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Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

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The beliefs in Vastu for home gain an appropriate guidance for how to maintain the relationship with little changes in the home decor. It is true to say that certain colors and directions are responsible for balancing the relationship between the two partners and enforce them to live a happy married life as well.

It is not possible that every marriage follows the path of happiness as many ups and downs take place in a married life. This happens only due to some negative energy which gets influenced around you. Thus, one has to maintain a balance among the relations to live a happy married life and follow the Vastu tips as given below:

Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life:

  • The bedroom should always be in the south-west direction of the house. This helps to develop mutual understanding among the couples.
  • When you enter the bedroom, make sure that there is something which enhances positive energy like a favourite quote, sculpture, painting, photograph etc so that one can develop feelings, serenity and maintain peace with him or her.
  • Always place the bed in the south-west direction and keep your head towards the south while sleeping. It helps to create a positive magnetic energy without affecting the sleep.

Vastu Tips for Married Life

  • Choose wooden bed instead of wrought iron or metal to avoid tension among the partners. The bedroom should be in rectangular or square shape which brings love and peace among the life of married couples. Here are more vastu tips for bedroom
  • Always choose light colors like green, rose pink, soft green or light blue to paint the wall of the master bedroom. Choose white light colors rather than red.
  • Open knife and pickle are responsible for sourness in the relation. Thus, always cover pickles and sharp objects like scissor or knife.
  • Mirror placed in the bedroom is the main cause for creating quarrels and misunderstandings among the couples. Thus, avoid placing mirror in the bedroom and if not possible, then cover it with a cloth at night.
  • The way you sleep also reflects the smooth and loving relationship. Thus, the husband should sleep on the right side and wife on the left side of the bed.
  • Single mattresses should be preferred on the double bed rather than double mattresses in order to maintain harmony and positivity among the relationship.
  • Avoid placing electronic gadgets into the bedroom and if not possible, then keep them away from the bed. It is believed that electromagnetic rays coming out of the gadgets disrupt sleep and create tension among the married couples.

Follow the above Vastu tips to enjoy the love and spice in your married life.

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  1. I am soon getting married. Hope these tips would help me out. I would try to place the mirror and bed as mentioned and would try to incorporate all these factors in my house. All in all, it is a fantastic post!

  2. This article is much helpful for all married couples to bring peace and harmony to their life. This article is helpful for me in organizing my home and according to the Vastu Shastra. I believe in Vastu Shastra as it has helped me a lot. The pointers in the article explain all the factors firmly. This will be helpful for you in bridging the positivity to your family. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article


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