. sir please suggest me a plan for 18 ft by 55ft
    plot west facing. 2 bhk(1masterbedroom) ,1 guest room, a kitchen, a staircase to terrace, a common washroom and loby too

  8. Sir My Plot size is 40 ft by 16 ft.I want to construct duplex house 1st floor 2 bed room and one bathroom. In the ground floor I need one drawing room one kitchen, one garage and stair case. It is 40 ft North n south and east west is 16 ft.My house front will be west side. Please give me plan. Thanks.

  9. Dear sir,My pilot size is 40 by 16 & west facing. I want to devlop two bedroom,one one bathroom inthe first floor with full Brenda , one guest room, one bathroom, one kitchen & car parking Please help me.

  10. I want a new house construction. plot size 20×45 two side open. North side-20 and East side-45. both side open.
    I want car parking,scooter,motorcycle parking and three room set or minimum two room set with kitchen lat.bathroom and washup area at back side. also according to vastu.plz help.

  11. dear sir plzz send 28 by 35 to site open plot me makan bnana he or teen shop bhi nikalni he so plzz … koi achcha sa map send kro plzzz sir…..

  12. Sir
    My plot size 30×40, i want to 3 bedroom, and 1 kichan & bothroom, dianing room , for ground,& first floor kindly help me send a house map plz.

  13. Mera 25by 40fit ka plot hai I want to develop four bedroom two bathroom inthe graund floor with full brendra one guest room one one bathroom one kitchen & car parking pleas help me…

  14. Hello Sir,
    My plot size is 20×60, i want to 2 bedroom, and 1 kichan & bothroom, dianing room , for ground,& first floor kindly help me send a house map please.

  15. Hello sir
    35′ X 45′ please floor plan, with parking, small garden, East side open because of realistic nature feel, sunlight, and moonlit

  16. sir please suggest me a plan for 18 ft by 42ft
    plot west facing. 2 bhk(1masterbedroom) ,1
    guest room, a kitchen, a staircase to terrace, 2
    common washroom

    • Hi my plot size is 24*78..east facing 24… Need to build house in 24*58 a duplex with Full car parking in basement..can any one send me a plan… lift,3 bed room spacious with attached toilet and dressing, kitchen, Pooja,indor stairs, north facing door…. plot is north east corner property

  17. सर मझे 23×45 फीट का घर जिसमें एक किचन कम से कम 4 बेडरूम आगे एक बरान्दा एक बाथरूम हो
    पीछे का दो कमरा बना है

  18. Sir I want a map design for 20*49 feet plot size in which 2 bedroom , 1 drawing room and 1 toilet,bathroom ,kitchen and lobby also.

  19. Comment: vaia ji mujhe 20 feet by 26 feet ki house designs chahie. ap mujhe kuch designs email ki ji e.
    520 sqrfit are a hai


  20. Dear Sir/mam,
    I have a plot 20×45 its corner plot East side 45 ft & North side 20ft . Please send some good site layout for Ground & 1st floor .

  21. Dear janab mera 22.5×22.5 feet 506 squre feet ka plot hi . commercial hey . ground commercial and first floor for residence. help please

  22. Mhasy kripya hme btaye ki 22x21feet me kis tarah ka rum lobi kitchen bathrum aur chat pe jane ke liye map bnega

  23. sir I want to make in 20*60 map for two 2 bhk house map with 1 kitchen 2 bathroom 1 store 1 drawing room 1 lobby 1 pooja room parking space for car suggest please
    it urgent

  24. please send sir. I want to north face house. my plot is 20×47. south face 20 fit north face 20 fit and east/weast 47.
    south face road is 15 fit and north face road is 10 fit.
    i want to 2 bedroom kichain dn drawing room.dining area. motercycle parking.

