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Vastu Shastra for Aloe Vera

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Vastu Tips if You are Planning to Plant Aloe Vera in House: Planting trees in and around the house can be very beneficial as they ensure a pleasant environment and also enhance the flow of positive energies in daily life. But before planting a tree in-house, it is necessary to avail some Vastu Shastra suggestions from the experts. Vastu Shastra mainly deals with the designing of buildings and placement of things inside the building.

Apart from considering the Vastu Shastra for buildings, factories, and industries, the individuals are now seeking Vastu for plants placement in the house. It doesn’t matter, whether you are planting a small tree or a big tree, Vastu tips are recommended for all types of flowers and plants. Mainly, the vastu experts recommend the plantation of Aloe Vera plants inside the house.

The aloe vera plants are termed as the most powerful plants regarding positive energy. So, to ensure proper flow of positive energy in your house, it is necessary to avail Vastu Shastra for aloe vera plants. Before understanding the importance of aloe vera plants as per Vastu, let’s have a look at some common benefits of planting aloe vera in the house.


Why plant an aloe vera plant in your house?

Ensure air purification in the house: The aloe vera plants are also known as air purifying plants, as they have appropriate pores to absorb a high amount of carbon dioxide. In the night, the aloe vera releases a good amount of oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, when you wake up in the morning, you are greeted with fresh air.

Aloe vera juice enhances the health: You can simply pluck out some growing leaves of aloe vera and can have the juice. The juice can resolve hair loss & dandruff issues, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, kidney stones and many more. Well, you can also use aloe vera juice as an effective health supplement.

Enhance your natural beauty: Aloe vera gel is applied over skin to enhance the tone and softness of skin. Mainly, in the winters, aloe vera gel is used to moisturize the dry skin. If you have got the aloe vera plant in your house, you can directly use the gel from the plant.

Instant fast-aid: In the kitchen, the burns on hand are very common. In such cases, you can simply apply the gel from the aloe vera leaf on the burns. The gel will heal the burn and will relieve the pain in some seconds.

Sunburn relief: It’s obvious that you need an effective sunscreen lotion to ease the sunburns. But instead of buying lotions and creams from the market, you can simply apply the gel from your aloe vera plants. It is recommended to put the aloe vera leaves in the fridge for some time and then rub the leaves over the sunburns.

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Plant the aloe vera trees as per Vastu Shastra

So, now you must have got a valid justification for planting aloe vera plant in your house. Planting Aloe Vera plants is also termed as one of the effective remedies to ensure good luck, happiness, and flow of positive energy in the house. There are no Vastu drawbacks associated with the plantation of aloe vera in the house; instead, it will enhance your living conditions with more prosperity and happiness.

According to Vastu location for aloe vera plantation, it is recommended to plant the trees in the north or East direction of the house. Well, make sure that you are not planting the tree in the north-east corner. Again, the results will be more effective, if you will consult with a Vastu Shastra expert.

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  1. I love aloe vera for its amazing skin benefits. I have cured my sun burn as well from this. And, getting to know about the Vastu Facts regarding the Aloe Vera is quite amazing. After reading this blog, I am definitely considering to try Aloe Vera juice as well for getting in better shape also it quite good for hair loss as well. Nice read!

  2. Very interesting points you have shared about aloe vera vastu. I knew a few facts but this is very detailed. Now I am very much interested in growing this plant in my house. Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable information.

  3. These attractive vastu tips for home are simply great and perfect. Your writing style is very unique and I love how you come up with such vibrant ideas for every topic. Thanks a ton for sharing these here.


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