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Vastu Shastra for Trees and Plants


The significance of plants and trees in vastu shastra

Today more and more people are understanding the importance of vastu shastra and are trying their level best and seeking the advice of vastu experts for making their homes and work places vastu compliant. It should be noted that vastu shastra is not just limited to the placement of the rooms. But even the placement of plants and trees can go a long way in making the home vastu compliant. The basic idea is to generate lots of positive energy and proper placement of plants and trees can help in achieving this.

The placement of flowering plants and small plant:

It is good to have flowering plants especially plants like rose, jasmine, mogra, parijat etc as they are known to generate lots of positivity. The placement of these plants has to be in the south west portion of the house. You can also have money plant for good luck and good fortune. Since it has been mentioned here that you can have rose , that does not mean any thorny plants are allowed. One must remember that only rose generate positive energy. All the other thorny plants generate negativity. Therefore except rose no other thorny plants should be planted. The holy basil should be planted in the North, east or the north east corner of the house. You can have the holy basil in the front or in the back of the house. This plant is highly auspicious.

The placement of small, medium and big trees:

Never ever plant any tree in north east corner. Small trees should be in the north and east while big trees should be in the south and in the west. Trees should not be planted in the entrance of the house. Remember that sacred trees like banyan and peepal trees should not be planted in the house.

Big Plants and Tree


They should be planted only in sacred places. Any tree that gives out a milky extract should not be planted in the house as affects the health of family members. It is good to plant trees like coconut, neem, mango, amla, jackfruit etc.

The placement of creepers and stone sculptures:

How and where you grow creepers also matters. It is good to have creepers in the garden or at the entrance. But you should never have creepers on the compound wall. Creepers must have a support of their own. The stone sculptures or a rock garden should be placed in the south west corner

Thus as we can see if you want your home and surrounding to be in line with vastu compatibility in that case you also need to make sure that the plants and trees that you are planting are also complying to the rules of vastu. The months when the plants and trees are planted are also of significance. Also any plant or tree should first be planted in a clay pot and then it should be planted in the ground. Take care of these basic facts about trees and plants before planting them in your homes.

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  1. Need correct location for planting these as there are lot of various locations mentioned in various references. i wish to have correct location as per vastu
    1. Parijat
    2. Badam
    3. Rose

  2. Thank you for sharing this content. It is very useful since it beautifully explains the significance of plants and trees in Vastu Shastra. I was only interested in learning about this kind of information. I’ve always wanted to do this, despite the fact that I’ve read a lot about it and watched a plethora of videos about it. I like it.

  3. The arrangement of trees and plants can be extremely useful in making your home Vastu consistent. The essential idea is to produce a ton of positive energy, and the legitimate situation of plants and trees can assist with that.


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