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Color Your World : How to Choose the Best Wall Paint for Your Home

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When decorating a new house, there can be tons and tons of decisions pending regarding the decor interior of your house. One of these decisions may be the wall paint color of your home.

You might be wondering and deciding on which wall paint is the perfect paint for your home. This is a very simple question that arises in almost everyone’s mind while designing their dream home. 

Keeping this in mind, we at decor champ, have brought to you a blog about choosing the best wallpaper for your home.

In this blog we will look at the top wall paint for houses in India and we will also look at the significance of different wall paints and how they impact other interior designs of your house also. So take out your brushes where your apron and let’s get going.

Top Wall Paints for your Home 

Top Wall Paints for your Home

Textured Paint 

This type of paint is normally not used on all types of walls. It is only used on certain chosen walls because it is a tad bit expensive. It gives a texture, rich and luxurious appearance.

Texture paint is normally a water-based paint that enhances the decor of the house through the texture of the walls impacted by the paint.

If you want a certain wall to be the center of attraction of a room then texture paint is definitely the best option for a particular wall.

Have a look at wall painting design for bedroom.

Emulsion Paint 

One of the most common widely used paints on walls is emulsion paint. This type of paint is very practical and has a number of pros like quick drying and very durable.

Emulsion Paint

This type of paint can withstand extreme temperatures also and does not create cracks in the wall paints. This is usually an acrylic based paint and it enhances the walls of places that can be humid like kitchen or washrooms.


If you do not want to color or paint your walls, then wall covers or walls are the perfect option for you. You can choose different patterns and design designs and even different colors for the wallpapers of your wall.

This will give a unique look to your home with one side of the wall covered with wallpaper. You can even choose texture wallpaper to enhance the complete look.

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Metallic Paint 

Metallic paint is that kind of paint that will give a metallic and rustic appearance to the walls of your home.

You can choose this paint and if you are looking for something very vintage and classic. Typically this paint contains metallic elements like aluminum and copper and it is usually used to paint ceilings.

Enamel Paint  

Enamel paint is an oil-based paint and is very durable. It is mostly used to quote the humid walls like that of kitchen or bathroom.

For a finished and complete low, enamel paint is used. Although it takes a longer time to dry, it gives a rustic and finished perfect look.

Here is living room paint colors.

Why is Wall Color Important in the House?

Why is Wall Color Important in the House

Influences Mood 

The color of the wall plays an important role in influencing your mood and the atmosphere of your house.

When you choose light colors like cream, beige, sky blue, lavender, and other search colors, you are setting the mode for a lighter and softer tone.

This way the wall color plays a significant role in influencing the overall mood and environment of your home.

Get information aboutAsian paints colour book

Reflects Inner Beauty 

Typically, the color of the wall paint of your house reflects your personality and inner beauty which is why carefully choosing the wall paint is a very essential task.

Reflects Inner Beauty

The first thing that people notice when they enter your house is the color of the walls. So, if the wall color is the overall judgment of your inner beauty, then deciding the perfect one needs careful thought.

Enhance Space Management System 

One of the main significance of choosing the right wall color is that sometimes the right wall paint can enhance a small space into a bigger one.

This is one of the main perks of the perfect wall color. Even small spaces can be looking bigger than they usually are due to paints.

Also consider reading the two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Completes Overall Look 

Sometimes the color of the walls might go unnoticed but actually they are complimenting every other decor in your house.

If you don’t believe this, try designing a room with different wall color and same interior in your gadget and look how they influence the other. Which is why choosing the right one is very important.

Long Term Investment 

Opt for a high-quality paint because it is a very nice long-term investment. It will make your house a friendly and a happy place and also increase the value of the property.

It has a great impact on your daily living also. Moreover, it is an affordable option.

Perfect Option for Renovation

If you are looking to redecor or renovate your house, changing the wall paint color is the perfect option because it can greatly influence the entire house and the overall look of the decor.

Plus it is an easy and cost effective option for renovation. A simple task can make a major change.

You can also look at purple two colour combination for bedroom walls.


As we reach the end of this block, it is safe to say that the wall paint plays a major role in the overall outcome of the interior of your house.

We have seen the significance of walls and how different colors impact the mood of the viewer also.

Since you are decorating your home, it is very important that you choose the right colors and the right paint for the walls of your home.

In this blog we have also looked at the top walls for your house in India.We hope we were of help to you.

And if you were searching for the best walls for your home, then your search should definitely end here because the list of the best wall paints that we have provided are all unique in their own features and perfect.

Your choice might depend on your personality and your preferences but whatever you choose, it is going to be a blast.

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