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How To Use Mirror For Wall Decoration

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The mirrors are not only functional Fixtures; they are the very components of interior design in any room, which contribute depth, lights, and visual effects to the interior.

No matter whether you want to create the impression of a bigger space in a tiny room or add extra sophistication to a larger room, try your best to use mirrors in your wall Decor. This will help you accentuate many interior design aspects of your home.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to imagine the way mirrors should be used for wall decoration as well as find out the most unexpected and spectacular usages of mirrors as decorative accents.

Choose the right placement

Before reflecting on reflection of mirrors or styling, it is more important to rethink your mirrors placement.

Choose the right placement

The place where you put them can augment the aesthetic effect they have on your space and the more strategic you make the placement, the more beautiful they will look. Here are a few placement ideas to consider:

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Here are a few placement ideas to consider

  • Opposite a Window: Creating a tableau, mirrored opposite a window, reflects the sunlight into the room, making it look brighter and more spacious for a detailed appearance.
  • Above a Mantel or Console Table: The choice of a fireplace mantel or console table is a good option for placing a decorative statement mirror that would not only create a center of attraction in any room, but also would make it more interesting to look at.
  • In a Gallery Wall: Infuse a gallery wall project with the help of mirrors, that if arranged on the wall along with vividly framed art, will break the monotony and add some body to the display.
  • Adjacent to Statement Pieces: Add a bit of novelty by placing mirrors next to oracles and decorative elements to add force and harmony to the room.

With Sizing and Shape Select Right

The window-image-creating thing is wall decoration mirrors and size and shape count much in this case too.

With Sizing and Shape Select Right

Take as example the dimensions of the space and what goes given the result you curate the certain design.

Here are some tips for selecting the right size and shape: Here are some tips for selecting the right size and shape:

  • Small Spaces: In a bedroom with a small room or narrow hallway, mirrors are better to be little so they do not create too much space in that area. The bowl-like mirrors can distribute the facial figure hence get the perfect flow.
  • Large Spaces: In bigger rooms or wide walls, a great impact can be created by using large mirrors as decorative pieces to draw the attention of the viewers and even make the room look well-lit. Square or triangular shaped mirrors can fill in the voids and create a harmonious flow.
  • Customization: It’s not only about the standard square-shaped pictures but also about considering specific shapes and sizes for your very own room requirements and individual preferences.

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Get the lighting and Environment correct

Mirrors are among the very best tools in the world to not only provide light and ambiance in any given space but truly enrich it.

Here’s how you can use mirrors to play with light and create the perfect atmosphere: 

  • Natural Light: Position the mirrors in such a way that the maximum amount of natural light can be bounced around the room during the day and take advantage of it without the help of additional artificial lighting.
  • Artificial Light: The lamps and light fixtures’ brightness can be enhanced by aligning the mirrors roughly next to them, thereby creating a beautiful, comforting effect.
  • Candlelight: You can make tablescapes and vignettes more magical with candles, and by reflecting the candles in mirrors, making the flicker of the candles spread everywhere.

Manoeuvre with Styles and Perspective

Mirrors, oftentimes, reflect different variations of frames and finishes in order to bring stylistic uniqueness to them and select them as perfect match to your interior decor theme and style.

Manoeuvre with Styles and Perspective

Here are some ideas to experiment with:Here are some ideas to experiment with:

  • Classic Elegance: Old world mirrors adorned with ornate frames or antique finish will add the glow of the old world past to traditional spaces.
  • Modern Minimalism: Install express sleek frameless mirrors which incorporate clean draw and basic design to modernize the look of the interior design with the current architecture feel.
  • Eclectic Mix: Create a unique and personalized mirror gallery by combining mirrors of different sizes and shapes, or by using mismatched mirrors. This leads to a cool, curated look for your walls that can add personality and visual interest to your space.

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Give home for diameter and perspectives

A true benefit of mirrors is the way they produce an optical picture that gives an impression of the size of a room, creating a feeling of spaciousness and abundance.

Here’s how you can use mirrors to expand your space:Here’s how you can use mirrors to expand your space:

  • Mirrored Walls: Decorate a wall with a whole of the mirrored panels or tiles to create visual depth that will pedally twice the size of the room, and also create a sense of focus for the room
  • Mirrored Furniture: Interplay mirror furniture pieces like side tables and consoles to catch and bounce light and thus making the occupancy of the small rooms look bigger.
  • Layered Reflections: Play around with the style of layering with mirrors of different sizes and shapes and creating the steps of the cascading which will work to add depth and dimension to your walls.

Consider Functionality

However, while mirrors are decorative features as well as efficient in terms of functionality, they can also help to enhance the look and feel of your house. Here are a few functional uses for mirrors:

Consider Functionality

Here are a few functional uses for mirrors:

  • Entryway: Never leave home before checking out your reflection in the mirror in the entryway to welcome guests, the mirror’s functionally also as a focal point.
  • Bedroom: A long mirror which is used for both getting dressed and grooming should be included in the bedroom; moreover, such a mirror helps to increase the room’s space and use of natural light.
  • Bathroom: Put mirrors above the sink/ vanity area in the bathroom for putting on makeup and styling hair and for diffusing light to make the rooms look wider.

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Try Pairs and Clusters

Do not restrict yourself to one mirror only. Combine like-sized, or even different-shaped mirrors into a tasteful group to add intricate shades and depth to your walls. Here are a few arrangement ideas to try:

Here are a few arrangement ideas to try:

  • Symmetrical Arrangements: Ensure symmetry by placing the same mirrors of your choice horizontally and then vertically to give a precise and stunning view.
  • Asymmetrical Groupings: Use a combination of varied sized, sized, shaped, and shaped mirrors in an asymmetrical display to create one that’s full of contrasts while still maintaining an eclectic look.
  • Clustered Collages: Place mirrors of different shapes and sizes in a gridded cluster to unify them and create a focal point of interest that facilitates simple eye contact as well as conversation.


The first element of design that mirrors are good at is their power of reflection and that they can turn an ordinary place into a usual, stylish room.

With an intelligent use of the mirrors, selecting and mounting them on different corners of the rooms and fashioning their stylish frames, you can turn your home into a refined and alluring enclave.

The variety of mirrors on the wall represent you and your preferences. Therefore, use your imagination, play with a variety of designs and forms, and enjoy introducing your mirrors into the ambiance with the mirrors’ never-out-of-style qualities.

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