Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom Location


As per the vastu expert if the bathroom and toilets are not vastu compliant or not as per vastu shastra it can create health and financial problems. What should be the facing of toilet seat, its location, height from the ground, bathroom facing and position all these play a vital role to make your Toilet and Bathroom vastu compliant.

Bathroom Location as per Vastu:

As per vastu shastra for bothroom, The North, The West and The North West sides are good for bathroom location in the building. It is highly recommended that bathroom should not be in The South, South-East and South-West direction as it can cause health effects in family members especially in females. The bathroom also should not be in the middle of the building. When drains come under consideration, it should be towards The North-East direction.

Vastu for Bathroom Windows:

Sun bathing after water bathing is considered good as per vastu shastra hence you should have windows in the north or east side of the bathroom.

Bathroom Windows Vastu


Vastu for Toilet or Commode:

Ideally while constructing or placing toilet/commode in the bathroom you must note that the person sitting on it should not face neither The East nor The West direction (in the direction of the Sun). if possible you should place the toilet in such a way that it faces The South direction. As far as location of the toilet or commode is concerned, it should not be in the middle of the bathroom.

Vastu for Toilet Seat

Today, due to the increasing popularity of combined bath and toilet people are also concerned about vastu for combined bathroom and toilet. If this is the scenario you should keep the combined bath and toilet in north-west direction. You should avoid north-east side.

Vastu for Geyser:

As geyser is associated with hear and other electric devices associated with heat should be kept at South-East direction as it is corner for “Agneya”. For safety purpose, you should also avoid to install geyser at the top of commode.

Vastu for Sink or Wash Basin, Taps and Tubs:

Sink or wash Basin should be kept in North East, East or North Direction and the same direction should be used for installing shower and taps whereas for bathtubs east, west or north-east direction is known as good according to vastu.

One main thing which you consider in mind is the drainage. Water should leave the bathroom in North East or from East direction. Always avoid giving exit to water in South West or South East directions. Apart from this, floor’s slope in the bathroom should be in North direction.

Exhaust fan is very important to install in a bathroom for ventilation hence it must be there and should be on North or East wall.

Vastu for Bathroom Door and Windows:

North or East direction is considered best for bathroom door. Avoidable direction is South-West. You can keep the door width of the bathroom door a bit smaller than other doors. A small window should be there in the bathroom which should open in the shaft. Prefer directions for this window are East, West or North. Avoid south direction as it can place adverse effects on member’s health.

Vastu for Bathroom Paints or Color or Tiles:

You must prefer light color whether applying paint or using tiles. Light colors like white, sky blue, light green and other light shade colors are preferable for bathroom walls and tiles. Avoid using all black, red, brown or other dark colors on walls or in tiles.



  1. You are right, Vastu plays an important role in our life. We shouldn’t neglect it. Instead we should have all the things as per vastu shastra. While it comes to vastu for bathroom or toilet. we must take care of it. Please suggest if somebody has already constructed bathroom which are not comply with vastu.


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