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Living Room POP Designs Ideas with Photos. Modern, Trendy Designs

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Everyone wants his living room to look captivating. One can have various ceiling interior decorator options.

However, the installation of POP designs in living room is one of the finest ideas these days. Pop plays a vital role when it comes to living room decoration. Perfect painting with modern pop ceiling designs give a superior look to your roof.

It can be noted that most of the latest false ceiling design emphasize on beautifying the central zone of the living and drawing rooms.

Now the traditional pop designs have been replaced with plus minus pop designs and even more modern designs.

POP false ceiling design for living room

These designs include high-end lighting systems of various color combinations. There are various fancy ceiling plates available as well for this.

The best part about these plates is that they can be customized as per the client’s requirements.

Living Room POP Design:

A POP false ceiling is a type of false ceiling that is made of gypsum plaster. POP false ceilings have many advantages over other types of ceilings. They also offer good thermal insulation and can help reduce energy costs. Living room POP design The taller the room, the taller the ceiling can be. The second is the shape of the room. If the room is rectangular, then a square or rectangular ceiling will look best. If the room is round, then a curved or circular ceiling will be more flattering.

A small room will benefit from a simpler design, while a large room can handle a more complex design. POP false ceilings are an excellent way to improve the look of any room.

Use of POP in False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris false ceilings are much more durable than regular plaster and can last for years without any damage. The POP comes in powder form, which is mixed with water to create the paste used for the ceiling design.

Applying the POP to a mesh allows it to float and creates a more cost-effective option than gypsum boards.Although fiberglass is a viable option for the installation of overhead structures, you should seek expert help.

To obtain the finesse, you’ll need to hire an expert. POP ceilings are more time-consuming to install because they must be fully dry before being put up.

If you want to add style to your area, pick a basic POP design or a contemporary, complicated one.Before you decide on a POP false ceiling, first make sure that the height from the floor to the level of the ceiling slab is tall enough to accommodate a false ceiling.

Also, finalize the lighting layout in advance as it will determine how your false ceiling is designed.

Simple False Ceiling POP Designs for Living Room:

These are the simple designs which you can adopt if you are concerned about price as these simple pop ceiling designs are not expensive and take less time as compare to plus minus pop designs or modern designs.

Simple POP designs with attached lighting systems are a quick and most effective way of decorating the living rooms and drawing rooms.

These POP designs are the best recommendations if your living or drawing room is a high ceiling room. Given below are pictures of few simple pop designs to get an idea.

Simple False Ceiling Pop DesignSimple POP Design Ideas

To view simple pop design image gallery, scroll below.

Plus-minus POP Designs for Living Room:

Plus Minus PoP Designs are the next level of pop designs which give the next level of finishing and make the roof more attractive. Such types of designs are a bit expensive than normal pop designs. This also consumes more material as well as time while designing.

Modern False ceiling designs made up of POP can be availed in a huge range of color, lightening systems, and designs.

To be specific, Plus Minus POP Designs are preferred the most among various forms of POP designs for living room and drawing rooms.

These designs with interesting three-dimensional effects are trending these days.

Plus Minus Pop Design Living Room

Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design

To view plus minus pop design image gallery, scroll below.

Modern POP False Ceiling for Living Room:

Apart from POP, false ceiling designs can be availed in various other materials as well, like wood, aluminum, etc.

This is the next level of POP false ceiling designs which are very popular nowadays. These Pop designs are modern pop designs that give awesome look to your roof and are mostly in villas, big flats or big living rooms.

Here are the few designs of these modern false ceiling designs. You can also ask for brochure from your contractor while planning for modern pop designs.

Modern False Ceiling Designs

False Ceiling with Wood Design

POP False Ceiling with LED Lights in Living Rooms

In addition, one can go with the LED lights for such ceilings, best suited for living and drawing rooms.

These POP designs are way better than the traditional plasterboard designs due to their lighter weight, endurance, and mostly the ease of installation.

No matter, you use conventional lighting patterns or chandeliers, POP ceiling supports all with perfection.

Presented below are some of the best false ceiling designs trending these days for modern living rooms and drawing rooms.

Have a look on these and show them to your contractor if you want to adopt any of these:

If you are looking for the best ideas for false ceiling design for hall then try this.

Modern POP Ceiling Design

This amazing Pop Ceiling for a rectangular hall gives the space a whole new feel. The hollow suspended ceiling separates your sitting and living areas. 

latest modern false ceiling

For added drama, you may hang a magnificent chandelier from the center section. Modern pop ceiling designThis is also an excellent method to hide wires while also adding ambiance to the area.

Modern POP False Ceiling with Lights

This is a somewhat under-done Pop Ceiling recessed pattern hall. The center of the room is higher than its surrounding portions. 

modern false ceiling designs

You may add these design features as well as LED light fixtures rather than leaving them empty.

Also, have a look at modern bedroom pop design here which are simple yet attractive and gives unique look to your bedroom.

pop design with led light At night, adding some concealed lights along the tray’s border can produce various lighting effects.

False Ceiling with Wooden Work

Instead of using one dominant item, you may combine them in this design for a more elegant appearance. 

modern false ceiling for living room

Pop should be the focus, so surround it with wooden panels. This location might become your favorite spot in the entire house if you add some LED lights!

Simple Low Budget Compact POP Design

A heavy false ceiling design for a tiny room can make it seem even more crowded. 

Simple pop design for living room

The recessed pattern in the center of the square-shaped ceiling is surrounded by a suspended element.

Also try these design as kitchen pop design because these are simple and do not require any maintenance.

False Ceiling with Wood Design

To complement the design and give it an exceptionally elegant look, dark wood panels are used!

