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Top 10 Garden Plants For Collection

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The connection with nature and its parts is really essential for our survival. Technology and modernisation is good but staying connected to roots is important.

A house is complete without a garden. Be it small or big. A specific part of your home should be devoted to plants.

Plants are of various types and they help by making our lives better. Be it their medicinal use or ornamental use. Plants play wonders in all cases.

Choosing and using plants in the garden can be very good. Not only for ornamental purposes but for the environment too.This blog is here to help in choosing the best garden plants for your garden.

This blog will give you detailed information about garden plants. Let us read this blog and know which type of plants can be part of your garden.

Common features of all these garden plants

The common features of all these garden plants are shared and you can check them out. The common features are-

Common features of all these garden plants

  • All these plants are commonly used.
  • They all are very low maintenance.
  • They give the perfect fragrance.
  • Their flowers look good.
  • Their mesmerising touch is good too.
  • You can take care of them by following easy steps.

Because of all these common features they all are chosen. Give a look at all these options of top 10 garden plants.

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Top 10 garden plants to choose

The list of top 10 garden plants that you can choose is shared as follows. You can consider the list for choosing good plants. The list is mentioned below.

Top 10 garden plants to choose

Jasmin sambac– This plant has many species that can be chosen for your garden. The flowers of this plant are mesmerising. The features of this plant are shared as follows.

  • It grows very fast.
  • The medicinal use is in treating liver diseases.
  • A good and perfect look can be given to a garden.
  • You can enjoy jasmine tea with its help.

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Plumeria– The name sounds complicated but the designs of its flowers are appealing. The natural and aesthetic colours of this flower are made for gardens. The features of this plant are shared as follows.


  • They are good ornamental shrubs.
  • They blossom nicely.
  • Proper attention is to be given in winters.
  • Good sand is required for growth.

Ixora– The flowers of this plant will make you feel addicted to it. Give your garden a complete look with its help. Features of this plant are shared as follows.

  • They have good ayurvedic properties.
  • Small chunks are present in this plant.
  • They bloom in good sunlight.
  • It has 563 species.
  • They have religious connections too.

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Adenium– This plant is good and it looks so simplistic. The overall look of this cute plant is sufficient to make your garden look good. The features of this are-


  • They require only watering once a week.
  • They can be propagated easily.
  • Their flowers look good.
  • You can choose them for good effect.

Palm–  With their simple look and appeal they are the most used garden plant. They help in making your area look complete and filled. They come in various sizes. Features of this plant are-

  • They are good for aesthetics.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • They are easily available.
  • They can make your garden look good.

Roses– Everyone knows how pretty roses are. They are enough to steal the attention of the visitors. They are good to be placed in the garden. Choose them for gardens. The features of this plant are-


  • They make your place look good.
  • They are available in different colours.
  • A majestic touch can be given to your garden with help of this.

Daylilies– These are best in terms of longevity. Their looks are special too. Just like their name they are attractive. You can check its features-

  • They grow best in the summer.
  • Their attractive looks make the garden good.
  • They require little maintenance .

Money plant– It is a commonly used plant in gardens. Due to its good features it is chosen. Features of this are-

Money plant

  • It is evergreen.
  • The vine looks good.
  • The climbing features make it look beautiful.
  • It is very affordable and accessible.

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Marigold– Big yellow flowers are good for a perfect look. Choose this plant for its appealing look. The features of this plant are-

  • The shades of this plant are pretty.
  • It can be used in decoration.
  • Good for brightening effect in the garden.

Orchids– Perfect blend of beautiful flowers. This plant is best for the garden. Choose it for features like this-


  • Different varieties can be grown.
  • They grow in low light.
  • They have a good fragrance.

These plants are good for gardens and they can be chosen in your gardens. Make sure that you are choosing the best ones to complete the look of your garden.

Make your garden look special with the help of these plants. Their flowers will add shine to your garden for sure.

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Best plant care tips

Consider the tips for taking care of plants and make your plants healthy. Check out these tips.

Best plant care tips

  • Check the water requirement and water them adequately. Avoid overly watering them.
  • The temperatures should be kept stable.
  • Place them in required conditions.
  • Plants according to climate are to be chosen.
  • Choose low maintenance plants if you have a busy schedule.

These tips can help in their best growth. Choose good garden plants and then take care of them.

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Garden plants and their collection is to be chosen wisely. Consider temperature and other requirements before choosing plants. Tòp 10 garden plants are shared here. You can read about them and their features.

Know about their caring tips and take care of them. This blog can help in giving your garden a good look. Choose plants that can add aesthetics to your garden.

This blog is a good collection of great garden plants. Consider the options and choose according to need. You will get good results in the form of a beautiful garden.

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