Vastu Shastra Advice for East Facing House


Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of promoting positive energies in a house, while dispelling negative ones. It can help ensure harmony in the household and secure good health for the entire family. Millions of Indians believes in Vastu shastra and make every decision regarding their new homes after consulting a Vastu expert. Make sure that your new home proves to be a safe haven for your family.

Benefit from getting an East facing house for your family

An east facing house is the best start that you can give to your new home. According to Vastu shastra for home, a house that has its main entrance in the east will be blessed with the rays of the rising sun. Here is how you can maximize the advantages and benefits of having an east facing home:

  • Keep the entrance wide: Your house will receive sunlight as soon as there is dawn, so make sure that your house gets to benefit from it. Keep the entrance side as open as possible. If the door is small, have windows installed to compensate. Sunlight is good for your home and will keep your family healthier.
  • The slope of your house should be from West to East, i.e. your entrance should be lower than the back of your house.
  • The road that leads to the house should be at a lower level than the house. When you step into the house, you need to climb slightly before you get to the level of your house’s floors.
  • Open space in your house should be near the front entrance. If you are planning to have a garden, try and have this placed in the front portion of the house. Do not keep large trees in the front of the house, especially near the North East side of the building.
  • The internal division of the rooms should be as per vastu shastra plan to get benefits. The master bedroom in the southwest corner, the kitchen in the southeast, and the bathroom close to the bedroom are an ideal arrangement. Vastu discourages placing kitchen and bathrooms adjacent to each other, and it is otherwise unhygienic as well!


  • If you perform Puja regularly, you might want to have a special place in your home where you can do so. As per vastu shastra for pooja room northeast section of the home is perfect for a Pooja Room.

These simple precautions will ensure the best environment for your family, and offer you a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.



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