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Asian Primer Paint and its Price Range

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Asian primer paint is really recognised and it is used widely by most people. The customers have always shared their positive feedback. One can choose asian primer paint according to the usage and quantity.

The price range varies according to the quantity. You can simply choose the primer of your choice.

This blog will help you identify the price of asian primer paint and the features that are associated with them. You can choose the primer paint according to the requirement.

The price list of Asian primer paint is shared as follows.

Asian Paint Primer 20 litre price

Asian paints tricolour white primer is chosen for its good features. The features of asian paint primer as follows-

  • The capacity is 20 litres.
  • It is a high quality primer.
  • It is present in premium white colour.
  • It can be applied to old and newer surfaces.
  • It is best for renovation.
  • It provides great adhesion.
  • The price range is Rs 4,109.

Asian Paint Exterior Wall Primer

This primer comes in a capacity of 1 litre. One can have it because of the following reasons-

Asian Paint Exterior Wall Primer

  • The quality of this paint is premium.
  • The price range is affordable.
  • The price of this primer is Rs 350 only.
  • It is a good option for small places.
  • It can be reapplied on broken surfaces.
  • The finish type is gloss.
  • It glows and it is good in texture.
  • It is easy to apply.

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Asian Prime Paints RED oxide Metal Primer.

It can be applied firmly and it is also very specific  in terms of preservation. The main features of this are as follows-

Asian Prime Paints RED oxide Metal Primer.

  • It is very durable.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • The shade is red.
  • Good for metal oxides.
  • It comes in good packaging.
  • The price is Rs 399 only.
  • It has received good reviews.

Asian Enamel Paint

This paint is in white shade and it has some very great features that are shared as follows-

  • The gloss touch is nice.
  • The finishing quality is great.
  • It is glowing in nature.
  • The quantity is 1 litre.
  • It is water based and eco friendly.
  • Canvas board is the component.
  • It is good for giving your wall a perfect touch up.
  • It is great as it provides high washability.
  • The price range is Rs 300.

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Asians Paint Royal Health Shields.

This royal health shield of asian paints will completely steal your heart. The features are as follows-

Asians Paint Royal Health Shields.

  • It is clear in colour.
  • A soft sheen touch can be given to walls.
  • The volume of this item is 4 litres.
  • It is used for top coating.
  • Silver ion technology is present in this.
  • It kills 99 percent of bacterias and kills infections too.
  • Price range is Rs 3 thousand.

Asian Paint Acrylic distemper.

This distemper of asian paints is available in various forms and the main features of this ate as follows-

  • The quantity is 10 litres.
  • White colour is present.
  • It gives a smooth finish.
  • It has high washibilty .
  • 81 percent positive feedback has been achieved by this.
  • Many good reviews have been shared by customers.
  • The price is Rs 700.

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What is good about Asian paints?

We all are well aware of the name of asian paints in the name of painting forms.  It has always achieved the high specifications and features which made it best. The features of asian paints are as follows-

  • It has been in the market since 1967.
  • The wide varieties and price ranges attract consumers.
  • Waterproofing along with wall coverings are available.
  • The shades give a perfect touch.
  • The antibacterial properties make it best.
  • The glossy touch in every shade is special.
  • One can choose from many options.

All these main benefits of Asian paints make it the best. People prefer Asian paints because of the fame and features it has.

Different types of Paints and Paintings at Asian Paints.

There are many types of asian paints that can be chosen from and the main varieties of asian paintings are as follows-

Different types of Paints and Paintings at Asian Paints.

  • Rental purpose painting is prefered by people who want rental painting. It is very budget friendly and is very great in terms of appearance.
  • Tractor emulsion paintings are economical paintings which offer a great look without distempers.
  • The premium painting experience and  semi washable feature is also a good option of painting in asian paintings.
  • The full washable painting feature is great and it is considered as a luxury painting option.

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Types of asian paints

  • Royal shyne is the shiniest form of paint and is good in terms . It provides good shining. Life span is 10 years.
  • Royal matt is the great option in terms of washability. It also has a lifespan of 10 years.
  • Royal atmos paint is good for houses which are present at road sides and this paint is protective in terms of pollution. 
  • Royal aspira is really good in terms of shine along with high end premium quality. This paint is really amazing.
  • Mainy exterior paints are there which are known as – apex exterior emulsion, ace exterior emulsion, etc.

One can choose one type of asian paint category for having the desired look. Asian primers are really reasonable and one can have their benefits at a good price. 

One can go through the many varieties that are offered by asian paints and also one can have consultation with a team which can help in the process of smooth painting.


If you are looking for priemers or any other kind of asian paints then you should first have a layout of your desired shade. The consultation with the team can help you achieve a more stable and firm decision

It is great that options like durability and washability are seen in asian paints. You can rely on the quality of paint. Go with health shields which are not only firm in appearance but are also helpful in  terms of protection. 

Select the best type of asian paint and have a renovating and refreshed look for your walls. Give your walls the best so that they can deliver their best.

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