  25. Dear sir i have 21×45 size plot… i want build it… pls suggest a good design for me thank you… Man Singh 9929255577

  26. I am Rohit Yadav, we are 3 brother. We want to construct our home with a beautiful design in such a manner so that we can use each floor independently. On ground floor we want car parking of 3 cars+ a guest room Details are as follows:
    Plot area : 100 Sq. Yd.
    Plot size : 20 feet x 45 feet
    Facing : East facing
    Open : Two side open plot
    No of Floors : G+3
    Each floor : 2bhk + study

  27. hai friends i need a indian type house buliding models 20*68 east facing land.i need a 2 bed room and 1 kitchan 2 bathroom and 1 hall so please send me a plan

  28. Muze 25*40 sqa feet ghar bana hai to 2bedroom 1 kitchen 1 hall 1toylet 1bathrooms jena please plan do. Mera whatsup mob.no.9960207658

  29. Hi Friends i need a house building modals/map 14X28 east facing land and it can be extended 17×31 ft from Ist floor bcz of two side open corner land. I want to construct this Ground plus 3 floor. Please send me a plan.

  30. Dear sir i have 20✖️45 plot size.aacha sa map send kar do jisme 2 bedroom ho jisme sab kuch vastu shastra ke hisaab se thik ho.

    Thank you

  31. Sir,
    I want to construct house at first floor, parking in ground floor in 20″ X 45″ site, road on south, I want north east entrance,please provide me 2/3 designs vaastu based so that stair case comes on road side.

  32. Dear Sir,
    mujhe ek map plot size 50×40 gaj ke liye map aur 3D video including. jo ki duplex form me ho, jisme 3bedroom,1drawing room, 1kitchen,2 bathrooms,lobby, pooja, store,looby, car porch ,open terris, front lawn ho.
    please consider on urgent basis.
    Thanks & Regards

  33. i want to ground floor house map size 30 bay 40 feet, north.south.west block areas, map &plan send me, contec mob.no-09001354252, i am hemraj kumawat (waterproofing expert) from chittor garh rajsthan

  34. I want to construct my new house and plot size is 25″front width 45″ length North facing, Please give me map according to vastu.

  35. Sir
    Mera MAKAN ki lambai EW 45feet and NS 25feet h. Mera mkan ka darwaja East me rakhana chahata hu plz muge naksa banakar send Kate. Plz.air dusara palat bhi. Sahut me h

  36. hi my plot size is 31.5 in front(east) 28.9 back(west) 61.5 (north) 61.8(south). i want single floor vastu precribed 3bhk with lawn, carparking,and 2 toilets.please suggest.

  37. Good afternoon sir mera plot size 43×21 hai mujhe wastu ke hisab se ghar ka plan bataye please mai 3bed room kitchen and 1 hall banana chahta hu mera plot west fash hai so please hekf me

  38. plz make it 18 /43 road front is 18 fit wedth is 43 fit
    plz make it 2 bed room 2 toilet 1 kitchen 1 puja room

    east is road


  39. Sir, my plot area is 22 * 60. You are requested to send a suitable map for construction house recently. Thanks

  40. Sir mere plot ki size15 – 25 ka he jisme niche shop nikal ni he or first Flor PR ek room ek hall or kitchen or late bath or a age balcony 4 fit ki li he or second. Flor PR ek room ek hall or atech let bath

  41. sir mera plot size 20

    sir mera plot size 20*50 hai corner plot hai ground flor per only shops & parking dena hai & 1.2.3.flor per 3 family ke liye 3bedroom set complete banana hai.

  42. sir my plot lambai and chaurai ke hisab se 52 and 18 isme 3 bedroom and 1 kitchen and bathroom please sir naksha mere mail id pe send karein


  44. sir, my plot sixe is 22ft.10″ x68ft . In front of 22ft.10″ there is 15ft road in north. All the three sides are house already constructed. pl provide best plan for me.

