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Vastu Shastra Advice for East Facing House

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In India, buying a house as per Vastu considerations is quite common, as Vastu Shastra has always been a prominent aspect here. Now, according to Vastu, all directions are considered equally favorable but still, people prefer buying a house that is either facing North or East. 

After North facing houses, East facing houses are the ones that are high in demand. And, that is why some buyers even spend extra money from their pocket to have them. 

These Vastu-Compliant houses are considered really auspicious if followed with proper norms. East facing vastu compliant plot plan

Let’s have a look that how should be the placement of different areas if you own an East-facing house plot:

Significance of an East-Facing House

As we all know, the sun rises from the east direction and that is what makes it really auspicious. And, according to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that east-facing houses help a person to grab more and more opportunities and bring out a lot of luck. That is why East-facing houses are the most preferred ones.Vastu for home

Moreover, East-facing properties are considered to be good for multi-story buildings and apartments. But, if you are choosing an independent house or bungalow then this direction might not be your ideal choice.  

Arrangement of an East-Facing House As Per Vastu

Whenever you have an east-facing home, make sure that the placement of the main door entrance should be exactly in the middle. Because a slight shift from the east can make your main door in North-East or South-East direction and these directions are not considered lucky to place your main door. vastu for main entrance door gate

Your main door is the supreme connection between your outdoor and indoor energies so the main door house entrance vastu should be vastu compliant. That is why there is a huge significance of Vastu.

According to Vastu shastra, there are mainly eight padas in the east direction. If you look at the basic structure of the temples in India, then you will notice that majority of them are built facing east. 

Vastu For Living Room Area in East-Facing House

According to the Vastu, the North-East direction is considered auspicious for the placement of the living room to make your living room vastu compliant. And also, it is advised to make the walls of the North and east side slightly shorter and thinner.vastu arrangement in living room

This will attract a lot of success in your professional and private life. Designing the building and placing your living room on the Northeast side is one of the best things that you can do. 

Have a look at vastu for dining room rules and tips here.

Kitchen Alignment in East-Facing House 

The kitchen is one such ideal place where we can prepare our food hence following proper vastu tips for kitchen is mandatory here. It also symbolizes nourishing and nourishment. A kitchen is a place that holds the fire element.vastu tips and direction for kitchen

So, in a house, it is quite crucial to make your house face in the east direction and your kitchen in the south-east direction. Make sure that if your kitchen is placed on the North-West side, the placement of things should be on the west. For vastu for kitchen slab color try these vastu tips and rules. 

Vastu Guidelines For the Master Bedroom in an East Facing House / East Facing Plot

The prime concern of people when designing their houses is the placement of their master bedroom. So, according to the Vastu Shastra for bedroom, a master bedroom should be placed in the South-West direction for the east-facing homes. bedroom vastu east facing

The south or west wall of the room is one of the right places to have your bed in the master bedroom. You can avoid the east or northeast direction too for the east entrance positioning of your house. 

If you want to place a changing room in your bedroom, then the west or north side of your room is the ideal direction. Make sure your bathroom does not directly face your bed and the door of your bathroom must be closed at all times. Consider vastu for toilet rules if you have bathroom attached with the bedroom. 

One should avoid the east and northeast direction for the entrance of your house positioning. Apart from that, general Vastu rules for your bedroom should be applied to your bedroom for the east-facing house. 

Also consider vastu direction for wardrobe while placing a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Staircase Placement in the East-Facing House

If the front part of your house falls in the northeast direction instead of the exact east direction, then the Vastu specialists avoid suggesting a staircase in that area to make Vastu compliant staircase. staircase vastu for east facing house

But, if the front part of your house falls towards the southeast direction, then there is nothing to worry about, one can easily build the staircase there. 

According to staircase vastu, uou can also build your staircase in the West, SouthWest, and south direction. In an east-facing house, the same should apply to the internal staircase Vastu

Generally, you should keep the choice of your staircase steps clockwise, but you can always consult Vastu consultants for a detailed and better understanding.

