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Vastu for Study Room | Vastu Shastra Tips for Study Room

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The peaceful ambiance of a Vastu compliant study room

As a parent one thing that you want is that your kids do well in studies so that they can have a flourishing career. But many times students find that they are not able to focus on their studies. The Vastu shastra of the place where students study is of great relevance in terms of focus and concentration of students. By following a few tips which can be useful in helping students focus better on their studies.

The direction:

The directions which help in improving focus are east, north and north east as these directions help the student grasp things better and faster. Therefore the placement of the study rooms has to be in one of these directions. One should also make sure that there are no mirrors in the study room neither should the student study under a beam as these factors can increase the pressure on the students. The study room under no circumstances should be below a toilet.

The placement of study table:

When the student sits to study he should be facing east or north. So the table has to be placed facing the east or the north.There has to be place between the table and the wall which will help the student to think better. Also the student’s back wall which signifies strength and support. Medium sized square or rectangular study table should be placed in the study room.

The placement of the Bookshelves:

One thumb rule to be followed is that never place study table or book shelves in the centre of the room. The centre of the room should preferably have open space. Book shelves should never be placed above the study table as it is known to generate stress on the student. Book shelves should ideally be placed in East, North or north east directions. There should not be too many books and clutter in the shelves and cabinets.

Colour and Lightening:

Black colours should never be used in the study rooms. Go for lighter shades which help in creating peace and tranquility and help the students in learning things faster and better. The study room has to be well lit and must have plenty of natural light. The table lamp has to be places on the south east corner of the study table.

Other general precautions:

Study room should be clean and without any unnecessary clutter. It should not have unnecessary noise as it will hamper your child’s concentration. Never have a television in the study room and place the computer in the south east corner of the room.

For your children to do well in studies of course they have to study well. But at the same time it is important to ensure that they are able to concentrate well on their studies. If the study room is not vastu compliant then it can prove to be detrimental for the academic progress of your children. Therefore it is of utmost importance that simple vastu tips are followed while designing the study room.

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  1. I totally agree that placement of the bookshelf in study room is very important according to Vastu as it gives peaceful and knowledge environment to students while they study on their books. Can you tell me if southeast facing study shelf is good according to Vastu?


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