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6 Ways How Vastu Shastra Can Change The Way You Live

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Every individual in this world tries to arrange for a place to live happily with his or her family. Everyone wants to live comfortably in a luxurious manner. They want to get rid of all the troubles and problems of life. If you want to enjoy every part of your life then you should start following Vastu. Vastu Shastra is a science which has five elements of the universe. They are Vaayu(Air), Akash (SKY), Prithvi (Earth), Pani (water), and Agni (Fire). Vastu Shastra is about keeping a balance between all these elements. They influence our happiness, success, peace, luck, behavior and wealth. You can add Vastu in your in following ways to make your life happy, wealthy and peaceful.

  1. Vastu for interior planning

Your bedroom should be in the Southwest corner. For a better  concentration of student you should have a separate study room which should be in north, west, northwest, east and northeast here  mercury, Jupiter and sun are attracted which helps in increasing brain power, wisdom and ambition. The best place for constructing your kitchen is a southeast corner. Bathrooms should not be constructed in the southwest corner you should prefer northeast part. Northern part rooms should be larger than the southern part, therefore, drawing room should be in the north. Furniture must be in either rectangular or square shape. The dining table should not against the wall.

  1. Vastu for success

Success is something which everyone dreams off in everything he does. You can lead your way to success by just following tips like North is the best direction for your long life success.Always face North or east while eating, working, sitting and watching. Sleep with head towards South and foot towards North. Don’t keep any junk in Northeast and east direction. For having unending success, make sure to leave space in East and North.

  1. Vastu for wealth

Money is an essential part of life. In today’s world, everyone is running behind money. To increase your wealth, you must keep North-east direction neat and clean. North region should be kept in mind since it can give you a positive result. People always try to make as much as money as they can so to prevent wastage of money, just make sure that your entrance is not obstructed by a pole, wire etc.

  1. Vastu for prosperity

Nowadays people have lost their peace of mind and peace of the family. To have a peaceful sleep you need to ensure that your entrance is in either east or north and is not surrounded by any pole, wire etc. Master bedroom should be in the South-west and kitchen needs to be in South-east direction.

  1. Vastu for good behavior

Our behavior makes an impact on everyone we meet, good or bad depend on how we behave. Directions that we face in our day-to-day life change our behavior. The south-east direction is accompanied by fire and, therefore, it is not a suitable place to live. For unmarried girls, North-west is the best place to make a room whereas for boys south-east is good.

  1. Irregular shape impacts

One should take care of any kind of irregularities of shapes while constructing residential or commercial buildings. Wrong construction can give you many kinds of risks and incidents or might lead to loss of wealth or misfortune. Incorrect construction includes the presence of tube well in centre or south.

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  1. Wow! wonderful vastu tips for interior planning and success. I will surely use them in my own home. When choosing paint colors, furniture, and décor for your home, is it okay to use light, and airy hues? I love pale yellows, creams, and whites. Will they be good?


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