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Colour your pooja room as per vastu to bring in good luck

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Every colour has its own purity, beauty and vibe. Each colour has its own significance in each and everyone’s life. Every different colour brings out different sides in a human being.

Colours and nature have a great relationship and bonding with each other and that’s the reason why colours play an important role in the Vastu Shastra.

We all know that everybody reacts differently to different colours and has different vibrations. pooja room colour vastu

Even scientists failed in proving that colours don’t have any energy. Colours do have energies and everything can be affected by colours, it’s an important factor about where the colour is being and which colour is being used. 

Pooja rooms have a different place in every house. It has a very important role in the lives of Hindu.

No matter how much less space we have in our places we somehow tend to make a pooja room. But here’s the thing, we think a lot before making this pooja room.

We think about so many things, but firstly what comes to mind is

Vastu ke hisab se kon si disha sahi rahegi ?’

Then after thinking about the Disha, we think about the decoration of our pooja room, and as we say decoration, the first thing that comes to our mind is the colour or paint of the pooja room.

Don’t worry, here we are with this blog to guide you about which colour your pooja room should be according to the Vastu Shastra. However, for a complete pooja room vastu guide visit here and read everything that should be Vastu compliant.

Yellow Color Vastu for Pooja Room

When the colour yellow comes, as per vastu for home, as we all know it signifies prosperity. It’s a really warm-toned colour, which to many people provides positivity. It also gives a sense of happiness and joy wherever it is used. yellow colour pooja room

If your pooja room faces towards the northeast, you can go with the colour yellow. This helps in deriving a lot of good energy according to Vastu Shastra of a pooja room.

Also, yellow being called as the colour of the sun , it emits optimism. It also has a lot of spiritual importance , and that’s the reason it’s so good for a pooja room.

A pooja with this colour can also be a meditative place , which is anyways needed in a pooja room so that you pray in peace with a calm and positive mind.

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Vastu Rules for Orange Colour 

We all know, in Indian culture, the marigold is a flower which is mostly used for all the ritual activities during pooja and it is used all around the country. And a marigold is generally orange in colour. orange color pooja room vastu When it comes to prosperity and good luck, then what we mean is the colour orange. The sense of prosperity and good luck can be felt at the place it is being used in.

Orange is also observed as a holy colour in the Hindu culture according to the Vastu Shastra for colors.

There is a hint of energy and determination, using this to paint your pooja room can be the best choice as per Vastu Shastra. As per the Vastu Shastra, this colour brings out positivity and also gives you an environment for concentration.

Now talking about the shades of orange, a darker shade of orange can be a bit loud and also distracting while you try to meditate, whereas a lighter shade of orange, being light will give you the vibe of an airy and fresh environment and will help you concentrate much better. So, keeping all this in mind, choose the shades of orange accordingly.

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White Colour Pooja Room Vastu

White denotes peace and purity as we all know this since childhood.Its the same according to the Vastu too. Both purity and peace lead you towards worship. white colour pooja room vastuThe colour white can be a highlight for your pooja room with a bland atmosphere.This also shows that you want to take a few steps towards relaxation and meditation which may connect you to the almighty easily. 

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This colour signifies cleanliness and purity , which contribute a lot to any pooja room’s vibe. The sense of meditation, according to the Vastu Shastra can be perfectly felt mostly with the principles like purity and peace. This would help you alot during your prayer sessions. 

Many religious temples have been made with white marbles or are white in colour , the reason behind this is that , the colour white as per the Vastu is a very spiritual colour which keeps your mind concentrated and  lets it flow in one direction.

You can even use flowers which are white in colour to bring that peacefulness in your pooja room. 

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Green Colour Pooja Room Vastu

As we all can see green in what we have around us , nature. It is symbolic because of this reason only. It brings us closer to our surroundings and nature. green colour pooja room vastuIt symbolises harmony , life and nature, all these are something that relates to your pooja room in some way or the other.

This is a highly devotional and recommended colour for your pooja room. ‘It’s an expression of life’ that is what the Vastu states. 

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The colour green is said to have the sense of purity and energy required to pray in peace and meditate with a calm mind. Get the walls of your pooja room painted as green, decorate your room with leaves on the doors and windows if any.

You can also place some small plants in your pooja room to keep it fresh and airy. As per the Vastu Shastra, green has an energy which keeps your mind and your house in peace.

Golden Colour Pooja Room as Per Vastu

Now this is the colour which many of you might be looking for, Golden. This is a slightly different colour because obviously, it’s not for the ones having separate pooja rooms in their houses, but this colour is for the ones who have lesser spaces in their apartments and can’t keep a separate pooja room, instead they make a small space for their pooja. golden color pooja room vastu

In such cases, this golden colour separates your pooja space from the other parts of your apartment. The wall behind your pooja space can be painted in a little warmer shade of yellow with a bit of shine to it, probably a golden shade.

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For decoration, you can use small mirror cutouts like diamond shapes or circles, metal cutworks, designer cloth pieces, and utensils. This will give the right amount of spark to your small but elegant pooja space. 

A person should be very much dedicated towards Vastu, and definately ignore black for their pooja room . It’s a dark colour , which not at all promotes peace but is disruptive. 

As per Vastu , dark colour brings negative vibes and energies to your house which is not good for a pooja room. 

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Choosing colours for your pooja room according to Vastu , isn’t a very difficult task. Different colours add different vibrancy to your pooja room . But yes make sure you use the perfect decorative items. 

Hope this blog has helped you a bit with the right colours to choose for your pooja room according to Vastu Shastra. Do comment down if you have any queries, we are here to give you the perfect solutions.

Till then enjoy!!!!

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  1. Well written on vastu for puja ghar.Th puja ghar is the place which should never have any negetive vibe.This is the place whete we go to get peace of mind.I always go as per vastu rules.Very much significant for me.


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