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Vastu Shastra for Money Plant. Tips and Remedies

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Grow Money Plant as Per Vastu to Quickly Increase Your Wealth and Money

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Lots of people keep money plant in their homes because it is believed that the plant brings wealth and prosperity to the dwellers and if the plant is growing at a faster pace then it’s a clear sign of an increase in their incomes and profits. If you are also tempted to grow money plant for all the obvious reasons, then you should know the money plant Vastu. Growing the plant as per Vastu Shastra will allow you to gain the maximum money plant benefits. Otherwise, it will bring financial loss and stress.

What is money plant?

The signification of money plant can be seen in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. It is a plant that attracts wealth and believed to bring long-lasting happiness in the family.

It is a tropical vine plant found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indochina along with China, Japan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Epipremnum aureum is the money plant scientific name that you may not have heard because it is commercially sold with the name money tree.Money Plant Price

With a heart like a shape, the leaves of this plant always remain green, and it is widely used for money growth and interior decoration.

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Benefits of Money Plant

When considering aspects of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra the beneficial properties of this plant are endless. Here are some of the most popular money plant benefits that will inspire you to make room for this beautiful plant:

  • Money plant has air purifying capabilities, which are even approved by some regulatory authorities.
  • Money plants absorb radiation, so you should keep one near your Wi-fi router or computer.
  • Similarly, the rejuvenating benefits of money plant leaves include the capability to reduce stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders.
  • The plant enhances the energy of prosperity, and it attracts wealth.

Vastu for Money Plant

The radiation, stress and negative energy of all the clutter in the house can be reduced with the help of money plant. Besides, it is also believed that the plant will bring good luck and wealth, so rather than being nostalgic about money plant Feng Shui aspects, plan to bring in the positive vibes into your home with the help of this plant.

Where to buy money plant online and its price

You can now buy money plant online from your favorite stores like amazon and flipkart. Price of money plants start from Rs.120/- only in india.

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Vastu Tips to Grow Money Plant

In order to let the plant activate positive energy follow these Vastu guidelines to grow the money plant.

  • Although you can keep the plant anywhere in the house, the southeast is the most suitable Vastu direction to keep the plant.
  • Keeping the plant inside the house brings good luck. You can plant it in a bottle full of water.
  • You should place the money plant in a sharp corner to reduce anxiety.

Few Important things to keep in mind

Always make sure to grow the plant in the suggested position as per Vastu, or else it will attract financial loss.

  • The northeast direction is strictly prohibited in Vastu to plant the money tree.
  • The north and east walls are also not suitable for money plant.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, the money plant should always be inside the house, never grow it in the garden area.
  • Never spread the vines of money plant on the floor, it will bring monetary loss.
  • Make sure to clean the plant leaves and change the water regularly.

When it comes to Vastu or directions or beliefs of people then it gets very important to look after almost everything be it internal or external part of your house. Not just your pooja rooms or bed or lamps or stove’s direction matters but also plants that stay inside or within the boundaries of your house.

I know it might sound strange and weird but it’s true. Money plant is one of the most lovable and desirable plants in every house. You will surely find it in almost every house of India not because it gives your house that decorative, innovative and creative look but there are so many beliefs that are attached to money plants. And according to old people, one should definitely look after and take care of these points.

Here are the top 12 vastu benefits of having a Money Plant at home, office or around you:

