House Plan for North Facing Plot as per Vastu


Congratulations on having a North facing plot; it is the most preferred property for making a house. Since the North direction is considered to be ruled by the God of wealth, Lord Kubera, dwellers living in a North facing house are most likely to live a wealthy and prosperous life.

Additionally, a north facing plot easily fits with all the requirements of Vastu Shashtra. If you wish to build your dream home as per Vastu rules, then follow the below-listed instructions and tips while consulting with your architect.

daily tips on vastu shastra

Master bedroom as per Vastu: North facing plots are good for houses and business establishments. But make sure to select the Southwest corner of the plot for the master bedroom.

Plan for staircase: Placing the staircase in the center of the house is highly inauspicious. As per vastu shastra for staircase, additionally, you should leave minimum areas to the South & West directions of your plot, and North direction is suggested to have an open terrace, thus plan for staircase accordingly.

vastu for staircase

Layout for Bathroom: North-east corner is defined as the Eshan Kone, which is good for making pooja room. Thus the area must not be used for making toilets. As per Vastu shastra for bathroom and toiletry , you can design toilets on the West side of the plot.

Space planning for your Kitchen:The East side of your plot is good to have maximum windows. Thus it is advisable to build the kitchen in the north –east corner and get the windows, cooking platform and chimney installed in the mentioned directions only.

Vastu tips for Kids Bedroom:The most suitable direction for kids’ bedroom is in the West; however, North-East and North-West directions are also acceptable as per Vastu. But make sure that the kids are keeping their heads towards the East or South directions while sleeping.

Tips for the vacant area and septic tanks: North and East directions are most suitable for leaving an open space, so it is a beneficial idea to construct the house on the left side and leave porch area followed by a gallery on the right side of the plot. Moreover, tanks and undergrounds in the plots are strictly prohibited in the North-East, South-East or South-West directions. Make sure that the septic tank is constructed is the Northwest direction.

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Ideal location for the water source: The ideal location to dig a water source or borewell is the North-East direction. The same direction is ideal for having an entrance, so if you wish to dig a borewell in your plot, then you may leave 3 feet on the North-East compound wall for the borewell and then install the main gate.

Regardless of the plot size, the above plan should be followed strictly to attain prosperity of a North facing plot. The construction plan can be altered for a multi-storied house, but make sure to place the pooja room on the ground floor and the master bedroom can be on any floor but always in the Southwest direction. It is advisable to consult with Vastu experts before buying or constructing a house because the basic design should always be as per Vastu guidelines.


  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I have 30’*45’plot and want to construct 2 bhk with puja ghar & portico on ground floor 1 bhk on first floor. Plz send a suitable map. Plot is south facing. Thanks.


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