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Hanging Toran for the Main Door

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When it comes to beautifying our homes then we all become so picky and conscious. Beautifying homes is not limited to painting the walls and to use the best tiles. One needs to add some more good things for protecting and beautifying their homes.

In India many things such as vastu shastra and other cultural beliefs help in protecting our homes from evil spirits. 

Torans are also very significant and are used by Indians for protecting homes from evil spirits and for attracting good vibes to the home.

Hanging torans are of many types and one can choose the best one for their entrances. If you are looking to extract the benefits of toran and you are trying to search for the best toran then you can take help from following ideas on toran.

We have shared some best torans that can help you achieve both, beautification and protection.

Latest Toran Ideas for Main Doors

Here are the best torans for your home. Options are discussed as follows-

Flower toran for main door-  You can make a toran yourself too by taking flowers of your choice. You can use varieties of flowers to use in your toran and you can add as many colours you want.

Latest Toran Ideas for Main DoorsYou will be amazed by the beautiful flowers and how they will look great on your door. Simply take a thread and start inserting flowers in an alternate manner. You will have a very good product at the end.

Fancy toran for main door- You can have fancy torans for your home. Fancy torans are readymade and you can select a toran of your own choice. A toran with slanting pattern beads.

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That gives the appearance of hanging beads at the front of your door. The length can be chosen as per the need. This toran will look good on the door as the beads will shine and will also give good effects. 

Toran with picture of Shree ganesh ji- Whether you are choosing a toran for festivals or for religious purpose, this toran can fulfil your need. With a picture of Lord Ganesha this toran is perfectly made with red threads for signifying beauty and love.

You can hang it in front of your door to keep all the evil spirits away from your home. This toran will simply make your door more holistic and nice.

White toran with green leaves- This toran has the appearance of leaves in it. On the leaves a shubh labh is written and a picture of ganesh ji along with goddess lakshmi ji is made.

You can use it on diwali or you can use it by placing this toran at your door. This will bring success and joy to your home and will bring wealth to your home.

Red and white toran- Red and white toran in a good pattern and sleek design can be used for beautifying your home. This toran is simple in design but the pattern V on alternate sides can make your home look good.

It is composed of small beads and little leaves on the sides. The alternate V pattern has beads inside it and the beads are of white colour which looks great. You can utilise this toran for your homes and you can simply feel the beauty of it.

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What are the benefits of the latest toran for the door?

There are plenty of benefits for hanging torans on front of your door and the benefits are shared as follows-

benefits of the latest toran

  • Toran can make the entrance of home more auspicious.
  • Toran can make the appearance of your home look good.
  • The torans with pictures of lords in it can help you achieve their blessings.
  • The toran of your choice can help you stay away from negativity.
  • Your home can be protected from bad spirits 
  • It beautifies the home on special occasions.
  • They can be made at home too .
  • Latest torans can help your home by completing its look.

All these are benefits of hanging the latest torans at your home. Choose a toran for your home and make sure that you choose the best one for best uses.

Torans with Price list.

Here are some ready-made toran options with price lists that can be bought by visiting online sites. The options are as follows-

Torans with Price list

  • Artificial flower traditional toran can be bought at Rs 559 and you can buy it for occasions. It is present at many sites. Flowers are of white and yellow colour.
  • Simple toran for the door in white colour at Rs 400.
  • Side hanging toran for door  with good design and sleek appearance at Rs 246 only.
  • Kumkum toran in red colour with knitted pattern at Rs 300.
  • Ribbon toran for diwali at Rs 480.
  • Multicolor toran for side hangings at Rs 238.

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One can search for many great torans at nearby local stores or online stores. If you are fond of varieties and you want to keep your door elegant then with the help of torans you can do that. Scroll the best torans and make your home more auspicious and nice.

How to maintain the beauty of torans?

You can do that by –

How to maintain the beauty of torans_

  • Cleaning the toran with soft cloth.
  • Dust should be kept away and one should clean it often.
  • Do take care of beads if they are present in toran.
  • Place them accordingly and make sure that they do not fall from the door.
  • Use a good hanging thing for a firm holding.

Like this you can maintain their beauty and durability.

Conclusion- Choose the best toran for your home and make sure that you choose it according to your own taste and preference. One can extract many benefits from hanging torans at the front door.

Always use good and vibrant colour torans for your homes and make sure that you take care of them. Select torans on various sites and go with the most affordable ones. Torans are really good and one should have them.

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