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Pooja Room Vastu – Things you must know

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Vastu for Pooja Room – To attain peace and prosperity, every home or office should have a place to worship God.

It is important to find the ideal location for a pooja room because in modern-day homes and flats we have very limited space and ignore creating a separate room for worship.

A place specially made for God brings positive vibes to the home, hence you should know about the Vastu Shastra guidelines to plan and decorate the pooja room with must have God statues.

Only a carefully planned pooja room will serve its purpose so read this post before you start designing your pooja room.

vastu for pooja room

There are many things to consider when planning the layout and design of your pooja room, including the placement of the mandir (altar) and other key elements.

According to the principles of Vastu shastra for home, a well-designed and correctly positioned pooja room can bring good luck, peace, and prosperity into your home.

Here are some tips on how to create an auspicious and serene space for worshiping in your home:

Vastu for Puja Room’s Importance

The puja room is a portion of the house where we keep our deities and other prayer objects. Many individuals who live in large cities with little space may overlook having a special place for pujas.

However, experts of Vaastu shastra recommend against it. Having a dedicated puja room even if it’s small can help us focus more on worshipping and connecting with positive energy.

direction for pooja room in home

The proper Vastu for a Prayer Room is critical in determining the sort of energy we’ll take advantage of in our environment. Having a properly designed Vastu for Puja Room leads to healthy, happy, and fulfilling life ahead.

Best Location for Pooja Room

  • The Ishaan Kon is governed by God thus the northeast direction of your flat should be selected to design the pooja room.

Pooja Room Location as Per Vastu

  • Only the north, east, and northeast directions are allowed as per Vastu. No other directions should be considered to create a pooja room.
  • If your plot size is big enough then the place of worship can be located in the center portion of your home. Know the Vastu for dancing ganesha painting if planning to bring one in pooja room.
  • You should face the north or east side while performing the prayers, thus, the idols of god facing the opposite direction are considered auspicious.
  • In the case of a multi-story house, always plan to design the pooja room on the ground floor.
  • Never have a pooja room inside your bedroom or on the wall adjacent to the bedroom.
  • Likewise, pooja rooms must be avoided next, above or below the kitchen, toilet or stairs.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

The Ideal Location of the Puja Room about other areas of the Home

The placement of a puja room is determined by its direction, which plays the most important role in Vastu for Puja Room. Each direction has its own significance according to Vastu shastra. The diagonal directions are northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast.

You may perform any god’s worship in this room. As a result, this site is ideal for placing the puja area. pooja room placement as per vastu This placement increases the Vastu for Puja Room’s success and helps to channel God’s energy into a happy life.

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  • After North-east zone, the east may be regarded as a suitable region for puja room installation. This area is highly advantageous for those who want to gain recognition in their job.
  • If your family’s religion is Goddess Durga, you should only build the puja room in the south-eastern sector. Refrain from utilizing this area for worshiping any other gods since it may be expensive or dangerous for the people living there.
  • The south zone is ideal for meditation and worship of Goddess Kali. It provides a beneficial result to prayer. However, do not worship any other deity or goddess in this area, as it will not be very successful or productive.
  • The west zone is also acceptable for a puja room. It’s the domain of Gurus.
  • The north-west zone– This zone can be used to worship the family’s deceased ancestors. However, it is essential to avoid any kind of prayer in this area.
  • The north zone is the most ideal place for worshiping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Do not worship any other deities here.

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Both Kubera and Varuna are gods of wealth and development, which makes them relevant for office and factory temples.

pooja room vastu

The best place for a temple, according to Vastu shastra, is on the ground floor of a multi-floored home. Additionally, the puja room should not be placed under the staircase or next to the bathroom.

Finally, remember that this room is only for puja and no other activities. Here is how to enhance brahmasthan in your building when it comes to making it Vastu compliant.

How to plan for a Pooja Room?

In order to attain all benefits of a pooja room, you must keep in mind the key principles of Vastu Shastra, which includes planning for the door facing and window facing directions in the pooja room.

  • Always have windows and doors facing towards the north or east directions.
  • The door of your pooja room should have two shutters.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, light blue, white, and light yellow colors are allowed for the walls in the pooja room.
  • Always try to have white or off white flooring in the pooja room. Marble could be the best choice for this purpose.
  • Design a pooja room in a way that there is a ventilator in the room and no other doors should be near the pooja room.
  • You can also plan to have a threshold in the pooja room.
  • You should consider reading and following sleeping direction as per vastu listed here as well.