In many houses, the space available in the staircase area is used for underground water tank. There is vastu for underground water tank as well that should be taken care of while making an underground water tank in staircase area in east facing house to make it vastu compliant.

Open Space or Balcony Area in The East-Facing House

If you have observed carefully, some people have some space left open on the east side of their home. This is done as per the advice of Vastu experts, and it also makes sure that the sun rays also get inside your home without any restriction and obstruction.

Follow complete guide on vastu for balcony here. This helps in removing all the negative energy and replacing that with positive aspects. East facing house balcony vastu plan

This thing also helps in keeping the occupants stay healthy and energetic every time. You should also consider vastu for chajja to make it vastu compliant as well.

Generally, Vastu experts suggest keeping most of the space free as blocking the east side can cause some health-related issues and also trigger difficulty in childbirth. 

Study Room For Kids In the East-Facing House

As a study room is one of the important areas to consider in a house, so the placement of a study room in the east-facing room should always be in the east or west direction. 

Whereas a north direction can also be used for the placement of your study room to make Vastu friendly study room. Vastu for kids study room east facing

Also, make sure that the door is not right behind your study stable and also it should have an open area in the front. You could leave a slight gap between your study table and the adjoining wall for a better flow of energy. 

East-facing homes are good for almost all people but, certainly best if you are a government professional or artist.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of promoting positive energies in a house while dispelling negative ones. It can help ensure harmony in the household and secure good health for the entire family.

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Millions of Indians believe in Vastu shastra and make every decision regarding their new homes after consulting a Vastu expert. Make sure that your new home proves to be a safe haven for your family.

Benefit from getting an East facing house for your family

An east-facing house is the best start that you can give to your new home. According to Vastu shastra for home, a house that has its main entrance in the east will be blessed with the rays of the rising sun. Here is how you can maximize the advantages and benefits of having an east facing home:

  • Keep the entrance wide: Your house will receive sunlight as soon as there is dawn, so make sure that your house gets to benefit from it. Keep the entrance side as open as possible. If the door is small, have windows installed to compensate. Sunlight is good for your home and will keep your family healthier.
  • The slope of your house should be from West to East, i.e. your entrance should be lower than the back of your house.
  • The road that leads to the house should be at a lower level than the house. When you step into the house, you need to climb slightly before you get to the level of your house’s floors.
  • Open space in your house should be near the front entrance. If you are planning to have a garden, try and have this placed in the front portion of the house. Do not keep large trees in the front of the house, especially near the North East side of the building.
  • The internal division of the rooms should be as per vastu shastra plan to get benefits. The master bedroom in the southwest corner, the kitchen in the southeast, and the bathroom close to the bedroom are an ideal arrangement. Vastu discourages placing kitchen and bathrooms adjacent to each other, and it is otherwise unhygienic as well!


  • If you perform Puja regularly, you might want to have a special place in your home where you can do so. As per Pooja room vastu and tips, the northeast section of the home is perfect for a Pooja Room.

These simple precautions will ensure the best environment for your family and offer you a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.

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It is very important to design and construct an east-facing house as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. Let’s take a look at the east-facing house plans that are considered to be auspicious and vastu friendly:

Significance of having East Facing House

The ancient Vedic texts of India recommend that the main entrance to a home or property should be facing East. An East facing home receives the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, which is considered to be auspicious and good for the health of the occupants.

The main door or entryway of an East facing house should be located in the center of the front wall so that when you enter the house you are facing directly towards the East.

  • Improved health: The sun’s rays are known to have several health benefits, including boosting Vitamin D levels and improving circulation.
  • Mental well-being: Sunlight has been shown to improve mood and alleviate depression.
  • Good for plants: Plants placed in an East-facing room will thrive due to the increased sunlight.
  • Feng Shui benefits: According to the principles of Feng Shui, an East-facing home is said to bring good luck and fortune. Get feng shui products at home or office to bring positive energy, health and wealth.

Some people may believe that an East facing the house brings bad luck, but this is not true. The only time an East facing house may be considered unlucky is if the main door or entryway is located on the far left or right side of the front wall.

