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What are the best Vastu Tips for your home?

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Have you ever heard your mother saying something which sounds too unrealistic and non-practical.? For Indian mothers, these are Vastu Shastra which adds peace and prosperity to one’s life. According to them these Vastu tips has some serious deep scientific reasons which make them a must thing to follow in every home. We young blood usually call it myths but we all know it very well who has ever been able to win an argument against their mothers?

vastu for home: everything to make your home Vastu compliant

House is a basic necessity that can be nurtured with utmost care to make it a home. You may save a lot of money to invest in its maintenance or buying exorbitant interiors. However it may be a futile effort if you forget to adhere to Vastu guidelines at your residence. The worldwide popularity of the principles of Vastu Shasta is based on not just one but many reasons. One of the topmost reasons why people plan their residence as per the concept of the Vastu is to balance the cosmic energy.

It may end up changing the direction of fortune for all the good reasons. So far most of the people who have adopted the guidelines of Vastu Shastra have got highly benefited in all spheres. If you got a chance to shape up your destiny by a few alterations will you miss it? Guess what, it’s not unbelievable but very much possible. VASTU is the most proven gateway for the same.

Some of the essential Vastu tips that can help you in the right placement at your home are as follows:

How to Plan Your Home Design According to Vastu?

What Should Be Placed in North Direction?

North direction vastuAs per vastu, north direction is considered as an important direction. North is the place of inviting prosperity and attracting more money hence you must take the utmost care to follow the Vastu rules to get the best results. Some of the recommended steps that you can take to make it a success for you are keeping it reserved for building your living room here.

You can also plan a balcony and your main entrance room in the north direction of the home. If you want to invite the goddess of Lakshmi then you can also keep all your money and valuables at this corner of your house. You can also refer Vastu for the locker room and Vastu tips for pooja room here with the detailed suggestions from vastu experts.

Vastu Guidelines for North East Corner of Your Home

The Northeast direction in Vastu symbolizes the water element so you can keep it reserved for things like a place for underground water. You can also install your water motor in this direction or corner to have a regular supply of water as is advised by the studies in Vastu for home. Verandah can also be planned in this direction of the home as per Vastu for directions. While constructing an underground water tank in this direction, you might need vastu tips for underground water tanks to make it Vastu compliant.

Recommendation for South direction of Home as per Vastu

You can reserve this spot for heavy storage. As per vastu, south direction can ease your burden by bearing the weight of the items that may be too heavy. This corner is also suitable for your bathroom fixtures. Besides that it is ideal for constructing your bedroom as per vastu. vastu for directions

This direction may be a place where you can have some deep relaxation after a tiring day at work. Vastu adherence can help you invite harmony and help you get deep and sound sleep. Now, if you are wondering where to place your stairs then South most corner is the perfect place for that too. The complete guide on Vastu for staircase can be studied here.

How can the Southeast direction of Your Home turn out to be Positive?

When it comes to the South East direction, it’s a synonym of health and its related benefits. For the same reason, this is an ideal place for your kitchen too. While fixing this direction for constructing your kitchen ensure the direction of cooking should be in the east. In other words, the person who is cooking the food should be facing the east direction. To make vastu compliant kitchen you can refer vastu for kitchen section available our website

kitchen vastu directionYou can trust this direction for placing all the electrical items as well. Some of the common ones are like an oven, fridge, microwaves, etc. Now with yummy in your tummy be prepared to get some health too. Of course you need to eat right but with Vastu alignment you can get better health much faster.

Vastu Tips for the West Direction of Your Home

Family that eats together and stays together is one of the popular age-old adages. The irony is even after creating a special space for all the members in the home they hardly spend time together. That is the reason your dining room becomes a mere placeholder. Now you can do some tricks and tweaks as per Vastu guidelines that may work wonder.

As per vastu experts, place it on the west direction side of your home and see the magic. Many homes have reported how the bond was enhanced by this change of direction. This may not be magic in the literal sense but the impact of cosmic science that works in the favor of bonds and relations among the family members at home.

dinning room vastu direction

You can also plan to utilize this direction for food grain storage. It may prevent any unwanted damage to your items. At the same time use it as a spot for another life-enhancing element i.e. water. Least you can do is choose this direction for the construction of overhead water tank storage.

Now you are all set to eat & drink healthy while cherishing some moments with the members of your family. This can lay a great foundation of deep bond between the family members. All thanks to the guidance of Vastu education.

What Should be Placed in North West direction?

The northwest direction of your home is considered as an element of air. This can be the place for the bedroom of unmarried girls or a study room for your kids. You can also utilize this room for keeping your pets. According to Vastu this direction can also be reserved for parking. If space permits you can plan to build a garage at this side of your house and follow vastu tips for garage while building garage. Besides that you can use this corner as a guest room as well.

Read: The complete Vastu for study room

What Vastu has in Store for the South West Corner of Your Home?