Vastu Compliant Pooja Room Interior Design

When you study the Vastu for pooja room, another important aspect to be taken care of includes the interior planning of the room. interior design for pooja room Here is a list of few design pointers to analyze:

  • The north-east portion of the pooja room is ideal for god location.
  • Idols of god facing one another are prohibited in Vastu. Similarly, the idols must not face the door of the room.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, no two idols should be placed of the same god.
  • There should be a gap of 1 inch between the idols and the walls.
  • Heavy idols are prohibited in the pooja room, make sure the must-have god statues measure between 9” and 2”.
  • Place the Kalash in the north or east direction of the room, while south-east directions are good for lampstand and Agni-Kund.
  • Copper vessels are advised to be placed in the pooja room for storing water.
  • While placing a tulsi plant at home or in pooja room consider reading about vastu for tulsi plant here to make it vastu compliant.

Factors for designing a room for religious ceremonies

The Vastu for Puja Room is a detailed study that takes into account numerous aspects of the puja room and its contents.

There are some basic vastu guidelines that are important to follow, including:

  1. It is important to keep the puja room clean at all times.
  2. Taking down and throwing away broken or chipped images of deities.
  3. Making sure you don’t pollute the puja room with your offerings.
Consider Reading:

Few Important things to Remember

  • Never have broken idols or clutter in the pooja room.
  • It is strongly prohibited to use pooja room for other purposes, like storage.
  • Photos of dead people should not be placed in the pooja room.
  • There should be only one pooja room in the home, and make sure it’s not in the basement.
  • The cabinet above the god’s idol should not store anything.

It is always advised to take Vastu consultation before planning the architecture of your house because a thorough analysis is required to design the pooja room with assured benefits of positive energy, mind, body, and soul. vastu tips and suggestions for pooja room

This way, you will be sure about the location, planning, color scheme, and interior design of your pooja room.

Designing of a Mandir with Vastu Standards

In the case you have the ability to build a puja chamber, you should follow certain vastu rules to guarantee optimum Vastu for Puja Room while making a stylish modern mandir design at home. A pyramid-shaped ceiling or a gopura-style ceiling is considered ideal.

The position of the idols or images of gods

In any temple, you keep either godly icons or pictures, but not both. It is usually suggested that small idols be kept, with a height of no more than 7 inches. idols position in pooja room vastu

You must position it such that the idols/paintings face either west or south. East-facing is also acceptable, but not preferable. You should also pray to either north or east while facing north or east to get great Vastu for the puja room.

Have a look at modern Indian style pooja room designs here for your reference while making a pooja room at home.

Additionally, you want to ensure that there is space around the platform so that energy can flow easily and uplift the Vastu for Puja Room.

Where to Put Your Puja Cabinet and Other Religious Objects

Apart from gods’ idols and pictures, we also require a variety of other objects in order to pray. The placement of these items is also Vastu-wize.

It is best to keep the Puja room organized and free of clutter. To do this, store all items neatly in a cabinet designed specifically for puja rooms. Opt for a mandir design in wall as well if you do not have too much of space.

Tips for Selecting the Best Colors According to Vastu for Your Puja Room

The colors you choose for your puja room can have a big impact on the overall vastu of the space. It may be utilized to paint any part of the puja room, regardless of zone. For example, white colors can be used in the north east zone’s puja room. Consult with an expert vastu guru about the best colors for other zones if you’re not sure what to do.

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How should the Hindu god be displayed in a home?

To ensure good Vastu for your puja room, you can position the idols so they face west or south. East facing is also an option, but north should be avoided at all cost.

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Is it possible to keep the pooja room in the west part of the house?

According to Vastu, the North east is traditionally the best zone for a puja room. However, if this isn’t feasible, you can also place it in the west or east.

What color is best for a pooja room?

The color of the puja room is determined by its orientation. However, light hues, especially the cream color, are typically preferred for a puja room.

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Which deities can be kept in the puja room?

No matter what god you wish to keep in your home, you can do so as long as you follow the correct vastu guidance for placement.

As seen, the Vastu for Puja Room is a pivotal element that must be adhered to if you want to make the most of living with your family.

Furthermore, it’s suggested by many experts to have a small temple in workplaces and factories too.

Make you balcony vastu friendly by following vastu tips for chajja mentioned here.


Creating a puja room that is in line with Vastu can bring many benefits to your home. Be sure to follow the tips and advice given in this article to ensure proper Vastu for your puja room.

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  1. i have bought a west facing plot, the size 30 By 60 around 200 gazz, need your help to built single ground floor home where we can adjust three bedrooms, living room mandir as per vastu shastra.
    As we are entering from North West side in house but in your vastu theory most of setup including Batroom built in North East and west side. its very much to difficult to utilize south side.

    please help to make west side house as per Vastu shastra.

  2. It’s hard to find this type of post on the internet that shares the best tips on Pooja room with architecture. Thanks for the unique features of the excellent post with us.

  3. Thanks a lot I had been looking for Vastu remedies for Pooja Room. My pooja room is north facing and I have put up a small table in the north east corner. I am planning to do some more vastu changes like putting a small plant or something in the south west corner. Do you think that would be good?

  4. Whether ones applies Vaastu Principles in any room of the house or not, I think applying it to the prayer room is extremely important and that one must not avoid it. I follow the same methods mentioned here.


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