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How to Design these Important Places in Your House

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The world has seen significant transformations over the years. A few decades ago, life was quite simple and people used to enjoy nature with the company of their beloved people and enjoy the cool and calm breeze. 

Now, all of these things remain just a dream. Now, we can not change the entire world, but we can surely and our surroundings. So here comes the farmhouse. It was just a farmhouse literally, but now it is more than just that.

Similarly, a bungalow is an independent house, like a mansion, that you can design and customize in different ways. If you are looking for one now, this blog will help you with that. Bungalows are influenced by mid-century time and also by Avant-granite designs

It gives a sense of peace and we can reminisce about the old rustic days of the countryside. Below we have discussed some of the best farmhouse designs and bungalow designs that are good to go in the year 2022. 

Designs for a Farmhouse

Designs for a Farmhouse House of Mud Bricks

This one is a simple design and your house can be built using a wooden structure. It costs less. You just have to buy the materials. Doors and windows are ready-made. You can build it easily and thus this design is the best. 

House of Clay Bricks

Clay bricks are made of different things which determine their color. It also depends on the method you use for building the clay brick. So you should buy a clay brick from the factory itself. You can buy it at an affordable price. On the ceiling, you can use a gypsum board. This is a low-cost design. 

Simple and Beautiful Design

A simple house with the basic things is what you need to live. It should have one or two bedrooms, a kitchen space, a dining room, and a drawing room. You can easily avail the materials. 

You do not even need skilled workers for building concrete blocks and good quality paint. To decrease the heat, you can paint the walls with aluminum. If you want to plan out a children’s bedroom, you can make use of the bunk beds so that you have an extra bed when needed. 

Wood and Cement House

A beautiful design will make you peaceful and happy. The one gives a perfect interior to your house. It is made of wood and you can have gardens around. You can design the bedroom on the upper floor. The lower windows have lighting and ventilation. You can design the doors with slide and wood framed doors too. 

Designs for a BungalowDesigns for a Bungalow

Modern Bungalow Design 

This one is not outlandish. This is a clean, symmetrical, and stunning design. It employs different materials. It is a mix of natural and concrete. You just can’t resist it. It uses expensive stone, wooden frames, glass windows, and doors.

The Chicago Design 

Let us have a look at this simple, practical, and good-looking design. These have brick walls and also some stairs. It has a rectangular design and unique interiors. These have a huge basement and you can spend quality time with your loved ones in the evening in the lawns. It is accompanied by multi-paned doors, decorated tiles, wood, etc. 

The Mid-Century Design

It has a pleasing design and also serves peace to your eyes. These are inspired by the 20th century but still create wonders. These are clean and structured. They have a fresh lawn waiting in front of them. These have wide windows that double up as walls too. You can add porch seats in your lawn and build a fence around your property. You can also install a water fountain for further beautification. 

The Modern Scandinavian Design 

These ones are known for tier texture and pattern. You can make the best use of space using a Scandinavian design. It has chic interiors and simple materials used. The black exterior absorbs the heat so it is perfect ft the cold parts of the world. It has large windows and door frames. 

The Georgian Design

The perfect words to describe this bungalow are balance and sturdiness. These are known for their firm symmetry. They are made of stones, bricks, and high rooftops. You can find them easily anywhere and reside in them peacefully. It has the perfect windows, doors, shutters, and columns. 

3 Bedroom House Design

3 bedroom house designThese houses have large windows and you get a great view of the sunset. It is a good engineered wood that looks rich and elegant. You get a good storage space and you can create cabinets also. Let us see what these designs are. 

1000 Sq. Feet 3 Bedroom Hosue Plans

It may seem like a small space but actually, it has an open floor plan. It also has a small porch design.

3 BHK Small Hosue Deisgn

This is a small yet quite elegant one. It also includes the kitchen space. You have enough space and room to relax and walk. 

3 Bedroom Ranch House 

This one is a traditional house plan. You can easily get a comfortable ad spacious design for your home. It has bedroom space, floor designs, a dining area, and a backyard too. It also has a garage space ad a grilling porch space also. 

3 Bedroom Plan With Garage

This o e features a spacious area and you can store your tools and toys here. It has a huge layout. You can sit and enjoy yourself with your family here.

3 Bedroom Design with Basement

If you need a little space, this one is the best design for you. It comes with an additional bedroom where your guests can sleep.  


To sum up, these were some of the designs which are trending this year and you can surely use them for your house. According to your needs, you can customize these and enjoy living here with your family or friends. Read it thoroughly before deciding the design you need and plan out accordingly.


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