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Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows of Complete House

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Doors and windows are also responsible for bringing peace, luck, prosperity, positive and negative energies in a house. If they are not placed in a proper direction, it can harm the inhabitants and let the negative energy enter into the house. Thus, before starting the construction and selecting the designs for doors and windows, make sure that all the decisions are taken according to the Vastu as these are the openings in your house that allow the flow of light, energy and air within the rooms of the house.Vastu for Doors and Windows

Vastu tips for doors and windows

The following Vastu tips must be kept in mind at the time of designing and selecting doors and windows for your house.

  • The even numbers play an important role according to Vastu. Thus, always remember that a house must have even number of doors and windows like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.
  • The main door should be more beautiful and bigger in size than the other doors of the house.
  • The maximum number of doors and windows into the house should be opened in north and east sides rather than south and west sides as it considered as auspicious.
  • All the doors for all the rooms are of the same size and if you want any one of them to be big in size, then door placed in south-west side should be the big one. Never place the bigger door in the north and east sides of the room.
  • Always place the doors at the center of the wall rather than at the corners.
  • Fix the doors and windows opposite to one another so that more light and air can enter in the house. Thus, it is important to keep cross-ventilation in mind at the time of fixation.
  • Always keep in mind that the size of the windows may differ in width but not in height.
  • If your house is facing towards north, the entrance door should also be fixed towards north and if facing towards south, the entrance should be fixed towards sou It is just because of the reason that the entrance should fall in the eastern half.
  • Replace the crack doors of the house immediately as they bring negative energy to enter into the house and are not as per vastu for doors and windows
  • The doors and windows made of teak wood should be preferred at the time of construction.
  • Avoid irregular shapes and automatic functioning of the doors and windows.

Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows – Vastu is all about regenerating and bringing in positivity and prosperity in any space. When it comes to a house, the energies and positivity usually flow out and in via doors and windows and hence you need to consider certain things when designing windows and doors of your house. As per the Vastu for Home, there are certain directions where doors and windows are required to be constructed to promote a wealthy and healthy lifestyle. So, if you are renovating your existing home or constructing a new one ensure to follow the Vastu guidelines for the placement of the windows and doors in your house for the influx of energies, positivity, and wealth.

It is always advisable to choose Vastu consultant as arranging all the doors and windows in the right manner is very important to bring luck and prosperity into the house. Follow the detailed suggestions given by vastu experts below to cross-check how friendly the doors and windows of your home are.

Vastu Direction for Main Entrance Door

As per the Vastu guidelines, the main entrance door of your house must be the bigger door than others and it must be in east, north, or north-east direction. If you are having two shutters door as the main door of your house, then ensure that it opens inward and not outwards. This is considered auspicious according to Vastu. It is also suggested to integrate some designs on the entrance door with bright and light color schemes. Avoid keeping the main entrance door of the house drab and dull looking.

Numbers of Doors and Windows in a House

According to Vastu Experts, positivity and energies will only flow in when the house has even numbers of doors and windows. This means you have to keep a number of windows and doors even. You must avoid constructing odd numbers of doors and windows in a house. It must be multiply of two, four, six, eight, and ten.

Vastu For Doors and Windows Size

The size of the doors in your house must be the same as the front door size. According to Vastu, varying sizes of doors is always discouraged. But, the door of the main entrance must be bigger in size than all other doors, and the rest of the doors inside the house must be of the same size. Moreover, the placement of the doors must be in the west or south direction, instead of north and east. Similarly, the size of all windows in your house must be the same without any variation in the size and shape. If any room is having Windows in West Direction, then the placement of the entrance door must be in the north direction.

Mechanism of the Entrance Door

Vastu Experts suggest homeowners have hinged doors that don’t creak when opening or closing. This is the mechanism of doors that you must follow when designing entrance doors for any room. The home with creaky windows or doors usually has lots of quarrels amongst the family members. The doors and windows with soothing hinges usually have better relationships. The home must also be free from self-closing doors which are strongly disgorged in Vastu.

Vastu Tips for Windows

As mentioned, all windows in your house must be in a symmetrical shape with a balanced height. Windows are the only source of natural sunlight and fresh air and hence it must be placed in the opposite direction of the doors. This ensures proper ventilation in the room. South East Windows Vastu is always considered auspicious. But you need to place the door in just the opposite direction.

Just similar to a number of doors, the windows in your house must also be in even numbers. You may check the Vastu for Drawing Room to learn about the placement of windows in your drawing-room. The southwest direction for windows must be avoided in the drawing-room as the harmful UV rays from sunlight are projected in this direction mostly.

According to Vastu for Dining Room, the windows in the dining hall must be bigger and it must be placed in east, north, or north-east direction of the dining room. This direction for windows would bring prosperity, progress, and health.

Additional Vastu Tips for Windows and Doors                     

You must avoid constructing the entrance door in front of the other door or against the compound wall and abandoned site. The entrance door of the house must not be above the septic tank or any underground tank. Garbage and dirty shoes must be kept in front of the door. Some people prefer putting images of God on the outer side of the door. But this must be avoided according to Vastu as it brings misery in the house.

These were some of the Vastu tips which you need to keep in mind. You may also check online for Vastu for Kitchen when designing a kitchen or Vastu for the house when planning to decorate or construct your house.

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  1. Amazing vastu tips on doors and windows. I used to not pay attention to these things but once I learned about the power of vastu, my whole life changed. Doors and windows are one of the most important aspects of any home or office space. They are the portal through which energy enters and leaves space. With your advice I will hopefully be able to change the flow of energy in my home.


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