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Vastu Shastra Tips from Construction Stage

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Vastu Shastra tips that should be applied from the construction stage

Vastu Shastra is one of the most ancient sciences and frameworks when it comes to architecture and construction of structures. Vastu Shastra principles are carefully arranged in order to cover all aspects of a home right from its construction to decoration in order to ensure peace, happiness and prosperity for the occupants. Here are some of the tips that should be applied right from the initial stages itself.

Prior to Construction Work

You should always clear out any plants, bushes and other undergrowth which is thorny along with stones. There should be usage of fillers for covering all holes that are present in the ground. You should remove all garbage from the site periodically and construction work should not be stopped all of a sudden. Get the work implemented during the day and avoid work during night time.

Building Material

Second hand and old materials are to be avoided when it comes to building a new structure since they otherwise bear a negative approach from earlier owners. Do not use wood that has been taken from a tree that is thorny. For the door frames and doors, the material should be carefully used, i.e. in case wood is used to make the door itself, the frame should naturally use the same wood as the material.

Material Storage

Construction materials should be kept and stored in the south or west directions or even to the southwest. This will ensure uninterrupted construction work on your project.

Excavating Guidelines

Vastu Shastra principles suggest that northeast is where you should start with excavation and you should then move towards the eastern, northern and then the western directions.

Water Pumps

The northeast, east or north are the directions where the project’s water source should be positioned for more peace and better water flow.


Construction should commence from the plot’s south eastern corner and foundation stone should be laid here. The work should move towards the northwestern direction. It can also commence from the south west and move to the southeastern. If that is not feasible, commence from the northwestern corner and go north east.

Main Door

The main door to the home or the entrance should be located in the east, northeast or north if it is a north/east facing plot. For plots which are south facing, the preferred zones are south and southeast. For west facing plots, this will be northwest and west.

Open Areas

The space around the main structure has to be carefully assessed. There should be more space left in the east and north in comparison to west and south. The construction should not take place on the eastern and northern walls. The south/west facing plot should have open areas in the east and north exceeding the open space in the east and north.

Building Proportions

The building’s breadth and length should usually stand at 1:1 or even 1:1.5. The maximum is 1:2. This is the limit and should not be exceeded since the shape of the plot will not be auspicious then.

These are some of the Vastu Shastra tips that should be applied right from the initial stages of construction in order to ensure greater health, wealth and happiness for all family members.

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  1. home plan on 50 wide *80 depth , for south west facing 30 ft road. while facing the plot on right is south and on left west,
    Entry of home is form west corner .
    2floor , 4bhk with attached dressing and toilet, lift up to terrace, samll pooja space or niche, as per vastu

  2. Can we start building from the northwest and move the construction towards the southeast? Will it be more efficient? I feel by starting from the northwest and moving towards the southeast, I will be able to make better use of construction resources and manpower. Additionally, this approach will help to minimize any disruptions to residents and businesses. What are your thoughts on it?

  3. This is very informative for me. I never knew about construction vastu but now I will keep this in mind while constructing my new house. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us!

  4. Very Helpfull tips for vastu shanti. iam going to follow these in my house for a better life.Thank you so much to the blog


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