  45. मेरे प्लाट का 45*16 है जिसमे बैड रूम और वाशरूम सीडिया बननी है

  46. R/Sir,
    our plot size 53 ‘ long x 18 ‘ width back side according kindly provide map.
    Gr floor gest room ,kitchen bathroom and parking and 1st floor 2 flat 1bhk type for rent purpose
    2nd floor self purpose bedroom ,kitchen bath room ,kids room, pooja etc.
    request to u kindly provide map

  47. I would like construct a house according to Vastu: Plot size 45′ L x 20′ W. West facing in Gurgoan. Ground floor and 1st floor later 2nd floor having good air circulation to all rooms. Car parking facility.

  48. helllo sir i had 20*30 size plot i want to contruction wid double portion for rent so plz send me few designs soon

  49. hello sir ji
    my plot size 19.5 futt by 55 futt south face hai mere ko is plot main lown 2bed room with dresing romm atch bath room kitchen hall pujja room store room cahiye

  50. i want to start a new house so pls send the better ground floor elevation for 20*45 plot and it should be by vasthu in south facing

  51. Hello sir. mere plot da size 53×16 hai me 2 bedroom kichan batroom daraing room lobby bnani hai plzz koi vdiya ja map send krdo

  52. sir my plot size 30 by 60 hai or sir merko 3 bedroom chaye 2 bedroom with attched bath room
    one dawing hall and one kitched and one pooja room with carparking sir plz send me suitable map

  53. Sir my plot size is 20/50 plz tell me design having two bedroom,kitchen, living hall, bathroom, toilet and pantry.

  54. I want to start new house plot size 13×48 east face road east West length 48 feets, North south 13 feets only .Please tell me sir doble bedroom plan.

  55. Sir mera jamin 32 feet chawda 41 feet lamba hai mere 2 ladke hai es liye 16/41 ka naksa chahiye jisme kar parking kichen v ho. mujhe es liye alag alag chahiye ki wo log bhabhisy me kisi tarah ka parishani n ho.

  56. Hello sir …. My plot size is 20*45sq.feet’s ..west facing
    I want one drawing room,one dining room,one master bedroom with combined washroom,common washroom,kitchen with stairs..
    Plzzz help me according to vastu…..

  57. hello sir i have 20×45 gajj plot, and want to start construction plz send the map as mention 2 bed rooms a hall, kitchen, toilet bathroom attached, store and space for 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler.

  58. I want to house map size 20*45 two bedroom hall kitchen drawing room bathroom carparking. ap mujhe kuch designs email ki ji e.

  59. Sir I want to start new house plot size 20 front and 30 width woth main road no any side and back street. its only front face with 20 ft.
    In East location the sun rise
    In North another property
    In West another property
    In South another property

  60. Comment: mera plot 20* 50 hai mujse acha acha se house ka map chahiye jisme niche big holl ho or upar 2 room ek kichan or holl or 2nd floors pe 3room chahiye plzz send ek acha house map

  61. hi sir,

    i have two side open 20″ x 51″ Plot South facing kindly suggest me the design for house purpose or commercial and residence both purpose for 4 floor.


  62. Hi I am shobhit taunk wants a house map of 35×17sq .ft with 2 shops at ground floor and 1st and 2 nd floor for residential purpose

  63. Hello sir, I have a plot size 20ft front and 43ft length,There is 15ft road in west.All the three sides are house already constracted. Please send a map for 2 room + 1 guest room + 1 shop

  64. Sir ,
    I intend to construct a house in 29*55 feet.
    1- two bedroom
    2- one kitchen
    3- one bathroom
    4- front 02 shop in 29 feet area
    5- 01 kitchen
    6- one store room
    7- courtyard
    8- 01 recretion room
    9- 01 dining room
    10- stairs connect with roof

    If you can help, guid me please.
    I will be very thankful to you

    Thank you….

  65. Sir we want to construct 2 floor house in 12.4*25.5 feet and one room kitchen and bathrrom reqiuered on ground and in second floor hall and bathrrom is required, if you have any map kindly provide

    My mail id is anilsingh056@live.com

  66. Good morning sir. My house size 16 feet or 32 feet hai please your idea sir. One kitchen one bathroom one toilet 3 rooms. One Zina.. Please help me sir

    • please send a map for wide 20x length 45 feet
      stair from out side to separate all the floor.
      East 15 feet wide Road only .

