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Basic Vastu For A Home

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Ancient Indian Science of Vastu Shastra is a timeless guide to creating residential areas that are in harmony with each other, balance and radiate positive energy.

Being grounded on the idea of interconnectivity between the universe and everything in it, it provides ways through which livable spaces can be created to correspond with natural forces and cosmic energies.

This comprehensive guideline will take you through the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra, ideal positions for rooms, common mistakes made in homes, how to increase negative energy and simple remedies for Vastu issues.

Understanding the Basics of Vastu Shastra

The five elements form the basis of Vastu Shastra-earth, fire, air, water and ether. Every element has specified directions and energies that influence home designs and layouts.

Understanding the Basics of Vastu Shastra

By maintaining these elements in your house perfectly aligned with each other, you can set up an environment that supports healthiness, wealthiness as well as happiness.

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Optimal Direction for Each Room

In terms of preserving positive energy flow according to vastu principles proper room arrangement is highly important within a building.

Optimal Direction for Each Room

For example when facing North East or East such entrance is more appropriate because it invites auspicious energies into your home.

The same way, the southeast is the best location for a kitchen, whereas stability and prosperity necessitate placing the master bedroom in the Southwest.

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Vastu Mistakes to Avoid

There are several common mistakes in Vastu that can disrupt positive energy flow within your house.

Vastu Mistakes to Avoid

These include, but are not limited to, blocking natural light, wrong choice of colors or color schemes for your interior designs; overcrowding spaces; bedroom as an electronic store and others.

By taking into account these pitfalls you will be able to create a living environment conducive to good health and harmony.

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Ways of Enhancing Positive Energy

To improve positive energy in your home, integrate plants, keep it clean always and arrange furniture properly.

Ways of Enhancing Positive Energy

Apart from adding beauty to the household they purify air which helps calm people down. Additionally making sure there is enough natural lighting and ventilation can bring up moods and create homely atmospheres. 

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Easy Ways to Rectify Vastu Imbalances

There are simple remedies you can invoke and rectify the situations of Vastu imbalances in your home.

Easy Ways to Rectify Vastu Imbalances

For example, positioning a mirror at strategic points will deflect negative energies while using colors that are good for Vastu will support harmony as well as balance.

In addition, incorporation of elemental symbols and yantras can further enhance positive energy flow.

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Therefore, mastering Vastu principles helps you make a living space that enhances your wellbeing and promotes harmony and positivity within it.

By creating designs aligned with these ancient principles when making homes or offices, healthful environments may be built with happiness and prosperity for oneself as well as others around them.

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