  1. It is believed that keeping money plant within the boundary range of your house it will eventually increase the financial status of your house. But keeping or just potting the money plant like anything is not what you should do. There are rules and regulations and certain things that need to be kept in mind before installing one or else it will eventually show an adverse And do not forget to check the Vastu for money plants before keeping it inside your house.
  1. Now you wanted and you have already potted a money plant in your house. The first and the most important thing is to keep it green, fresh and healthy. One need to water it continuously after some particular intervals of time. It is said that a dry money plant in a house will lead to an unstable and unhealthy financial status of the house. That is why money should never get dry and wilted.
  1. As we all know how important directions are when it comes to Vastu Shastra for home. Here also the direction of the money plant is equivalently important. A money plant can be kept in any direction except the North-Eat direction. It is said that this particular direction will not only lead to excess loss of money but also the health issues among the house members will also get worse.
  1. Read this particular point properly and never let it happen. If your money plant has grown long then cut it, give it a shape, place it somewhere which is higher than the previous place but never I repeat never let its stems or leaves fall onto the floor or touch to the ground. It is called highly inauspicious or unlucky for the family members.
  1. Now we are already known with the direction where we should never keep our money plant but then what is the best direction for keeping a money plant? Then that is surely South-Eat direction. Since it is believed that this particular direction is of Lord Ganesha. So it tends to bring prosperity, a healthy environment, peace, and positive energy into the house.
  1. If you are married then kindly never keep your money plant in the East-west direction. It will lead to intense fights and arguments among husband and wife.
  1. It is believed that the money plant should always be kept inside the house rather than outside of your house. Direct sun exposure to the money plant is a big no otherwise it will dry out and we already know the consequences of money plant is But even if you cannot put it inside the house trying to keep it under a covered area where sunlight exposure is minimized. Keeping money plant is not a big deal at all you can put it in a simple, small pot or even in a glass bottle.
  1. It is also believed that greener the money plant the more chances of money coming to your house increases. And also more the leaves it will too bring the money to the house. In short healthier the money plant is kept, healthier the family members stay in terms of finance.
  1. A money plant according to Vastu Shastra actually helps in bringing all the positive energy as well as the prosperity of the house members to the house and cuts of all the negative and backward energy.
  1. Since we know the leaves of the money plant is heart-shaped then it is believed that it helps in mending the broken relationships of the family members and if there is any conflict going on among the family members it also helps in dispelling the hate feeling away from the house.
  1. A healthy, green money plant helps in maintaining the health and the inside energy of family members. It tends to spread positive vibes and happiness among the people who are living in the house. Check out the website of DecorChamp to know more about vastu and other things related to your house and other positive things.
  1. One thing that should always be kept in mind that you should never allow or request to cute or shape your money plant. Not even to the finest or to the neighborhood Doing so denoted that you are giving away your wealth to the other person.

Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui are ancient practices, so you should follow the easiest tips, like growing a plant, to gain money and get rich. The plant is beneficial from all aspects as it is beautiful and affordable too. So if you wish to beautify your home and bring good luck then plan to grow money plant in your home right now.

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  1. Nice page..
    My house living room or hall is in South West direction and in South East is kitchen
    So south east of house will be kitchen window .
    South East of hall is a wall .
    How do i place my money plant at home…confused now

    Hope u can help

  2. Such useful tips on Money Plant Vastu you have shared. I never knew that the money plant should be kept in the east or north-east direction of the house as it brings positive energy and wealth to the home. You can also place a money plant in the living room or entrance of the house as it brings good luck. I am going to implement these techniques in growing my money plant at home. Will share the positive results soon. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Looking forward to reading more interesting articles on similar topics.

  3. I am so grateful for this post as I have been looking for details on how to grow money plants in my house according to Vastu rules. This is exactly what I wanted to know. I was very confused between the directions that were right for my money plant to grow well and bring prosperity. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us.

  4. The blog is fantastic. Many thanks for your helpful advice on Vastu for Money Plants. I had no idea that the money plant should be placed in the east or northeast corner of the home to attract prosperity and good fortune. A money plant can also be positioned in the home’s living room or front door since it is lucky. I plan to use these methods when cultivating my home money plant. I’ll shortly disclose the satisfying outcomes. I appreciate you providing this insightful knowledge. I’m eager to read more intriguing articles on related subjects.

  5. You may reap the most rewards from the money plant by growing it in accordance with Vastu Shastra. If not, then It will instead result in tension and financial loss.


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