  67. Sir i want a house plan. my plot is facing east. 21 feet wide and 42 feet depth on south side and 52 feet depth on north side. I want two bed rooms, kitchen room, dinning and drawing hall in ground floor.

  68. Comment: sir mujhe 20*35 ke plot me 3bhk with stairs & car parking ka ek spacious map chahiye plz.mujhe e-mail karen. hurry up plz…

  69. I have a plot size of 31 ft back x 43 ft front and i want to make house for rent for PG so suggest me a good map so that full space could be used properly.

  70. I have my plot size 20/45 two bedroom hall kitchen drawing room bathroom carp arking kitchen frunt north site & chadoo ground flower plz sugges me map drowing

  71. I have a plot size 21.3×42.6 east facing. I want two bed room, a drawing room, front a kitchen and two bathroom in ground floor. Pls suggest me a map.

  72. I have my plot size 18/41 West facing duplex house plans
    Ground floor medical shop and clinic
    First floor duplex house please give my plan
    My contract no

  73. I want a two floor map which is suitable for me in which i want 2 bed room 1 hall 1kitchen toilet bathroom store
    (42.5*22) means 100 square yards at first floor

  74. प्लाट साइज 18×60 है और बैक साइड रेलवे लाइन है और फॉण्ट पर मैन रोड है जो दुकान सहित मकान बना सकू plese advise me

  75. Sar mera plot Ka front 25.3 × length 47.5 hai mujhe rent ke purpose se two sapart flat banana hai kindly mujhe isKa naksha banana hai

  76. sir i have a plot size 17w*36L. west facing . car parking ,1 bedroom, kitchen,toilet bathroom.I want two floor map
    pl help me

  77. sir, i have plot size 31×60 feet, i want to make 3 floor, Ground for self, 1st and 2nd floor for rent purpse.
    please advise, the plot is north facing.



  79. Dear sir
    I Want to house map size 17fit by 28 fit ,now ground Flor business shop , 1st & 2end Flor house place ,so ,i request to you good suggest me a beauty full my dream house map, thank you sir

  80. Sir mera plot size 14. 6 feet choura or 42 feet lamba hai rasta south me bhi hai or north me bhi hai please mujhe two flor ka naksha chahye tha islye sir please ko accha sa naksha mere email id me bheje . emai id -vermaraj2008@gmail. Com

  81. प्लोट साइज 25 * 50 हैं। ओर फ्रन्ट में सङक हैं। में दुकान सहित मकान बनाना चाहता हूं। प्लाट उतर दक्षिण हैं।
    उतर में 25 ओर दक्षिण 50 हैं। सर आपकी मेहरबानी आपका आभारी रहूँगा । सर मुझे नक्शा भेजने का कष्ट करें ।

  82. My plot size is 74 sq yards with north facing and road width 12 ft. Plot face size is 17 ft wide and defth 38 ft, I want to get map design for consecutive 2 floors with car parking and good ventilation.

  83. Dear sir
    My plot size is 22×60 feet south face i want house plan for ground and first floor. So please send sketch drowing.

  84. i have a plot of size 20 feet * 45 feet…. Pls suggest me a house map…. with two badroom and lawn

  85. प्लोट साइज 25 * 50 हैं। ओर फ्रन्ट में सङक हैं। में दुकान सहित मकान बनाना चाहता हूं। प्लाट उतर दक्षिण हैं।
    उतर में 25 ओर दक्षिण 50 हैं। सर आपकी मेहरबानी आपका आभारी रहूँगा । सर मुझे नक्शा भेजने का कष्ट करें ।

  86. east me chodayee 12 fit by south me lambayee 42 fit meri jamin h. east side road h aur south side me bhi road h . mujhe is jamin me ek sepret bedroom ek kichen aur south side do dukan k liye room kripya kr ke ek achhi si map mere email id pe bhej de mjhe jald hi kam suru krni h imail id : sharma.mithun282@gmail.com

  87. Dear sir
    My pilot size is 23×40& west facing. I want to devlop two bedroom,one open kitchen, one guest room, one bathroom, 01washroom map according to vastu. Please help me.

