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Optimising Your Home: Cupboard Direction as per Vastu

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Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system of architecture and design that emphasises the balance of energies within a space.

When it comes to designing and arranging our homes, many of us seek harmony not only in aesthetics but also in energy flow.

This quest for harmony has led to the enduring popularity of VaIn this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate world of Vastu Shastra and explore the significance of cupboard direction according to its principles.

The Significance of Cupboards in Vastu

The traditional Indian science of building construction and interior design known as Vastu Shastra places a special emphasis on cabinets and storage areas in general. Cabinets are crucial in Vastu for preserving order and organization in a living area. 

The Significance of Cupboards in VastuThey are regarded as essential for preserving energy flow because clutter obstructs it, causing stress, confusion, and uncomfortable. Not only practical, but also advantageous, is proper storage.

Here are some ways why storage is important in Vastu:

  • Decluttering
  • Organization
  • Energy Balance
  • Positive Vibes

Energy Flow and Cupboards

According to Vastu, each component of your home is thought to be linked to the movement of energy. Cabinets aren’t an exception.

Energy Flow and CupboardsThe placement and configuration of cabinets has a tremendous impact on the energy flow within a room and, consequently, on the energy in your entire house.

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As an example of how cabinets impact energy flow:

  • Depending on where they are placed, cupboards can either impede or promote energy flow. They can channel good energy when positioned properly, but if placed next to an entrance, they can obstruct good energy.
  • Each room’s specific energy needs should be taken into consideration while designing the cabinets, ensuring harmony and comfort in every location.
  • For cabinets, Vastu suggests utilizing organic, non-toxic materials and colours to maintain energy balance and improve the mood of the space.

Finding The Ideal Location

Vastu Shastra places a strong emphasis on cabinet placement for good energy and domestic harmony. In order to achieve conformity with Vastu principles, this handbook explains best practices and common pitfalls.

Finding The Ideal LocationPlacement Guidelines for Cupboards

Southwest or West: According to Vastu principles, it is best to position cabinets towards the southwest or west, which are auspicious directions for stability, money, and prosperity. This will help you attract a stable financial situation.

Avoid the Northeast: The northeast is a sacred direction that should be clear of heavy furniture as it might obstruct the flow of positive energy and impede personal development.

Leave Space Around Cupboards: Ensure a healthy flow of energy by placing cupboards appropriately apart from walls and opening doors wide.

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Balanced Placement: When positioning cabinets in a space, keep things feeling even. Make sure they are not too packed on one side since this can cause an energy imbalance.

Height Matters: Your cabinets should be high enough to avoid touching the ceiling. If there is a tiny space between the cabinet and the ceiling, energy can move freely and won’t become stuck.

Height MattersAlign the cabinet doors along the north-south axis, if at all practicable. This is thought to improve the room’s good energy flow. 

 Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Having cluttered cabinets can disrupt the atmosphere in a room and make it chaotic. Keep your space organised and clutter-free to keep the mood peaceful.
  • Smooth cabinet doors can represent overcoming barriers in life, thus it’s important to keep them in good functioning order to ensure a smooth flow of energy.
  • Mirrors may magnify energy, so be careful where you place them on cabinet doors so they don’t reflect chaotic or negative places.
  • Vastu suggests choosing natural, eco-friendly materials and colours that encourage good energy instead of unlucky ones.
  • When in doubt, seek the advice of a Vastu specialist to prevent unintentional infringement. Based on the design and energy dynamics of your home, they can offer tailored advice.

Cupboard Direction Based on Room

According to Vastu Shastra, the orientation and placement of cupboards in various areas of your home can have a big impact on the energy flow and overall harmony. Here, we’ll look at the precise rules for cabinet placement in various rooms:

Cupboard Direction Based on RoomWardrobes in bedrooms:

East or South: Cupboards in the bedroom’s east or south direction are seen as lucky, representing new beginnings and stability, and encouraging personal development and security.
Avoid North and West: Place cabinets at the north or west of the bedroom to stop the flow of bad energy and unease.

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Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen CabinetsSouth or West: Place kitchen cabinets towards south or west to balance fire components, encourage prosperity, and foster good health.
Avoid North and East: Due to their relationship with the element of water, which can lead to disputes or financial instability, avoid north and east directions for kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets in the living room:

Cabinets in the living roomSouth or West: Like kitchen cabinets, living room cabinets are best placed in the south or west. These directions are linked to power, security, and wealth.
North and East for riches: Think about putting cabinets towards the north or east of the living room if you want to increase riches and financial security. These directions correspond to the energy flow of riches.
 Creative Activities in the Northeast: If your living room has a northeast corner, you can encourage creativity and artistic activities there by using cabinets.


In conclusion, as we’ve explored the intricate world of Vastu Shastra and its connection to cupboard direction, it becomes evident that our homes are not just spaces defined by walls and furnishings; they are reservoirs of energy that influence our lives in profound ways. 

The practice of aligning our living spaces with the principles of Vastu offers us a roadmap to create not just visually pleasing interiors, but also spaces that nurture positive energies, balance, and harmony.

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