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Vastu for Children Room – Design, Location, Tips

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How to design a Vastu Compliant Children’s Room?

Parents try to put every possible effort to give the best to their children. From planning for their education to training them for sports and extracurricular activities, they want their children to be the all-rounder. But do you know the growth and well being of your children can also be influenced by the direction of their bed? Their sleeping position and the direction of their study table can have a greater impact on the amount of success they will get in their life.

The architectural science that depicts the proper placements of things is called Vastu Shastra. With the help of this article, you can design a Vastu compliant bedroom for your kids, where their minds can grow, and they can enjoy positive vibes through every element in the room.

Ideal Direction for Children’s Room as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, you can ensure good health and proper development of your child’s mind by selecting the west direction of your house to build their bedroom. The kids’ bedroom should be designed in such a way that the head of the children must be in south or east while sleeping. Further, keep one more thing in mind, always have the door opposite to their bed to ensure the Vastu compliant sleeping arrangement.

For girls, you can design a Vastu compliant room in the northwest direction of your house. Besides, in case you want to design the room for boys then the northern and eastern part of your house are also suitable as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Compliant Design of Children’s Room

There are lots of design elements that need to be included to make the room ideal for your children. Follow these Vastu guidelines to ensure proper placement of every item in the room.

  • Furniture: Never place furniture in the center of the room; though make sure to keep few inches gap between the walls and the furniture. The ideal direction to put cabinets is the south or west direction.
  • Electrical appliances: Kids love to watch TV and play games on the computer, but do you know these appliances should not be placed in a child’s bedroom. However, if it is mandatory to give them a computer for their school projects then pick the north direction of the room to install the computer.
  • Study table: There is a distinctive importance of the direction of study table in Vastu Shastra. In order to ensure great success for your children, plan to place the study table in a way that your kids are facing the east or northeast direction while studying. To put the books and papers, use the southwest direction it will help them to improve their memory and concentration.
  • Lighting fixture: Use of sharp lights and spot lights in the kids’ room is strictly prohibited in Vastu Shastra. You can use up-lighters in your children’s bedroom and use the southeast corner for the purpose. This will ensure good health and positive vibes in the room.
  • Door and windows: As per Vastu guidelines the children’s rooms must be designed with a door in the north or east direction. Whereas, the beneficial directions to plan windows are also east and north. Moreover, you should always have windows to the opposite direction of the door. Furthermore, make sure to have the door with only one shutter in your children’s room.
  • Color scheme: Carefully choose the color scheme for children’s bedroom, because it can affect their mood and brain power. In Vastu Shastra green color is described as the ideal color to instill freshness and peace in kids’ bedroom.

Improper placement of furniture can make your child stubborn; however, planning a Vastu compliant room can help your kids to improve their brain power. So always consult a Vastu expert before planning and arranging the children’s room.

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  1. Thanks for such an elaborate blog on Children’s room Vastu. I just want to know if there is any other color other than green that we can use to paint the bedroom walls? Also are there any combination colors for the kid’s bedroom? If so please share those ideas with us. Once again loved your writing style and presentation.

  2. These vastu ideas for children room design are priceless, I am going to make sure I follow these this weekend. My kids will be so excited to see their new changes in the rooms. It’s such a fun and easy way to add color and pattern to any space! Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas!


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