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Right Colour for Kitchen according to Vastu as per Experts

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Did you know that the colors in your home can actually impact the occupants positively or negatively?

It’s true! Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that takes into account the colors of your walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture to bring balance and good energy into your home.

If you want to know the right color for your kitchen as per Vastu rules then you need to read the content to make your kitchen vastu colour vastu

Vastu Colors for Kitchen Platform 

Kitchen colors that follow Vastu Shastra principles can help bring luck, good health and wealth into your home. To maximize the effects of Vastu, use natural stones like quartz or granite in your kitchen design and decor.

If you have a black granite countertop, consider switching to green, orange, or yellow instead. For an east-facing kitchen, go with green or brown; northeast kitchens look best with yellow counters.

Kitchen Colours as per Vastu

Vaastu for kitchen colors

Orange and Red Combination

As per the vastu for colors, Vastu Shastra considers the southeast to be the direction of fire. As a result, a kitchen is in the finest position. Fire is associated with red because it is a bright and cheerful color. The kitchen should have some red hues, but they should be used sparingly. Kitchen red color vastuOrange and red are frequently linked to celebration, food, and fun. Orange is an exciting and energetic hue that is viewed as favorable. It promotes warmth and happiness while attracting wealth.

Green Colour for Kitchen

Green is a Vastu-friendly color that brightens the kitchen, provides it with a vibrant and restorative appeal, and promotes optimism. Green kitchen vastu colourTo add variety and texture to your kitchen, consider using moss green, pistachio green, or olive green. In a small contemporary kitchen.

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White Color as Per Vastu

The kitchen is a sacred space where we cook nourishing food for our families. According to Vastu, white is the ideal color for the kitchen because it symbolizes purity and cleanliness. white kitchen colour vastuIf your kitchen is located in the northwest corner of your home, then white would be the best color to use.

Yellow Colour for Kitchen

Yellow can brighten the mood, add brightness to a space, and provide the ideal backdrop for family meals. Yellow colour kitchen vastu shastraIt’s the most popular kitchen color in eastern cultures. In addition to earthy hues, yellow and subdued gold are colors of bonding since they evoke feelings of comfort, calmness, security, and pleasure.

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Light Brown Colour for Kitchen

Brown is a colour associated with the earth, which is an important element of Vastu. Brown invites feelings of warmth and stability in relationships. brown kitchen colour vastuAccording to Vastu experts, having brown present in your kitchen will improve appetite and satisfaction levels.

Plants are also representative of the element of earth, so adding them to your kitchen will make it appear livelier.

Peach and Pink Colour Kitchen

Peach and Pink is a good kitchen colour combination as pink is a color that symbolizes love and happiness. According to Vastu, it also strengthens the bonds between family members. Kitchen colour vastuYou can use pink or pastel shades of peach in your kitchen décor to spread warm energy and cheerfulness throughout the space.

Metallic hues

The kitchen is a place where you can achieve productivity, serenity, and clarity of mind.metallic hues for kitchenThey may be utilized as single highlights or in broader forms. Metal compliments wood, marble, and granite stones.

Which Colors are not Good for Kitchen Vastu?

Too much dark or bright colour can interfere with the flow of positive energy in your house. According to Vastu, avoiding darker shades like black, blue, purple and dark grey is advised as they may negates any good fortune coming into the household.

As per vastu tips for home, a black wall in particular is said to be depressing and could lead to financial difficulties while too much dark grey can make you feel physically depressed.

If you’re independently designing a house, make sure to always put the kitchen in the southeast. Fire is an essential element in Vastu Shastra, which helps dictate how best to use fire for good fortune.

As mentioned before, the southeast is by far the ideal position for a kitchen according to Vastu Shastra. However, if that’s not possible then switch and opt for putting it northwest instead.

Position your gas stove in the southeast of the room and when cooking face east so that you bring positive energies into your home.

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Best Kitchen Vastu Color for Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets or kitchen cupboard design may be produced in any number of colors. Anything more would be overbearing. The colors of the kitchen cabinet should complement the overall aesthetic appeal and provide good vibes.

  • Using green and brown for your kitchen cabinets in the east is ideal according to Vastu.
  • If your cabinets are located in the southern or southeastern region, choose warmer colors such as red, orange, or brown.
  • Vastu recommends silver and white kitchen cabinets for west-facing kitchens.
  • The best colors for a kitchen in the north are blue, green or brown. 

Kitchen Vastu Colors for Flooring

For modular kitchen colour combination follow Vastu recommendations for your kitchen flooring to develop lovely and healthy houses that promote abundance and prosperity. For Vastu compliance, use marble or ceramic tiles in your kitchen.

Avoid black flooring. Light brown, cream, or beige are the best flooring colors since they assist harmony and warmth in relationships while also enhancing happiness. 

  • Vastu-based kitchens are green in vogue. Green is connected to nature, life, and rebirth. The kitchen gives a quiet and calm atmosphere. From mild mint and delicate sage to deep forest greens, green of every hue can now be found in the culinary area.
  • Green-grey is a neutral hue that goes with almost every color and hue. Kitchen décor combinations such as grey with muted green or grey with bright orange are the most common.
  • Customers are opting for light-colored wood flooring shades like white, cream and pale grey. Meanwhile, patterned tiles with a range of designs and colors including brown and blush pinks are becoming popular.
  • Natural materials, especially countertops, are increasingly in demand in the kitchen. Natural stone, white and beige granite, and marble are considered auspicious in Vastu theology.
  • They are suited for floor coverings, kitchen islands, and backsplashes due to their distinct textures.


The colors of your kitchen play a crucial role in creating positive energy flow and promoting good health, wealth, and luck. Use these Vastu tips to choose the perfect colors for your kitchen and make your home a haven of peace and prosperity.

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  1. Choosing the right kitchen colors is vital for good vibes, health, wealth, and luck. Thanks for the useful Vastu tips to create a harmonious and prosperous home!


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