Plus Minus Pop Design for the Ceiling

Believe it or not, ceilings don’t have to only be white. Pop design can bring life and color into your boring old minus pop design living room And for some added drama, fiddle around with the patterns in the corners! Use dark colors for a bright space!

Have a look at the modern plus minus pop design for gallery here for reference.

2 Fans POP False Ceiling

This design is perfect for elongated rooms and makes use of a stunning pattern.2 fan pop design living room The center ceiling includes a small alcove to hold two fans, which almost appear to be part of the design.

For more unique attractive 2 fan pop design for hall keep visiting and get the latest ideas and designs on 1, 2, or 3 fans pop designs here.

Traditional POP Ceiling

The ornately designed Pop border for Hall adds a luxurious touch to your rooms. Instead of utilizing the entire area, a small border is added to the ceiling’s perimeter instead.

People also prefer pop arch design with these traditional designs to match and to give a unique look.

traditional pop ceiling for living room The ideal method to accent this item is to keep everything in white, including the crown moldings. If you want a space that is both simple and beautiful, try using this concept!

Gypsum POP Ceiling Design

Hallways with a POP ceiling or gypsum ceiling designs are one of the most popular options in recent years. They are lightweight and simple to form the design shape. gypsum pop ceiling design Use Gypsum boards that have been cut into shapes and sizes of your choosing to suspend them from the ceiling.

To create an amazing setting, conceal light fixtures above these slabs using concealed lights fixtures.

Contemporary POP Ceiling

If you have a little hall and want to save money while still having a beautiful hall, this is the design for you.contemporary pop design for living room A contemporary POP ceiling design for a small hall may give the illusion of more space while also being stylish. Using only one hue and a little bit of white paint will provide an elegant appearance. The room has a royal feel thanks to the excellent lighting placement.

Colorful POP Ceiling for Living Room

People usually want their hall to be designed uniquely with some creativity so that it can be outstanding and incredibly simple to opt for pop colour design in your living room.colourful pop ceiling design for living room By playing with the contrast of colors against white background material using POP, it will bring an interesting character to the hall.

All you need is some colorful Gypsum boards in various shapes!

Consider reading and viewing the latest living room floor tiles here if you are in the process of choosing floor tiles for your home.

Types of POP Designs

Gypsum Plaster

At 300-degrees Fahrenheit, gypsum is heated to create this plaster. Furthermore, if it’s heated above 392-degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes anhydrite.

However, when mixed with water, regardless of its previous state, it turns into gypsum.

Lime Plaster

It occurs when quick lime is heated, and then slake lime comes about with the addition of water.

Choose the best, modern, and trendy living room wallpaper designs listed here for your living room decoration.

Choosing the Color Combination for Your POP Ceiling

With all the beautiful paint colors available on the market, why choose a mundane white for your POP ceiling design?

It’s time to update your interior decor and add some pizzazz to your POP false ceiling design in the living room.

Have a look at the decorative showpiece items for living room to decorate your living in a budget.

  • A POP ceiling design is a great way to add a bit of personality to your home.
  • Try using shades of yellow and white for a warm and welcoming vibe.
  • If you have a light color scheme in your home, then adding pops of cherry red or turquoise will give your space some much-needed dimension.
  • Decorate your hallways with beautiful ivory and grey colors to give them an elegant touch.

Precautions When Installing A POP False Ceiling

While completing the installation procedure, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of your POP. A low-quality pop from a well-known and trustworthy brand might cost you less, but it will certainly cause you more problems throughout the installation process.
  • Before you start the installation procedure, check for any leaks in the ceiling area of the application.

Make your living room look expensive with these living room modern texture paint designs ideas.

What Should I Do If My POP Ceiling Design Is Filthy Or Fungus-Infested?

Elaborate ceilings are a beautiful, timeless addition to any home. If you want your popcorn ceiling design to look its best, then make sure to wipe it down regularly using a duster or vacuum cleaner.

Be careful, not to touch the ceiling too harshly – delicate false ceiling designs can be easily damaged.

Tips to Pick Living Room Ceiling Design

  1. If you want your living room to look sleek and modern, choose a ceiling design with interesting shapes and lights. However, if your living room is also your dining room, go for a design that looks good and has proper lighting.
  2. In the living room, you’ll need to make appropriate arrangements for lighting up the false ceiling. LEDs that are energy-efficient and match the ceiling theme may be used. LED recessed lighting works particularly well on POP ceilings. Else, if you like, you may try grand chandeliers or hanging lamps with your drawing room ceiling design to make your space look more elegant and attractive. Cove or flush-mount lights should be used for a POP false ceiling; it depends on the style of POP.
  3. While white and blue are the go-to colour for most people and are very famous now a days when it comes to drawing room false ceiling design, you can actually mix other colours and use bright shades that makes the room size look bigger because light colours reflect the lights and you see the actual size of the room. 
  4. There’s no need to stick to rectangular and square designs for your ceilings. There are creative ceiling ideas available to create a striking impact in the drawing room and other living rooms.
  5. It’s a good time to try out different styles, like curvaceous lines and circles, which are currently fashionable. You may create a fresh appearance with these down-ceiling designs for drawing room space. These forms may also be used in place of other décor elements instead of being juxtaposed against them.

Try these corner tables for living room listed here for your living room decoration.


POP ceilings are a fantastic addition to any home. If you are looking for a way to make your home stand out, consider adding one of these stunning designs!

Just remember to take the necessary precautions during installation and you’ll be all set!

False ceilings are a much needed dimension in today’s competitive construction world. And not just that, they also help to conceal any unsightly wiring or piping that may be running through your ceiling.

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