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Modern Main Door Designs for Indian Homes

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Indians are very cautious about their status and they always keep in mind that nothing takes it away from them. From their dresses to accessories to house designs, everything for them is a status symbol. When it comes to home, they are very particular about the exteriors, interiors and other aspects of the house.

With all the things contributing something or the other, the main door of your home is also an important factor that counts up a lot when it comes to Indians. People in the country leave no room for any errors and this is the reason they build up a good infrastructure form the start. If you are renovating your home in one or the other way, you can definitely check out the designs and looks of the main door which are listed in the article.

Listed below are the modern main door designs for Indian homes:

  1. Statement-making doors:

Now a plain door is very common and out-fashioned by centuries. It was way back in time when people started using it for their house and it was once a very good status symbol which showed everybody the royalty of the people living in. But with time the fashion also changes and so changes the door art. It was the simple main door designs for home of that era. These days’ people have started making their doors in such a way that it becomes a statement-making part of the house. Your main door is the first thing that your guests would see but when you have already made it perfect, there is no need for you to explain anything.

  1. With a ceiling panel:

Now if your house has an entrance door in front of a hallway then this is the best trick for you to make people love the door design. What you can do is just check out the ceiling panel and stack it up with the door. You can just put a fashionable bulb right in front of your door and keep the main door in the old fashioned way. This is really going to catch the eyes and make an impactful impression on the guests. This has lately become one of the best Indian main door designs.

  1. Gold leaf work:

This has become popular in recent time and you would find it in a lot of places that you visit. The Gold leaf work has been an outstanding piece of artwork that has given your house a lot of look’s benefits. If you are also planning on using this work in your main door just check out the images online. You might just get the best one for yourself. This would go just fine with the single front door designs.

  1. A designer door:

You must have seen a few wooden doors with lusty design. Like a few flowers, petals or leaves. Sometimes you also see some random pictures as well. At this moment this might sound a bit odd but trust me, you would love it later on. A designer door is good to have because it is completely maintenance free and it keeps going on and on with the intact beauty. You can try out the main door designs in Kerala antique styles, but before you go for it, just check a few samples. And you can also go for the single front door designs in Kerala.

  1. You can use the metal:

An ideal door is always made out of wood but definitely, if you have a thing with metal, there are so many ways by which you can use it. Using a metal will always give you the firm and endurance and later on, when things go good you can carve it up whenever you want. But keep in mind that if you are using heavy metal work, don’t climb it on the doors just make it sure that you add one extra gate. This is also counted as the latest designs of main doors.

Now being one of the most important parts of your house, main doors need some importance a lot of research before you put it up. So if you are looking for more information on this topic you can definitely check the website of DécorChamp. They have a lot of information, designs and helping content for you in making your house better than ever.

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  1. We also went for a metal main door design as these main door designs are quite sturdy. One can easily try out these metal door designs without any hassle. They offer firm endurance and ensure that one also gets one extra gate. One can find the latest designs available in the metal doors. So, whenever you are looking for the main door designs, metal door designs are just stunning for that matter.

  2. This blog is really helpful for me. As I was planning for a modern main door for my house, I came across this blog, and many of my doubts regarding modern main door designs got clear. Thank you for such a helpful blog.

  3. Discover the significance of the main door in Indian homes as a symbol of status and prestige. Explore stunning designs and looks for renovating your home’s entrance, ensuring that every detail reflects the grandeur and elegance valued by Indian homeowners.


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