  88. Sir my plot size is front width 24 feet, back20 feet, length 45feet ,,,on first floor I want two bed rooms, one living room, one kitchen,two bathrooms ,,,,on ground floor wi want whole area open…

  89. I want to house map size 20*40 one bedroom hall kitchen bathroom car parking please send map on my mail

  90. I have a plot size 16 feet *52 feet south facing and east west another property. Please suggest me a duplex house map with car parking.

  91. Sir I have 25*100 plot .
    And I want to make 2 flat .
    One for me and one for by brother and I want to make flat on 1st floor and ground floor me godoun…
    So please sir make a maps for me plz…,

  92. प्लोट साइज 22 * 69 हैं। ओर फ्रन्ट में सङक है आपकाआभारी रहूँगा । सर मुझे नक्शा भेजने का कष्ट करें ।

  93. Sir, my plot size is front width 30 feet ,back side is 32 feet,right side is length 40 feet, left size is length 30 on ground floor .i want 2 bed room attached bathroom,one hall size 13*20,one living room and one common bathroom plz suggest me a house map

  94. hello the team ,
    iam from nepal Iam planning to design my house if you kindly help to build a good map iwill be so greatfull
    i have a plot 34 feet width and 55 feet long plot facing to north direction.i want to have 2 bedrooms 1 open hall and 1kitchen and enough space for car parking and other purpose i wish it may fullfill all vastu rules Thank you

  95. sir mera plot 20 fit chodai or 47 fit lambai hi. is par mujhe 1 hall 02 bedroom 02 bathroom banana hi.plot east facing hi. or mujhe pura ghar vastu anusar he banana hi plz sir mujhe uchit margdarshanor naksha pradan karne ka kasth kare.dhanyawad eamil id :p_gurjar1234@rediffmail.com

  96. sir mera old house 33gaj lamba Aur 28gaj chora h please mujhe accha sa naksha de jisme room ,aggan, bathroom and gate bhi ho please sir mere email id par earely send karo mere email par send karo

  97. my plot size is 20*46 sq fit, west facing. i wish to build porch,shop and rooms for living purpose please suggest me map

  98. sir,
    i have plot size 20×45 ,
    require 3 room along with kitchen bathroom and toilet

    sachin swaroop

  99. Comment:I have a plot of size 37*35feet three bedroom, hall ,kitchen , bathroom ,car parking
    pls send my e mail this map

    my contact number. 0 9152712453

  100. Hello Sir… mera plot 20*47 feet hai… mujhe 3 bhk nd ek store room aur ek pooja room b chahiye . Please suggest me ke achhe ventilation ke sath kya ground floor ban jayega?

  101. Sir
    I want to start a new house i need a good map.
    I want to house map,land detils lenght=23 fits,breadth=18fits.
    two-room,one kitchan,one bathroom,one ladder.
    sir,fast construction give me.so started the house.

  102. Dear Sir

    I have plot size 20 × 44 . Please suggest me house map of mention dimensions with include Two Room , Kitchen, Bath room , car parking.

  103. I have a plot size of 16 x 60 ft. So i m planing for shop size of 16 x 60 ft after 8 ft one slap size of 16 x 35 ft after height of 15 ft full slap on shop and on first floor one master bed room second bed room one kitchen one washroom one toilet and one hall and one balcony front of house. Round staircase for first floor. 5.5 ft width of staircase and 8.5 width of main shatter shop.
    Kindly make a plan in hd.