If you are wondering what element southwest direction of your home indicates then it’s none other than the element of earth. It’s considered as a relatively dry part of your house. Nevertheless it has got immense significance for making a space for the most important part of your home that is Master Bedroom.

Usually, this room is considered to be one of the largest in the square yards and is reserved for the owners of the house. Since this room has a lot of empty space you can plan to keep some of the things that are not much in use. It can be those expensive designer clothes that you wore once in your marriage or any other stuff that can be used later.

Store in a separate closet or make an exclusive space within your master bedroom in the South West direction of your home. You can also make better use of this corner by planting auspicious Basil leaves that have the significance of health & prosperity.

Here are some useful vastu tips on plants to make your home vastu friendly.

What Should be Placed in the Center of the home?

Central most corner forms the epitome of your residential property. In the literal sense all your house revolves around the same. A million dollars question that may be running in your mind is what you can place here.  Vastu says this is the place of Brahmasthan so it must be kept empty. A smarter way can be to make it a lobby. That way you can leave some empty space yet make it a ground for easy passage of members of the family. People also at times utilize this corner for a leisurely get together for friends or relatives.

If you have purchased a home that was already constructed and brahmasthan in that home is not vastu compliant. Here are some brahmasthan remedies as per vastu to make it Vastu compliant.

Never Ignore East Side of Your Home

Vastu study is majorly based on the cosmic energies and the Sun forms the central part of it. Since it rises from the east all the other directions circulate around it. When it comes to the eastern direction of your home it has got great significance. You can plan a lot here. It can be a place for the main entrance. Alternatively you can keep some empty space here as well. If you are planning to install French windows then this is the ideal place for the same. But make sure that you follow experts Vastu tips for doors and windows if planned to install any of them. Besides that, you can use this direction for building toilets as well and should build it as per Vastu. Follow vastu tips for bathroom and toilets and rearrange everything to make it Vastu compliant.

How to Manage Vastu Dosh or Non- Adherence

Managing each and every part of your house according to Vastu Shastra may be impossible at times. Nevertheless some steps can be taken that can minimize the negativity due to the wrong placements. Some of the strategies that can be used for reducing the Vastu Dosh are as follows:-

The remedy of direction Defects

Each and every direction of your home plays an important role. If your home is not constructed as per the Vastu guidelines than it may invite unnecessary trouble. Some of the ways you can minimize it are by using the following steps:

  • Rearranging Items: One of the essential rules of Vastu is that the moon area must be bulkier as compared to the sun. If your house is not constructed as per this rule then don’t get tensed, instead, you can always make quick amendments. The first step can be shifting heavy items to the South and West side of the room. At the same time you can keep the North and East side lighter. If you want to go in-depth then you can consult the Vastu experts. The presence of Vastu experts is mandatory while fixing such bugs.
  • Invite Angels to Fix this Disorder: Do you know vastu has great faith in the presence of angels? They can be present in the form of your favorite deity or any other worshipped God as well. Each and every direction of your house indicates and symbolizes one or the other representative of these Angels. If you are thinking about what represents the North East corner of your house than its none other than Soma and Rudra.Because of the presence of these angels in this portion of your house it’s considered as extremely auspicious. It is for the same reason the North East area should better be reserved for the prayer room, meditation, and entrance. If at all you haven’t made this region this way, then you must take a few steps to manage this mistake.
  • Placing or Hanging Pictures and paintings: One of them could be to keep the North east side clean. You can keep a camper or a filter to purify this portion. Besides that you can make use of a water pot as well. You can also plant a picture depicting water, sea, clouds but never use the nail to install it. Pictures can be pasted or placed with the help of any support too.The South-East corner of your house is dominated by the Goddess of Fire. That is the reason this corner is ideal for constructing the kitchen. If you haven’t placed your kitchen here then the utmost care must be taken while cooking the food. A picture of a rising sun can also mitigate this defect to a certain extent. You can also assure the perfect electric fitting as an extra step of precaution.
  • Converting rooms: North West is the place of balance. It represents Pawandev. Extra cautious must be taken to maintain balance here. Try not to have a master bedroom here. In case there is some defect then it can be balanced by converting it to a study room. Furthermore, you can keep an alarm clock to restore the balance.

Bedroom & Living Room Defects

Natural Flowers are much more useful than its charismatic aroma. Most importantly, it can help in managing the major Vastu faults. If your living room or bedroom is identified as having some vastu mismatch then use fresh flowers daily and see the magic. In case it’s not possible to replace the flowers daily than artificial flowers can help to a certain extent as well. One can refer to vastu for paintings and take benefits of for making and getting

Usage of Mirror

Mirror can come to your rescue for some of the major vastu errors. First of all it helps in managing the demons that can occupy the South West direction of your house. If you have any visible cut in this portion then you can cover it with the mirror. On the other hand, if you have any tall building beside your room, a mirror can be helpful too.