Tips to Know Before Designing an East Facing House

The following are some of the important points that should be kept in mind while designing an east facing house:

  • The main door should be wide and tall so that positive energy can enter the house easily.
  • Avoid constructing a water body in the east direction.

East Facing House Plans

Duplex 3 BHK East Facing Ground Floor Plan

The lawn outside the parking space of this lovely one-bedroom ground floor plan is right in front of the house. The parking spot is big enough for one car and a bike. The spacious living room with an east-facing entrance in this 3bhk house plan may be used to entertain visitors and spend quality time with the family on weekends.East facing house plan as per vastu

An open kitchen and dining area adjoin the living room. The first floor is accessed via the staircase in front of the living room, which leads to a children’s room.

First Floor Plan

There are two bedrooms on the first floor, one of which can be used as a children’s room and the other may be transformed into an additional master bedroom. duplex east facing first floor house plan vastuA tiny lobby with a pooja room facing the east side of the house connects the two rooms. A lounge area and a sit-out space are also located near it.

East Facing House Plan With Pooja Room

One parking space outside the home and inside the property’s boundaries, where you may park a 4-Wheeler and 1-Two Wheeler alone with one bicycle. Because the home is oriented east, it must have an entrance that begins in the east direction.30 by 40 east facing house vastu plan

  • On the left side, as you approach the House boundary, there are stairs into the home and a parking space.
  • There is a water tank and septic tank at the rear of the house in the north direction.
  • This is an east facing house plan for 30 by 40 plot size. If you are looking for more latest, modern, trendy 30 40 house plan which are east facing and vastu friendly refer to our house plan section.
  • The Kitchen is on the left side, with two large bedrooms separated by attached bathrooms at the back of the property. A dining area is also accessible from beside the kitchen.
  • It is important to build a puja room according to Vastu principles to create a positive and peaceful ambiance.
  • The puja room vastu tells that it should be clutter-free and well-organized. All the idols and pictures should be placed neatly and cleanly.
  • Offer your prayers regularly and create a positive and peaceful ambiance in the puja room.

Single Floor 3 BHK East Facing House Plan

This home is a lovely east-facing building planned and constructed by Vastu, and the surrounding homes are adjacent to it.

  • This house plan has three large and spacious bedrooms, as well as bathrooms with more bulk and an open kitchen in the center that makes it seem classier.
  • There’s also a living room with two doors: one at the back and one beside the kitchen.

3bhk east facing single floor house vastu plan with car parking

In the event of more lawn space, there are swings. The entrance to the home is an open kitchen with a dining area. This helps to minimize the distance between other rooms in the house.

NOTE: This plan can also be converted into 2 bedroom house plan as shown here.

The kitchen/dining space is where you can travel to other parts of the house through open doors, and it’s larger than a typical kitchen. For maximizing its area, modular fittings are required for ventilation in the kitchen/dining area.

2 BHK East Facing House Plan 3D

Each area is large enough to accommodate both space and comfort. The living room adjoins the entrance. On that side, there is a lovely grassy field.2bhk 3d house plan as per vastu east facing

The living room is connected to the dining area and kitchen area, which are all part of the main living space. It has direct access to the lawn, where you may set up a little patio area to unwind in the evenings. A small verandah with a sit-out portion connects both bedrooms.

What if you don’t have an East Facing House?

If you don’t have an east-facing house, you may miss out on some of the benefits that come with it. Additionally, an east-facing home is said to be more auspicious according to feng shui principles.

Therefore, if you are looking to improve your luck or bring in good fortune, an east-facing house may be ideal for you. However, keep in mind that these are only beliefs and there is no scientific evidence to support them.

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According to feng shui principles, an east-facing home is considered more favorable. An east-facing house might be excellent for you if you want to improve your luck or attract good fortune.

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  1. According to Vastu Shastra, homes with an easterly orientation are believed to bring good fortune and help residents take advantage of more opportunities. Houses with a toward the east direction are accordingly the most well-known ones.


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