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Vastu Vibes: Picking Pooja Room Palettes

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Vastu has played a significant role in our lives since time immemorial and hence the role of the same in our homes has been a crucial task for us all.

Same goes with the pooja room of our houses. Choosing the exact perfect color for your pooja room is what we are for.

We understand that the prayer room holds a warm and softest place in our hearts, serving as a box of walls where you connect with the eternal God.

Which is why, it’s essential that you select colors that provide peace, serenity, tranquility, and above all, spiritual harmony. 

Understanding the Divine Place

A pooja room, prayer room or often referred to as ‘mandir’ is a sacred place in your house that is used or dedicated to religious practices, customs, & rituals.

Understanding the Divine Place

Traditionally, Vastu plays an important role is deciding the perfect location of the pooja room in your house according to the direction of the entrance of your house, like east west south or noth facing doors.

Moreover, pooja room serves as a place of devotion, repentence, where you foster a deep connection with the divine. The gates of the pooja room is often filled with symbols and sacred images that shows the belief and customs of one’s own house. 

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Understanding the Divine Power

First step towards choosing the right color for the walls of your pooja room is understanding the principles and laws of Vastu Shastra, which, in the world of Vedic wisdom, is a contemporary proof to the interaction between the material and spiritual worlds.

Understanding the Divine Power

From the roots of ancient Indian philosophy, Vastu Shastra offers a holistic approach to architectural design that emphasizes the connection of the built environment with natural forces beyond science.

At the core of this ancient science is the recognition that all aspects of our environment, including colors, have a significant impact on our health and spiritual development.

According to the same, some colors prove to have a flow of positive energy in your house which seems to be directly associated with health and wellbeing of the overall household.

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How Vastu Influences the Environment 

In the principles of Vastu, the pooja room exudes a sacred, holy, or as you say blessed space where the members of the family seek guidance, blessings, inspiration, and build strong relationship with their Almighty, all while considering the respect and boundaries of their holy Shastras.

How Vastu Influences the Environment Among these stands out the Vastu Shastra that greatly influences the environment based on the science of astrology.

Certain Believers also say that the position of the planets and stars greatly influences their overall life which is why building your pooja room according to vastu remains essential in many households. 

Vastu shastra, along with other things in their environment, also influences the surroundings of the pooja room.

So choosing the colors according to it is a daunting task. But what are we here for? www.decorchamp.com has brought to you, a perfect simplified guide to choose colors of your pooja room according to Vastu

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How to choose perfect colors according to vastu?

While aesthetics play a significant role in designing a prayer room, it’s important to prioritize the principles of Vastu Shatra to ensure a positive environment for your pooja room.

How to choose perfect colors according to vastu

Chosen Colors should be based on Vastu guidelines which will not only enhance the visual features of the room but also provide positive energy flow and spiritual well-being.

Using colors which are approved by Vastu will further accentuate and liven up the place urging the believers to spend time in there and have their peace, along with the much needed quality time with their own selves. 

Choose colors based on their shades, for example, lighter shades will always be a ‘yes’, and say ‘no’ to hues that are darker as they disrupt the peace and tranquility that the lighter one promotes. 

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Which Colors are Best for your pooja room? 

  • White : White, in particular, is hailed as the ideal color for a prayer room, symbolizing purity and spirituality. Its neutral tone gives the believer a blank canvas for spiritual art, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in prayer without outside interruptions or distraction. 
  • Yellow / Cream : In Vastu Shastra, cream color is often recommended for pooja rooms because it symbolizes purity, serenity, and peace. It is believed to create a soothing and harmonious environment, perfect for meditation and religious practices. Additionally, even yellow color is considered to provide happiness allowing the mind to focus better during prayers and rituals.
  • Blue / Green : Vastu Shastra suggests using light blue and green colors for the pooja room, along with white and light yellow. Blue brings a sense of calm and inner peace, while green symbolizes growth and prosperity. By incorporating these colors, worshippers connect more deeply with nature and the divine, giving a way to spiritual growth and abundance in life.
  • Dark Colors : Vastu advises against using dark and strong colors in masjids or temples or infact the pooja room in your houses because they can disrupt the flow of positive energy and spiritual influence. Colors like black, red, and dark brown are thought to have negative effects and they give hindrance to spiritual growth. By opting for lighter, more uplifting tones, worshippers can maintain a sacred space to conduct their spiritual rituals, and connection with their God.

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Materials, Beyond Walls

In this way, designing a room goes beyond just wall color to include furniture, decor, and sacred objects. Light fabrics like white or pastel curtains and cushions complement the room’s color scheme.

Even light color wallpapers add a touch of grace in your pooja room. Elegant items made of materials like brass or silver add grace to the pooja room all while maintaining the principles of Vastu.

Placing statues and sacred symbols have been proven to encourage meditation and prayer with better connection and deeper meaning. 

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To sum it up all, you should be patient and careful when choosing the wall color of your pooja room.

By following the Vastu principles and choosing colors that promote harmony and prosperity, you can create a sacred space that encourages spiritual growth and strengthens your path of relationship with God.

Whether you choose traditional tones like white and teal or softer tones like lavender and beige, make it a priority to create an environment filled with peace, tranquility and pure energy.

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