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Vastu Tips for Bedroom Furniture: Bring vastu friendly furniture

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All non-living and living things on this cosmos give out energies, affecting our lives in multiple ways. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that provides the rules for placement of everything related to this cosmic. Furniture is the crucial embellishment of your bedroom as it makes the space look comfortable and lively. But, proper orientation and placement of the bedroom furniture is important to allow energies to flow in and harmonize with the environment. Bedroom furniture includes table, sofa, bed, dressing table, mirror and more. All these bedroom furniture must be placed as per vastu for bedroom. Below are some helpful tips on placement of bedroom furniture to bring in energies and prosperity in your bedroom.

Placement of Bed as per Vastu

As per the Vastu, the bed in your bedroom must be placed in east or south direction of the room with head towards east or south. Placement of the bed in this direction is important for the master bedroom of your house as it influences health of the family and promotes sound sleep at night. Vastu experts also suggest that sleeping position in bedroom must be in west or south direction. The bed must be kept against wall in west or south direction so that your legs point towards east or north direction when sleeping.Vastu for bedroom furniture

As per the Vastu, bed must not be placed in corners of bedroom as it prevents the positive energy from flowing in freely. The position of the bed must be in the middle or central part of the wall so that you have sufficient space for moving around.

Know vastu for doors and windows of complete house to bring positive energy at home.

Vastu Tips for Wardrobes in Bedroom

Placing the bedroom furniture in right direction is important to make the dwellers feel at home. As per the Vastu, all the heavy objects like wardrobes, cupboards and more must be placed in southwest, west or south direction of the room. The safe must be placed in the south direction of the room and ensure that it opens towards north. Complete vastu for safe and locker room can be read here. This is considered very auspicious for placement of safes in bedroom. Wardrobes can also be placed in northwest direction as this direction increases the inflow of energies in the room.bedroom wardrobe vastu

Ensure that wardrobes has plain door without any mirror on it as it reflects negative energy. If your bedroom is small and compact, then make sure that you are using only Essential Furniture Pieces in your room to avoid messes and clutter in your bedroom. But the placement of the bedroom furniture must be done according to vastu.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom Accessories

As per vastu, mirror in bedroom must be avoided as it reflects negative energies. But, if placing a mirror is necessary to adorn the interior, then ensure that it is placed in a way that it doesn’t reflect the bed. As per Vastu Shastra for home, if any part of your body is reflected in mirror while sleeping on bed, then it may increase likeliness of illness with respect to that body part. This is because our body releases stress while sleeping and when the body part reflects in mirror it causes an impact on your body. So, ensure to place the mirror at the corner of the bedroom to avoid the reflection of bedroom. It must be above 4-5 feet high from ground so that reflection of bed in mirror can be prevented.

Special care should be taken when it comes to vastu for children room as it is important.

Choose Only Clutter Free Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to choose furniture for office or Home, the clutter free furniture is always the top choice. These clutter free bedroom furniture is important to create clutter free environment. There are storage units and wardrobes for bedroom which you must use to keep the space organized and maintain cleanliness in bedroom. Check vastu tips for wardrobes to get more clarity on wardrobe location and other things. The clutter free furniture gives a sense of extra space in bedroom and it also ensures that positive energy can flow in without any obstruction from bedroom clutters.

So, these were some of the vastu tips for bedroom furniture that you must ensure to consider in order to bring in energy and positivity in your bedroom. There are many other domestic and commercial Interior Design Trends that you may look for when choosing furniture for your office space and bedroom. Placement of the furniture must be done as per Vastu for maximum benefits.

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  1. Totally agree it’s an awesome blog, but also too accurate. You can unwind, feel distressed, and find peace in a home with strong Vastu. Vastu is a crucial factor to take into account while designing the inside of your home. By enlisting the help of Vaastu experts, you can gain many insights and the greatest advantages. It has simplified our life, and because Vastu was considered when building the home, it strikes the right balance between the recommended space and your current set-up. All of these bedroom furnishings must be arranged following the bedroom’s Vastu. For the greatest benefits, the furniture placement must be done according to Vastu. This site has given us a lot of useful advice on arranging bedroom furniture to attract positive energy and wealth to your home. Thanks for sharing.


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