Best Modern 20 Feet By 40 Feet House Plans For Free


You get your dream house constructed only once, so it is always confusing when it comes to deciding the best house plan. We, therefore, constantly keep on updating with new house plans and construction guides to help you in the best possible way. So, here’s a list of some modern and unique house plans for your 20 x 40 Feet, i.e., 800 sq ft plot. These house plans are designed by expert architects and they also comply with the Vastu Shastra rules to bring positive energy and happiness in your house.

Triple Story – 2 BHK House Plan

800 sq ft Three Story House Plan - Ground Floor

20 x 40 Feet - Triple Story - House Plan

20 x 40 Feet House Plan - Second Floor

Double Story – 3 BHK House Plan

20 Feet x 40 Feet - Double Story

20 x 40 Feet - Double Story House Plan

Double Story – 2 BHK

20 x 40 Feet 2 BHK House Plan

20 x 40 Feet Double Story House Plan

Single Story – 2 BHK

20 Feet x 40 Feet House Plan

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  1. Love the well described images and content that are shown on this blog. This gives me a better idea into how I can plan out my future home.

  2. Very good designs and you have shown many different designs of houses through photos. This gives me a better idea of what I’m looking for. I am planning to incorporate a pooja room and a small study room where I can finish my office work without any distractions. Do you think this is possible?


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