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Upgrade Your House Design With These Amazing Exterior Tips

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House Exterior is one of the crucial factors when you consider designing a home. It is very important to make your home look appealing from the outside as well. 

Whether you have a traditional taste or modern design taste, both need some kinds of changes which can enhance the outer beauty of your house. For example, even a small window and cladding to even a front door colour can have a huge impact on the looks. 

Isn’t it interesting that minor changes can just blow up the rates of your property?

Some house facelifts need to be done with care to keep the current style intact otherwise everything would be messed up. Home can stand out well if they are done in the right way. Well-designed houses can look even more beautiful with simplicity. Moreover, a streamlined design leads to savings that one can reinvest in other expenses of the house.

A great exterior appearance can be achieved through multiple ways like adding an extension, landscaping the front garden, changing the roof structure, or by some cosmetic changes like a lick of paint or cladding.

Some principles can help you guide with typical exteriors. There are few things that make an exterior difficult, as there are so many elements that one needs to work in concert with another. Now, this can include roof color, landscaping, color, soffit and fascia, stone, cement, and many more. 

You can also go for acp sheets for your exteriors as these are strong and long lasting.

So, before starting any project one needs to be clear with a unique idea that can give your house a jaw-dropping look. And, to help you with that process that is going to be really creative and exciting.

Here are some of the essential exterior design tips that one should know to achieve a marvelous outer look :


Roof design has its own significance and when it comes to durability nothing can’t beat a simple roof design. They are the easiest to build and look better than those roofs with endless gables and steps. It is really crucial to understand that roof designing is one of the earliest stages in designing a 2bhk or 3bhk floor plan.

Simple roof designs have been characterized by flat roofs and are very popular these days in modern architecture. The flat roofs create horizontal and long planes which are simple in form and function. Understanding a simple roof composition can help in figuring out the roofing material. In addition, the right roof design selection helps in defining the overall look and style of the house.


Changing your home proportions can help you with increasing the size and functionality. One can do this by extending a house upwards with multiple floors or you could also extend it outward. With extensions, one can achieve more living space for the guests. One can also create a pleasing balance with greater symmetry patterns. 

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Or, you can replace the poorly designed extensions that already exist, it will add up more space. But, remember that you do not encroach on your neighbour’s living space.


For exterior remodelling and restructure, many people opt for a porch. You can also start experimenting with a porch adjustment. Having a porch can add a new character to your home and when the front door opens straight to the living room it can provide an extra shield. These shields can block out the cold drafts and stop the dragging dust to enter the house.

Whenever you think about having an additional porch, you must consider the size and style of your house. Because sometimes roof looks and angles do not compliment the overall design of the space. 

Otherwise, if the porch goes well with your main gate and roof angles, it can add a certain dramatic element to your house look.


Colours can add significant beauty to your entire house whether it is interior or exterior. However, colors are something that doesn’t just look nice but also hide flames in a way that seems completely invisible. But, knowing what color will go out with your house design is one of the toughest choices. Changing colors and material adds value to the exterior design and enhance the overall appeal of the house.

For example, one can use gray color for tiles. Choosing the right color can be done in several ways as you can go for two distant shades from the same color palette. According to experts, there should be a lighter shade for the body whereas a darker one for the trim. Sometimes you do not even need a third color, but you can use it to highlight your windows and doors.


The front entry leaves a great mark or impression of your home. Therefore, fixing your entryway is always a critical point in decoration. The first thing that grabs a visitor’s attention needs to be fixed if having a great exterior is your end-term goal. You need to make sure that your entrance remains memorable no matter what features and lightning fixtures go in that. There are tons of ways to do that, nowadays custom doors are one of the best ideas that can personalize your exteriors.

Or, you can add up a stone walkway to add a little texture and character to your front yard. If you already have one then consider lining the edges with mulch.


It is one of the important factors to consider in exterior design. As lighting is important from appearance as well as safety purpose during the night. If your home resembles more of the modern look then angular steel lights will look the best whereas if you have a traditional one you can use a mesmerizing lantern-style light. Moreover, make sure that your lighting system is kind of the same as your indoor one in order to have a consistent look. Or, you can either use an accent fixture to make your exterior stand out in all aspects.

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  1. I really appreciate the time you took to share your expertise with us! Your tips are very helpful and I love the Porch remodelling and outdoor lighting ideas a lot. I think with this, my home will look more beautiful and welcoming. I can’t wait to try them out on my own porch.

  2. Your tips have always been so helpful for me.The outdoor lighting part has caught my eyes so much , and also helped me with my problems regarding the lightning issues. I cant wait to try them out asap!!!


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