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Which color is best for kitchen slab according to vastu?

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There is an old saying which says, “home is where the heart is.” If this is the case, then it needs to emit and radiate with the right energy fields. This is why Vastu is important. Vaastu is a traditional philosophy which believes that each home has a unique energy field which can affect the energy fields, moods, and personalities of its inhabitants. It further operates off of the concept that certain color schemes can dramatically influence this energy field. Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house, this article will discuss Vastu for kitchen.

Vastu tips for kitchen

A few Vastu tips for the kitchen are discussed below. According to Vastu principles, the energy emanating from the kitchen radiates through the entire house. The color scheme of the kitchen is very important for this reason. Since the walls form part of the foundation of the kitchen, their color scheme is very important. The ideal wall colors according to Vastu are orange and/or red. Many Vastu Shastra consultants would recommend painting a kitchen’s walls a reddish-orange color in order to renew its energy and energy sources. Its inhabitants will always feel fresh and full of energy and life if this is the case.

The best color for kitchen platforms

The best kitchen platform colors as per Vastu are green, yellow, and orange. These are the ideal colors for kitchen platforms because they are believed to spread positive energy and outlook on life. Additionally, they give and spread healthy vibes and energy throughout the kitchen. These colors can be used solo or in combinations of two or more. Combination colors should be used for kitchen platforms if the kitchen is wide in area.

What does Vastu say about colors for kitchen slabs?

Of all of the Vastu tips for kitchens, perhaps Vastu tips for kitchen slab colors are the most important. According to Vastu tips for kitchen slab colors, green (and especially light green) should be used as the primary color scheme. This is because green is a color which will bring energy and vitality to the kitchen. Kitchen slabs can also be painted in color schemes which include combinations of green, orange, and yellow. According to Vastu principles, painting kitchen slabs in these combinations of colors will bring energy, especially positive energy, to the kitchen. This will increase your energy fields and sources and help you think straighter.

The best colors for kitchen cabinets in Hindi

The Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets in Hindi to use depending on their direction in your kitchen. For example, North facing kitchen cabinets should be painted in various shades of blue because North is supposedly the direction of the God of Wealth, Lord Kubera. According to Vastu, anything placed in this direction in the kitchen will result in increased inflows of positive energy which will lead to wealth, success, and riches. If the kitchen cabinets face the East, they should be painted in various shades of green or brown colors because East is the realm of the Sun God Ravi. The East is the prime direction from which all positive energy from the universe flows towards the Earth.

If the kitchen cabinets are Westward facing, they should be painted in silver, white, or metallic colors. This is because the Westward direction is controlled by Lord Varun and by the element of water. Southward facing kitchen cabinets should be painted in shades of pink, red, or violet. This is because the Southern direction of a kitchen is believed to be controlled by the God of death Yama. This direction is not seen as being a good direction for this reason and the colors of pink, red, or violet are believed to counteract any negative energy flowing from this direction.

Now that you know

Now that you know that the kitchen is one of the most important and primary rooms in your house, you can proceed to paint various parts of your kitchen with the colors mentioned in this article. You will experience positive energy flows, good thoughts, prosperity, wealth, and happiness if you do!

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  1. I didn’t know that the green color is so auspicious according to the Vastu, especially for the kitchen area. I loved this article very much overall.

  2. It is strongly believed that the energy emanating from the kitchen is beneficial to the whole house and the people who occupy it. This blog brought that belief to life and presented some very useful and reliable ideas that I would personally follow to make my kitchen slab more engaging and positive than before. Need more items like this.

  3. This enlightening article delves into the significance of Vastu in creating harmonious home environments. It explores how the energy fields within a house can impact inhabitants’ moods and personalities. Focusing on the kitchen, it offers valuable Vastu tips to enhance positive energy flow and overall well-being.


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