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Vastu for Dining Room – Bring Prosperity and Good Luck with These Vastu Tips

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There are different types of looks and designs for the dining room of your house including modern, romantic, glamorous and traditional. But the one thing that remains the same for all these dining room designs is the Vastu guidelines. Every dining room must be designed as per the norms and guidelines of Vastu for the Dining Room. If the guidelines are overlooked and the interiors are not as per the Vastu guidelines, this space of your house may convert into bad luck and depression creator. So, here are few simple Vastu tips that you may implement when designing and choosing the Location of Dining Room in your house. Designing the dining room as per the guidelines can attract good luck and prosperity.

Location of Dining Room According to Vastu

The very first thing is to choose the right location for the dining room. The dining room is the autonomous space and always in continuation with home kitchen in wear, east or south side. Homeowners usually get confused about the right direction of the kitchen according to Vastu. But in reality, any direction is suitable for the dining room. All you need to consider that it must be close to the kitchen and if possible choose the west direction for the setup of your dining room. The dining Room in North-East Vastu direction is also suitable according to some Vastu experts.

Accessories Arrangements in Dining Hall

There are a variety of accessories that are available in a dining room. This includes washbasin, refrigerator, console, radio, microwave, windows, doors, television and more. So, the arrangement of these accessories is also equally important to bring in good luck and prosperity in your house. As per the Vastu for Bathroom Fitting, the washbasin of your kitchen must be in the northeast direction of the dining hall and the bathroom doors must be in west, north or east direction.

Refrigerator must be in southeast direction, consoles and other appliances must be in southeast and southwest wall of the dining area. The windows of your dining hall must be in east or north direction.

Sitting Arrangements for Dining Hall

Sitting arrangement in your dining hall is also important as per Vastu. As per the Vastu Guidelines, the head of the family or the earning member of the family must always face the east when eating in the dining hall. The other members of the family can face west, east or north direction when eating their meals in dining hall. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the south-eastern direction of the dining hall must be avoided by all family members when eating meals. The number of dining chairs in the hall must be in even numbers so as to avoid the dispute within the family members.

Colour Selection for Dining Hall As Per Vastu

According to the guidelines the best Vastu Colours for Dining Room is orange, light green cream, light pink and other light shades. Homeowners can use any of these colour hues to paint the walls of their dining hall and ensure to avoid using black or white colour schemes for the walls of the dining hall. Using the light shades in dining hall can stimulate your appetite levels and make the space look brighter, interesting and big.

Entrance for Dining Hall

The entrance of the dining room must not face the main entrance door of the house. This will make the space look awkward when any visitor comes to your house and see the family member having their meals. So, it is necessary that the entrance door of dining hall must be away from the main entrance door of the house. The Vatu direction for the entrance door of dining hall is west, north or east directions.

Other Vastu Tips for Dining Hall

According to vastu, the dining table in the hall must be in square or rectangular shape and avoid placing the dining table towards the walls of the dining hall. If the dining hall has a common bathroom, ensure to check the Vastu for Bathroom and arrange the things in dining hall accordingly. You must avoid choosing the dining room just next to the toilet door or bathroom. You must avoid keeping the toilet door and pooja room door open in front of the dining hall. Plus, avoid choosing the dining hall door and entrance door in the same direction. These were some of the guidelines which you need to keep in mind when designing the dining hall of your house.

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  1. Wow, these Vastu remedies for dining hall are incredible and very much doable. I think it is will not cost more to make the subtle changes around. I am so glad I found your blog before making any changes to my home. I’ll follow these remedies and get back with the results.

  2. I shared this blog information with one of my friend’s who is greatly into Vaastu Shastra. She highly agreed to almost every point mentioned here. So, if you too, are looking for good Vaastu principles to follow, use the ones mentioned in this blog.


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