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Significance of Snake Plant Vastu Direction and Other Alternatives Houseplants

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Mother Nature is the best gift from Almighty that keeps on giving us benefits without expecting much from humans. With ever-increasing smog, pollution and hazardous gases across the world, it is becoming quite essential to embellish or decorate the interior of a house with some beautiful indoor greens and plants. Do remember that the fundamental job of these greens inside the home is to keep indoor air quality fresh and free from toxins, but not all greens are effective in these job roles. There are few plants and greens which come with these benefits and some of these plants even have special mention in Vastu for Office and homes as it brings good luck, prosperity, and abundance too.

There are several types of plants that can be grown indoors according to Vastu. But the common benefit that is drawn from these plants is to remove carbon dioxide and enhance the oxygen and air quality. This is where Snake Plant comes to the limelight as it is the best air purifying plant and also brings in lots of fortune and wealth to your house. Snake Plant can be grown both indoor and outdoor and it has many benefits when placed in the correct zone of the house. This plant has greater significance in Vastu for Bathroom and Bedroom and it can also be placed in the living room and halls in some sharp corners.

Snake Plant Vastu Benefits

According to Vastu, Snake Plant Advantages are many as it acts as a beacon of positive energy and as per NASA, this indoor plant has the ability to remove four crucial toxins from the air which are responsible for sick building syndrome. This indoor plant also promotes healthy oxygen flow in the room and reduces the stress and also creates healthy ambiance in your bedroom.

Vastu Direction for Snake Plant

But Snake Plant Vastu Direction is very important to reap all these benefits. According to Vastu, Snake Plant can be best positioned in eastern, southern and south-eastern corners of your house. You must avoid placing the plant above any table or surfaces and it must not be bordered by any other indoor plants.

Is There any Snake Plant Disadvantage in Vastu? 

There are no Snake Plant Disadvantages attached, but some people believe that it brings bad luck and generates undesired energy. But, Vastu Shastra has proved this wrong and suggests placing snake plant in homes.

Some of the Best Houseplant Alternatives According to Vastu Shastra
  • Money PlantThis is a tropical creeper and this indoor plant is mainly known for its lush green colour and heart shaped texture of leaves. According to vastu guidelines, placement of this plant in your home will bring wealth and it must be placed on right side or left side of the bedroom and avoid placing in under any object. It must be placed near the footrest or headrest. You can also place the plant at sharp corners of bedroom that will help reduce the stress aura from the room. This plant is also known for purifying the air quality inside the room.
  • Bamboo PlantBamboo Plant is a small go-to friend indoor plant that removes the negative vibes from the room. This small plant presents the ultimate balance of universe and it is beloved to bring good luck and prosperity. This plant requires very minimal maintenance and care and it must be positioned in the southeast corner of your house or bedroom. As per the Vastu guidelines, bamboo plant with 10 stalks brings prosperity, wealth and good luck.
  • Peace Lily – Peace Lily is the beautiful indoor plant that can make one marvel what supreme beauty nature is. It has a magnificent contrast of rich green leaves with serene white blooms and has a larger fan base across the world. This little indoor plant comes with air-purifying qualities and also recognized by science and Vastu. The Vastu experts suggest that you must keep this plant close to the window of your bedroom or bathroom from where it can incite tranquillity, peace and good luck.
  • Jasmine Plant – The heart alluring, sheer fragrance of the Jasmine floral is something that everyone knows and it keeps the bedroom filled with pleasing smell. This is the magnificent indoor plant which helps you to enjoy sound and relaxing sleep at night. This indoor plant needs no strict care and it is easy to maintain in pot itself. For maximum effects this indoor plant must be placed on window sill.

So, these were some of the indoor plants that you must use in your house according to Vastu. Ensure to check the online vastu guidelines for placement and direction of these plants. Apart from placement of the plants you also need to check the Vastu for Bathroom Fittings and bedroom fixtures and ensure that you have positioned the plants accordingly to enjoy maximum benefits.

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  1. There is no disadvantage in keeping the Snake plant as per the Vastu. According to Vastu, happiness and prosperity come if you grow a snake plant in the house. This is considered an auspicious plant. Most people believe that keeping a snake plant in their study area will open the way for their progress. It also helps in reducing stress and promotes a positive ambiance. They create a calming vibe when you place it near the window as it advances the oxygen stream and is also regarded as one of the air-purifying plants. It releases oxygen at night. Snake plants make the environment healthy, as they are known for absorbing toxins and removing carbon dioxide. They also spread positive energy in your house. You can keep it in any room but keep it in the southeast direction.

  2. Discover the significance of snake plants in Vastu direction and explore alternative houseplants with DecorChamp. This insightful article provides valuable guidance for creating a balanced and harmonious living space.


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