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Bedroom Vastu Shastra Tips to Bring in Peace and Harmony

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When it comes to the bedroom, we all picture a place dedicated to peace and relaxation. You carefully select the lighting and pictures, and every other item in the bedroom so that you can get a good sleep and feel fresh when you wake up from your own warm bed.  Have you ever considered the importance of Vastu in your life? Do you know that the location of bedroom must be selected as per Vastu guidelines to keep the negativity away from your family?

The bedroom is the only place of your house, where you spend most of the time in an entire day. Hence the place should look just the way you want but keep in mind that the color scheme and the door and windows location should also comply with Vastu Shastra for home. The ancient architectural system defines some useful bedroom Vastu tips for married couples and other Vastu tips for the bedroom which ensure total comfort to the mind and body.

Ideal Location of Bedroom

It is always advisable to plan your house with the help of a Vastu consultant, but if you already have a house then take a look at the below mentioned suitable directions for the bedroom to find out if your bedroom is in the right direction.

  • The southwest or northwest side of the house is the most suitable direction for the master.
  • If you have children, then the location of the bedroom for them should be in the northwest or west side of the house.
  • Eastern bedrooms are good for children who are unmarried and if you plan to have guest bedroom then select the northwest or northeast side of the house.
  • If your children are at the marriageable age, then pick the northwest area of your house to make their bedroom.Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Few Important Things to consider while selecting the location

Vastu scholars have given much importance to the location of the bedroom; hence you should also follow these tips while designing your home.

  • Southeast direction is ruled by the God Agni and depicts aggressiveness and assertive attitude. If there are any shy children in your family, then you can use this direction for their bedroom but never use it for a couple’s bedroom because it may give rise of marital problems.
  • Never have a bedroom in the northeast direction, it will create marriage problems for children, besides the direction is for deities and a bedroom there can result in wealth loss.
  • The Central portion of a house is called Brahmasthan; it is strongly prohibited in Vastu to have a bedroom there because the area attracts lots of energy and it is not possible to get proper rest and comfort.
  • Only married couples should use the master bedroom in a house and make sure the room is bigger than every other room in the house.

How to design your bedroom

Now that you know, which are the best zones to have bedrooms as per Vastu Shastra, next comes the guidelines for bed location, cabinet or almirah location as per vastu and placement of other things.

  • According to Vastu, the length to breadth ratio should be less than or equal to 1:2 in thecase of a rectangular bedroom.
  • For a sound sleep, the bed should be located in such a way that your head is towards the east or the south. Never align a bed to any corner of the room.
  • As per Vastu, the southeast corner is the most suitable TV or electric appliance location.
  • For wardrobe or cabinet location you can select the northwest or southwest side of the room.
  • There should not be any mirror in the bedroom, but if you have a dressing table with a mirror on it then place it on the east or north walls.
  • If you want to hang pictures on the wall, then hang them on the wall which can be seen by someone entering the room or refer to vastu tips for paintings.
  • The ideal color scheme for bedrooms includes light rose, gray, blue, chocolate and green paints.
  • Mild lighting is suggested for bedrooms, and always have a light switched on the entire night in the bedroom.

You can fix any errors during house construction, but if you don’t have a Vastu compliant house then always consult with experts for effective bedroom Vastu tips for married couples and other Vastu tips for the bedroom. It will make your house pleasant and more relaxing.

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  1. Great Post !

    I am a firm believer of Vastu shastra because according to me, vibrations has a lot to do with your positive attitude, mindset, and other factors as well. For Bedroom Vastu shastra, even the smallest of details such as color and direction matters. I can say this with utmost confidence, the blog is written very precisely and is just amazing for the readers who want to know the placement of bedroom for bringing up harmony and peace.

  2. This article is gonna help you to make your bedroom according to Vastu Shastra. I believe in Vastu Shastra as it is helpful and bring peace, harmony, positivity, concentration, and wealth to the family. This article is much helpful for me in making my bedroom according to Vastu Shastra. it has described all the Vastu Shastra tips in an organized manner. Thanks for sharing such a knowledgeable article.


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