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Sleeping Direction & Bed Position as per Vastu

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Having a good night’s sleep is important for our overall health and well-being. According to Vastu shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, there are certain positions and directions that are thought to be more auspicious for sleep.

Sleeping with your head pointing in certain directions is thought to bring different kinds of energy into your life, which can impact your health and well-being. Not only sleeping direction but bed placement or position is also considered important when it comes to making the home Vastu compliant.

Sleeping Direction, Bed Position

Here’s a look at some of the most popular sleeping positions and directions, according to Vastu shastra. Also read a bit about the 4 cardinal directions before you start reading about sleeping position and direction.

Sleeping With Your Head To The South

According to Vastu experts, this is the best sleeping posture based on Vastu because it is associated with acquiring money, pleasure, and optimism in the house of God Yama.

This sleeping posture works in synchronicity with the Earth’s magnetic field. It brings prosperity and good vibrations to your life.south sleeping direction & bed position

It is particularly encouraged for individuals to obtain good sleep, especially those who live in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. When you begin sleeping southward, you will notice a substantial difference. 

Bedroom vastu is considered important as people spend half of their life in the bedroom only.

Sleeping With Your Head To The North

It can put a strain on the heart and brain as a result of the magnetic field’s altered blood flow. It can also cause neurological problems and long-term sleep deprivation, according to Hindu belief.north sleeping direction

Furthermore, because it is toward this sleeping direction that spirits depart their bodies before beginning a new journey according to Vastu, it is essential to avoid it completely.

Also read about vastu tips for living room here to make your living room vastu friendly.

Sleeping With Your Head To The East

The Eastern direction is said to be the reservoir of energy and power since the sun rises from here. It improves your ability to focus and remember facts.east sleeping direction, bed position

As a result, it’s good for school kids and people in academics, such as instructors and professors. To aid development from an early age, it’s recommended that you start using this at a young age.

Read a bit more in detail about east facing house vastu plan as well here.

Sleeping With Your Head To The West

This is a sort of neuro position since it isn’t as good as the east or south. However, it does have advantages. Sleeping in this direction can help you achieve your goals in life.

west sleeping direction

It can also assist you to get rid of any unpleasant bad energies that are surrounding you. This is why the west direction is good while sleeping in the bedroom.

Consider placing feng shui items to make your home home vastu / feng shui friendly.

Bedroom Vastu For Couples

If the household is controlled by the couple, the bedroom should be in the southwest sector.

The bedroom should be in the northwest position if you are a newlywed living with your elder brother/employed parents.

The northeast chamber is not recommended for married folks since it has an impact on their health. 

Have a look at vastu tips for happy married life here in detail.

Bed Direction as per Vastu

The bed should be placed on the southwest wall of the room, and it should not face the entrance.sleeping direction vastu

Keeping one’s head oriented towards the south, southeast, or southwest is considered an ideal sleeping posture for couples by Vastu.

Be it vastu for bed position or vastu direction for wardrobe, it is essential to follow the vastu rules to make your home vastu compliant. When resting, it is highly suggested that your head does not point north. It can cause tension and tiredness in you.

Tips for Vastu Directions For Couple’s Bedroom

Try to position your bed with some room on both sides. If you move around a lot during the night, you should be on the right side of the bed and your spouse should be on the left.

If you want to change your sleeping pattern, consider rearranging things more frequently.

Avoid The Following

Avoid sleeping under a beam, which is responsible for the entire weight of the structure. Avoid storing garbage beneath your bed.

Metal beds are harmful because they cause disease. Finally, avoid having a kitchen directly below your bedroom on the basement floor. To make your kitchen vastu friendly consider reading expert’s suggestions here.

Bedroom Furniture Placement as per Vastu

  • Most of us these days keep electronic devices in our bedrooms. If you’ve been keeping your electronics near the bed, move them away now. Most electronic equipment produces magnetic waves that can disrupt sleep and lead to sleeplessness. For vastu for locker room have a look here.
  • There should be a north, west, or east entrance door on the walls.
  • Always pick the correct sleeping posture with your feet pointing east, which will help you avoid illness.
  • Avoid dark hues! Light hues like as off-white, pink, and cream are best. Always bear in mind that every hue has a distinct meaning.
  • If you have bedroom attached with bathroom, consider making toilet vastu friendly with these vastu tips.

Please use the Vastu suggestions provided since Vastu shastra has a cosmic scientific explanation for making you feel better and more energetic every morning.

Consider These Vastu Colors for Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to relax, unwind, and have secluded moments. Vastu is supposed to have a favorable love life, optimism, and peace effects. The choice of the appropriate hue for you is both complex and crucial.

You and your spouse may be having difficulties selecting wall colors, furniture colors, and other goods that appeal to both of you. When it comes to picking colors for your bedrooms as well as couples’ sleeping posture, Vastu should be taken into consideration.

For in-depth details consider vastu for colors to make your bedroom Vastu compliant.

Blue – Blue is a color that has positive energy. Lighter blues are beneficial in the creation of a soothing and restful atmosphere. The hue will assist you to unwind by bringing pleasure into your space and eliminating your tiredness once you’ve entered your bedroom.

Pink – If you don’t like pink walls, you may add the hue with a few little décor objects.

Green – It is a hue associated with relaxation and recovery. You may add green indoor plants to your space if certain people don’t want green walls in their rooms.

Brown – Brown is a soothing hue that encourages calmness and relaxation. Brown is supposed to increase the temperature of a room.

White – White is regarded as a color of innocence and calm. White, according to Vastu, protects marriage by giving it purity and keeping you away from needless fights.


The placement of your bed, as well as the colors you choose for your space, can have an impact on your sleep and overall well-being. Vastu-approved colors and sleeping posture can help improve your quality of sleep and relationship.

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