The presence of the tall building can lead to loss of focus and can also be the reason for an inferiority complex in the owner. Nevertheless the presence of the mirror can be a good way of avoiding such consequences. There can be other steps adopted as well. People also place running horse painting to get positive energy in life. How and where it should be placed can be studied in vastu for running horse painting to get positive energy. You can always ask for the same from the vastu experts or read related posts at our website DécorChamp.

Foundation Defects

If your room is built just over the beam then necessary steps must be taken to rectify it. One of the popular ways can be to cover it with a false ceiling or tiles. The members should avoid sleeping under the beam as it may lead to unnecessary pressure. Alternatively bamboo poles can be constructed on each side to restore the negativity and defect.

Whether Vastu is a science or superstition is still very controversial. Nevertheless looking at some of its unparalleled benefits, it’s adopted by many as accepted norms. The basic idea behind Vastu Shastra is to absorb the sunlight energy in the most optimum way and to minimize the negativity by inviting abundance.  You can keep a regular watch on the latest updates of Vastu by visiting Décor Champ.

There might be slight changes in the Vastu rules time and again based on the planets movements. Stay abreast of these amendments to get the best output in life. Having said that it may not be feasible to follow it completely. What you can practice as an alternative is to minimize the Vastu fault. As a result, you can invite more and more wellbeing and prosperity in the future.

In a nutshell:

  1. A worship room is a must in every home. One must face towards north-east direction while doing prayer. The idol should face the opposite direction so that we can face the north-east direction which VastuShastra.
  2. Water paintings and water fountains must face towards North or East direction. This will attract success, prosperity and wealth to your life.
  3. The main door should always face either north or east direction and should be bigger than any other door of the house. It is said that sunlight should always enter through the main door of the house as it brings positive.
  4. There should be a photo of LordGanesha hanged on the main door of the house. As it is believed that LordGanesha helps in keeping all the negative energy outside the house and protect the house members. Read the complete guide on vastu for lord Ganesha here.
  5. There should not be 5 corners in the ceiling of a room. It is considered that if your room is constructed that way then it is called, it brings the negativity.
  6. South or south-west direction is known to be the ideal direction for storing heavy items. And the north-east direction in the house should be kept free and should be the most spacious should be open and light.
  7. Well, you can’t argue in this vastu topic that is a toilet. It is known to be the most debated area. It is said that the toilet seat should always face north-south direction and should always be closed when not in use.
  8. The bed should always face east-west direction because it is said that dead bodies are kept in this direction.
  9. Almirahs should be kept in a south-west direction to get positivity. Here is the complete read on vastu direction for almirah in home.
  10. While drinking water one should always face at the direction of north-east or east direction this Vastu tip is good for health purposes.
  11. Dining hall should always have a big mirror that attracts wealth and prosperity.
  12. One should always sleep pointing their head towards south.
  13. Pictures depicting any kind of violence or harmful act should never be hanged in a residential It is believed that these types of pictures attract negativity and I am sure you would never want any negative energy to harm or affect the members of the family.
  14. Pictures or portraits of wild animals should not be hanged in homes as it is considered to bring negativity.
  15. As per vastu for money plants should not be kept inside the house as if it dries then it is said that money will start depleting from the house.
  16. Install red lamp or red light in south direction for fame and success.
  17. The south-west direction should always have a couple picture or family pictures to improve the love and relationship of family members. Consider reading vastu for ancestors pictures while placing it.
  18. Children should always face towards north direction while studying this will help in success in examinations.
  19. Cash should always be kept properly in drawers facing the north side and the mirror should also be fitted in drawers as it doubles your wealth and luck.
  20. Always make sure to keep the central area of home empty and free to get flow of energies. This is very important for positivity, health,and prosperity.
  21. According to VastuShastra, there should never be a worship room in the kitchen, especially above sink or stove.
  22. There should never be a mirror just in front of where the bed is placed and also broken mirror should never be kept in the house.

This is the complete guide on the Vastu Shastra for the home which brings in positivity and energies in the living body. However if you have any doubt, feel free to ask it in the comment box below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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  1. Awesome blog, I completely concur with. It’s crucial to adhere to fundamental Vastu principles in your new house. To maintain positivity and happiness in every room of your home, Vastu recommends the appropriate colour, format, shape, and directions. According to Vastu, the individual residing in a house is influenced by the energy a place must possess to be home. It is essential to comprehend how the practice of Vastu and positive energy in the home are related. Most people who have accepted VastuShastra principles thus far have greatly benefited in all areas. Several factors contribute to the concepts of VastuShastra’s appeal on a global scale. To balance cosmic energy is one of the main motivations for designing a home according to Vaastu principles. This site has provided us with a lot of insightful guidance on how to set up our homes to draw prosperity and good fortune into our homes. I am glad you shared.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such brilliant ideas.Really very useful for vastu shastra.Keep sharing such informations.


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