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40 feet by 60 feet House Plan

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Need house plan for your 40 feet by 60 feet plot ? Don’t worry get the list of plan and select one which suits your need. We have listed floor plan for ground and first floor both. These maps are designed by expert architects after keeping all the important things in mind like lighting, parking, balcony, porch etc. Have a look on these designs:

Option 1 (with parking, G+1 floors, 3bhk):


Option 2 (with multi parking, G+1 floors):


Option 3 (with 1 parking & Garden, G+1 floors):


Option 4 (side entrance with multi parking, G+1 floors):


Option 5 (with parking, ground floor only, 3bhk):


Option 6 (Single floor, 4bhk):


Option 7: Modern Aesthetics and Materials

Modern Aesthetics and Materials

Modern Aesthetics and Materials stands out as a beacon of modern design in the search for a contemporary and visually attractive dwelling. This house plan embraces the current architectural trends, perfectly integrating modern aesthetics to produce a home that is both elegant and useful.

  • Contemporary Design aspects: At the core of the project is a dedication to modern design aspects. The architectural arrangement is defined by clean lines, wide spaces, and inventive forms. Large windows and glass facades are deliberately placed to encourage plenty of natural light, blurring the lines between interior and outdoor spaces. The outside has a mix of geometric elements, emphasising a simple but attractive aspect.
  • Material Selection: The selection of materials is critical in improving the current aesthetics of the required. High-quality, long-lasting materials are chosen for their structural strength as well as their aesthetic appeal. Sleek metals, glass, and concrete are commonly utilised materials that contribute to a polished and sophisticated image. These materials not only improve the overall appearance, but they also provide longevity and minimal maintenance.

Here are some more house plan ideas to follow:-

Option 8: Sustainable Living Features

Sustainability takes centre place here, making it an eco-conscious option for individuals who value environmental stewardship. This home layout goes beyond basic beauty, adding elements that promote energy efficiency, green construction practises, and peaceful living with nature.

  • Energy-Efficient Design: It is precisely built to have the least amount of environmental effect possible by using an energy-efficient design. The orientation and positioning of windows are optimised to maximise natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and well-insulated walls may also be used in the design to improve overall energy performance.
  • Green Building Practices: It includes green building practises from the foundation to the roof. In building, sustainable resources such as recycled steel and locally obtained wood are used. To manage water sustainably, the house may have rainwater collecting systems, greywater recycling, and permeable surfaces. These practises not only lower the carbon footprint but also benefit the occupants’ health and well-being.
  • Natural Light Optimisation: Strategic optimisation of natural light is a hallmark of sustainability. Large windows, skylights, and light wells are strategically placed to maximise daylight penetration and decrease the demand for artificial lighting during the day. This not only improves the living experience but also saves energy, bringing the house in line with eco-friendly living ideals.

Also know about the Cement sand ration for brickwork here.

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  1. Plot size 40×60 present construct area 30×40 in basement and ground floor at 3 rooms, kitchen, back side 5ft space ,first floor 2 rooms lath bath and complete boundary wall.

    • Sir I want a house plan in length 55.2 width 58 East facing with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with lots of garden and car shed

  2. My plot size 40×60 east facing and South side corner. I require South side back corner Office. 2 room attach Kath bath and dining space big with lath bath and drawing room open front garden with car parking. 1st floor.

  3. Hello Team,
    I have a plot South facing of 40*60 (40 ft towards road) i.e. breadth and length is almost 60 ft. I am planning to build 3 BHK with One Bedroom and Home theater in ground floor and 2 Bed rooms at 1st floor. I need double height Living Room, Pooja room.
    What would be ideal Plan for this? Is house at South direction auspicious? Else shall I go for East direction entrance? Else is it feasible to have West direction facing of house.

    Please advice for the same.


  4. Dear Sir, I have a plots 40*120 sq.ft . three sides opened east 40ft, north 120 ft. and west 40 fts opened with 15 fts wide road in east and north, but main road in the west with 20 ft.wide road. I want to built a house with i master bed room and 1 quest room in the ground floor and with 2 bed rooms in the 1st floor with kitchen. Also i want to have a wide opened terrace in the east side and well as enough terrace in the west too.

    Also, i need to have enough lawn inside the plots.

    Please guide me in preparing the layout plan. THANKS

    with regards,
    Mr. Kappy S

  5. I have site having 60 feet road side(length) and 40 feet (width) west facing –because road in west — i want to construct house to accommodate my parents , my family having 2 children — so 3 bedroom is required. Please send the house plan considering vastu and bore well on which location also.

  6. I have a plot of 70 Feet Length & 70 Feet Breadth. I want to build 4 flat on one floor
    on this land. Please show me some map plan for construct flat.

  7. I have a 40*60 feet corner plat , I want 2 portions with kitchen at ground floor and one portion at frist floors on complete rooftop

  8. Really love the house plan you have shared. Do you also share the material list with the house plan? I really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing this awesome house plan.


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