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Vastu for Overhead Water Tanks, Precautions and Remedies

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Earlier we shared Vastu tips for underground water tank or sump but when it comes to an overhand tank, it has become one of the essential chores of our daily lives.  One of the necessities of life is WATER. You see it everywhere, but when it comes to daily consumption, the natural water is still not sufficient. That is why there is a need for an overhead tank for all the properties. Like vastu for rooms, furniture, and plants, even overhead tanks have got some particular guidelines as per Vastu Shastra.

One must take care of these Vastu tips for overhead water tanks while placing it on the roof. We suggest, to make your home Vastu compliant refer Vastu tips from construction stage and bring positivity and growth to your home. The Vastu tips and advice while constructing your Overhead tank is as follows:-

Vastu Compliant Color for Overhead Tanks:

The ideal colors of your overhand tank are the darker shades. The recommended color, as per Vastu, is black or blue. As per the belief, these colors can protect the water from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. These facts are scientifically proven, as well. That is the reason usually your overhead tanks are available in the back color. Vastu Color for Overhead Tanks

In most cases, overhead tanks are placed on the top of the building. Because of such placement, they have direct exposure to the sun. For the same reason, even Vastu recommends choosing the black color for your overhead tanks at your property. The black color is least resistant to the harmful rays coming directly from the sun.

Besides that, you can always get better purity of water and stay away from any disease that you could have otherwise vulnerable for.  The black color overhead tanks are conveniently available at any shop dealing in construction material.

Tanks Placement as per Vastu

The entire gamut of Vastu revolves around the directions. There’s logic behind it, and it eventually helps you with the best output. When it comes to overhead tanks, it’s no different. The right quadrant, according to the study of Vastu Shastra for your overhead tank, is South Westside. You can even consider placing it on the Western side of your home. The reason for this placement is to create the balance of the energy. The Northeast, East, or the Northside are generally kept light. Bulky items like the overhead tank should be strictly avoided to occupy that portion to maintain the balance and avoid Vastu’s fault.

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Leakage Management

One of the most important things that you should be extra cautious for your overhead tank is ensuring there’s no leakage in the storage. You can do the first-hand analysis while constructing it. Even if you plan to buy from stores, then get it tested for any kind of leakage. Leakage can not only harm the surface and affect the cleanliness of water and surrounding areas but has other negative implications as well. As per Vastu, such leakage is considered to be inauspicious and indicates the outflow of money. You can always keep an eye on the possible leakage as a precautionary measure. Get it repaired immediately as and when it is observed.

Safeguarding the Tank

Since your overhand tank is stored at the top of your building, it is always exposed to many harmful things. Some of them can be pollution, wind, rainfall, snow. Basically, anything and everything that can possibly occur naturally can have an adverse effect on the tanks. In order to make it less vulnerable, you can take some measures.Safeguarding Overhead Tanks

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First of all, you can cover it with a cloth. The other step that can be taken is to construct a shelter that can keep it protected against unnecessary exposure to the environment. Such simple steps can help you in getting mental peace and can further assist in preventing the likely damage in the overhead tank. Such remedies can always be consulted through the Vastu guidelines.

Multipurpose Tanks

Water is used for many purposes. For drinking, washing, cleaning, bathing, and whatnot. In order to make the optimum use of the water, you can have separate tanks based on the purpose it serves. For instance, you can segregate the tank used for cleaning the floors or washing clothes and doing other similar stuff. At the same time, keep the drinking water stored in different tanks. This will certainly help you in giving better health and energy.

Alignment of Solar Geyser with Overhead Tanks

Solar geysers are very common in places with a moderate climate. Since they also need to use the water, so it’s interrelated with the source of the water. Vastu also has some tips for the placement of solar geysers that is related to your overhead tank storage. You can always place your solar geyser over the overhead tanks. This can ensure a smooth flow of water throughout the day.

Refer to Vastu tips for complete home and make your home vastu compliant with these tips.

Ground Clearance & Distancing

While placing your overhead tanks, make sure its placement is two feet above the ground. This will help in channelizing the water movement throughout your residence without any accumulation at one specific place only.  Also, check there is a suitable distance between the walls and the overhead tank to avoid any kind of dampness.

These simple steps, as advised by Vastu for your Overhead Tanks, can certainly make you more progressive. While planning to buy the one for you, don’t ignore these instructions. You can keep yourself updated with more such information at DécorChamp.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that Vastu principles apply to water tank placements also. This is something new to me and it has made me think about the placement of my water tank at home. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us!

  2. Wow! I had no idea that Vastu principles apply to water tank placements also. This is something new to me and it has made me think about the placement of my water tank at home. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us!

  3. I never knew Vastu mattered for water tank placement. Your info’s new and got me thinking about my tank’s spot. Thanks for sharing the helpful tip!


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