  104. Mi plot size 20feet×43.7 feet one bedroom with atech toeletbhathroom one bedroom wedawot toelet kichan dining tebal Lobi bhathroom toelet guestroom sidi with freeze+borbol Pam set

  105. sir my plat size is 22.5*40 feet it is 2 faces type (cornar) plat 22.5 feet in on east face and 40 feet is on north face i want to construct on 22.5*30 feet i want 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, let and bath rooms , and a small chauk with stairs
    my email id is cmitm2012@gmail.com

  106. i have a plot size 20feetx45 feet and east facing so please give me best plan for ground and first floor site plan with my requirement of 2 bed room, 1 guest room, store, temple, porch, kitchen, some gardning area on my Mail Id.. sanjay.aashirwad1986@gmail.com

  107. I have a plot size 20feetx45 feet and North facing so please give me best plan for ground and first floor site plan with my requirement of 2 bed room, 1 guest room, store, temple, porch, kitchen, some gardening area on my Mail Id..

  108. I have a plot size 20feetx45 feet and west facing so please give me best plan for ground and first floor site plan with my requirement of 2 bed room, 1 guest room, store, temple, porch, kitchen, some gardening area on my Mail Id..

  109. I have plot size 11.5′ X 44′ . I want 3 shops in ground floor with small galary (3’x44′) . 1 shop two gate one is frount and other is in galarry than jeena again two shops with gate in galary.
    In 1 st floor, small one bath room and toilet with window in open space (galary) othe room with sapce of kitchen.
    Frount 11.5′ and depth 44′, left side, right side and back made house.

  110. Dear Sir/mam,
    I have a plot 15×50 its corner plot East side 15 ft & North side 50ft . Please send some good site layout for Ground & 1st floor .

  111. I have a plot size 20× 56 feet, suggest me a house map.. ground floor 1room and bathroom, 1st floor 3 bhk

  112. I have a plot size 20×56 feet west facing. Ground floor- 1 room 1 bathroom and parking only.
    1st Floor- 3 bedroom,2 bathroom,1 kitchen and dining hall.
    Please suggest me a map

  113. Dear Sir
    my plot size 21 by 67 feet tow side open North & South both side 20 feet road.I want a new Construction same plot .I would like North face 120 Gag for me and south face for Rent purpose Map according to VASTU please help me

    North Face
    3 Bedroom
    1 Guestroom
    2 toilet
    1 bathroom
    1 Car parking
    South Face
    2 Room set

  114. I have 20 feet and 48 feet west face area.
    1) On ground floor requirement is one bed room set and one guest room open both side (inside one bhk and outside), two washroom one inside and one outside and parking of 17/18 -12.
    2) On first floor 3 bhk with two washroom. Two entry in that flat. AND same above.
    Can you prepare a house plan with VASTU

  115. Sir,
    20*50 feet ka plot hai piche 20*20 ka feet alag se bana hua hai piche jane ka rasta hona chahiye
    two bedrooms one kitchen bathroom without partaking. Please Contact me

  116. Sir,
    Mere ghar ka redizine banbane ke liye meri help kariye ….bahut buri tareh se dizine hai , jagah ka upyog Sahi se nhi ho rha

  117. I have Plot size of 55 FT X20 FT and I want House map with Ground floor commercial Shop and rest two Floor Two BHK House Plan

  118. The ground plan is for a compact 1 BHK House plot of 20 feet X 30 feet. The floor has a parking area of 106 sqft to accommodate your small car. This ground plan is an excellent plan when you have a West Facing property. The kitchen might be preferably placed in the South-East nook of the house (that’s the Agni corner). The bedroom might be in the South-West Corner of the Building, that’s an excellent function as per Vaastu. This will supply true bedroom ventilation. The living room gets sufficient lights in the nighttime as it faces the west direction. On this website, you can get the best ideas regarding interior design and Vastu tips.

  119. The blog is extremely insightful and beneficial to me. The 20*45ft home plan is the finest tool for planning a house since it covers all criteria and fits within the budget. This plan will be able to supply you with whatever you desire while keeping your budget in mind. It offers the best-customized designs that match your demands based on the available space. It was a beneficial post for me while I had work done on my house.

    EAST- 24 FEET
    TOTAL SIZE:- 100 GAG / 83.64 BARG METER


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