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Vastu Tips for Living or Drawing Room

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Vastu Tips for Living Room – These days when it comes to home or office lots of emphasis is given to the place being vastu compliant. After all when you are spending a large booty to get your dream abode it definitely has to be such that it is lucky for you. Vastu Shastra has specific rules for specific rooms. When we talk about the living room, vastu experts emphasize that if your house is north or east facing then the drawing room should be northeast direction and if it is west facing then the living room should be in northwest direction. If at all you have South facing house then the living room has to be in southeast direction. But ideally avoid buying south facing houses. Having the room in the correct direction is not sufficient. You have to make sure that the furniture, colour of the room etc are also compatible.

Colour of the Living Room:

Black and red colors are an absolute NO for living room. Also dark colors should be avoided. Preference should be given to white, yellow, lighter shades of blue and green colors for living room. These are the colors suggested by vastu shastra for home by experts.

Lighting and Doors and Windows:

Plenty of natural light should come into the drawing or living room. The room should be well lit. The chandelier should never be in the center of the room. It should be towards the west. The doors and windows should be in the east or north direction. Do not keep pictures of God in the living room or at the entrance.

Placement of Furniture:

Don’t opt for odd shaped furniture that is oval round etc. Furniture should be rectangle, square etc. Place heavy furniture in south or west direction. The sitting place for the head of the family should either be in the East or in the North direction.

Placement of Accessories:

Television should never be placed in north east or south west direction. Always have it in southeast direction. Coolers and AC should be placed in west or north but never in southeast or northwest direction. Telephone should be in east or in the north or south east. Aquariums can be placed in North, East and North east directions but it should never ever be placed in north west corner of the room.


Pictures and Paintings:

Always have paintings and pictures which will generate positive energies. Therefore never have pictures or paintings with violent scenes in the room. Opt for waterfalls, rising sun or running horse painting etc. Also avoid pictures of women, birds, animals etc in the living room. Anything that symbolizes depression should not be placed on the wall.

The living room is a very important place of your home. It is the first thing that all see when they enter your home. You must take utmost care to ensure that it generates enough positive energy and there is no room for any form of negativity. By following the above simple tips you can make sure that at least basic factors which will help in making your living room vastu compliant are taken care of and your home brings peace and prosperity in your life.

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  1. Incredible blog. Honestly I had no idea that there are Vastu rules for placing accessories and paintings in the house. Now I will pay attention to each object in the my house and make sure that everything is in the right place. This blog is very informative and I wish more people read this to gain knowledge.

  2. Although my living room is painted in a bright orange shade, the chandelier is placed right in the centre. I have tried adjusting the position but nothing seems appropriate enough. Do you think this would be very problematic?


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