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Bathroom Floating Cabinets- a Step Towards a Classy Bathroom

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Bathrooms that look good and that provide suitable comfort to their user can be considered good. It is good to understand the ways that can help in making your bathroom a luxurious one.

Bathroom floating cabinets are useful for many reasons. Be it saving space or for having an aesthetic touch, floating cabinets can help in all ways.

Choosing a floating cabinet for your bathroom from a wide range of options is very easy. The best one shares common features and one can choose them wisely.

All the questions related to bathroom floating cabinets will be answered with help of this blog.

So give your bathroom an updated and perfect look with bathroom floating cabinets. The bathroom floating cabinets and things related to them are greatly discussed in this blog. You can check the information related to it in the next section.

Pros of bathroom floating cabinets

The pros of having good floating cabinets are many and one can use them accordingly. The main pros of floating cabinets are shared here in the following points and you can check them out.

Pros of bathroom floating cabinets

The pros of bathroom floating cabinets are-

  • It is very easy to clean. The floating cabinets are useful as cleaning them is very easy and one can simply do it in a regular method. The reach to every corner is smooth.
  • Most of the floating cabinets come with good storage plans. One can store the things in floating cabinets easily.
  • The aesthetics of the bathroom are well maintained and it looks classy. Floating cabinets make sure that you are getting an updated version of your bathroom.
  • The other main pros of floating cabinets in bathrooms are that they are space savers. One can make their bathrooms look larger by opting for floating bathroom cabinets.

After reading all the pros you might be excited to know about some of the great ideas for floating bathroom cabinets. The best bathroom floating cabinets are discussed below.

Best bathroom floating cabinets to know about

Best bathroom floating cabinets are shared in this section and you should check them to select the best. The best bathroom floating cabinets are shared as follows.

Best bathroom floating cabinets to know about

Plantex bathroom floating cabinet

Plantex brings a very stylish and durable floating cabinet for the bathroom that can transform the look of your bathroom. The colour and its specifications are just awesome. You can learn about its features.

  • This floating cabinet has a mirror in front too.
  • The heavy material of plastic makes sure that it gets stuck to the wall in an appropriate manner.
  • The compartments in it are 4 which provide good space for storage.
  • The care and  maintenance of this is very easy.
  • It has received good reviews.
  • One can buy it for Rs 1,439 only.

This bathroom floating cabinet comes with good compartments and is known for its complete look. The shelves in it are spacious and along with this the features of this cabinet are as follows.

Navrang innovations bathroom cabinet

  • This floating cabinet comes in Rs 2000 only.
  • One can store a lot of things like shampoo bottles, conditioners, etc in it.
  • The door of this cabinet is very functional.
  • At the front a mirror is present.
  • One can fix this to the wall very easily.
  • Ivory and white colour options are present.

Flipzon multipurpose bathroom cabinet

This is a multipurpose cabinet that can help in making your bathroom look great. By adhering to the wall surface it will give a good look. Read the features of this bathroom floating cabinet.

  • It is made of high quality and its strength is good.
  • The white colour gives it a rich look.
  • It is highly reviewed by customers.
  • The warranty is good too.
  • Nice number of shelves along with good compartments.
  • It has a mirror on it.
  • The price range for this is Rs 1,300 only.

Cipla floating cabinet without door

If the need for a cabinet is without a door to make the products visible then one can choose this. This floating cabinet is suitable for having a good change in the bathroom.

The features of this are-

  • It has 3 open shelves in it.
  • The length and placement of shelves is spacious enough.
  • One can have a good and durable product by cipla.
  • The overall look of this cabinet is good.
  • Price range for this is Rs 1000 only.

Nayasa bathroom cabinet

A good option for those who want a floating cabinet for aesthetic touch. Make this floating bathroom cabinet yours by reading the features of this.

The features related to this are shared as follows –

  • It has a door to keep it closed.
  • The plastic quality is good enough.
  • One can have a spacious cabinet by choosing this.
  • It comes with good colour options.
  • The warranty period is long .
  • It can help in saving space.
  • It is for Rs 1,200.

All these are some of the top bathroom floating cabinets which have good features along with that all are very affordable. One can choose the best floating cabinet for the bathroom and can make a good change in the bathroom with help of this. 

Bathroom floating cabinets can help in storing shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, toothbrush and other bathroom essentials. Having a bathroom floating cabinet is really helpful.


A floating bathroom cabinet is a small step that can be taken for a classy bathroom. One can choose the bathroom cabinet accordingly depending upon the preference and needs. 

The number of shelves, colours, compartments are to be considered while choosing the cabinet for the bathroom. This blog has shared some of the various bathroom floating cabinets options that can be chosen. 

Read this blog and choose the cabinet for yourself by considering all the features that are present in it. You will definitely get a perfect one.

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