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Colors and their Vastu Significance

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Significance of different color shades for your home and office according to Vastu

Colors are an essential part of our life. We find these pleasant entities all around us, at homes, scenic places, our laptop screens, etc. They have a profound impact on our mind, emotions, and thoughts. Moreover, they have the power to maintain a melancholy condition, or elevate the healing process, for a depressed person.

We should never underestimate the importance of colors, in our life. For this reason, Vastu Shastra signifies the importance of colors, for our homes. Following these tips, we can make the best vastu friendly color combination for home or office. These suggestions are to ensure that our family and we are always healthy and happy.

Significance of colors according to Vastu

Here, in this, article, we shall provide you with the significance of each color, and tips for selecting any particular color, for your home or office, according to Vastu Shastra. Along with this, we shall also provide you with the influence each color has, on our life. These guidelines can be considered and opted for any home or office.

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Colors and their Vastu Significance

  • Red Color – This is considered as a very bold color, and represents energy, emotions, lust, aggressiveness, vibrancy, materialism and bravery. According to Vastu, Red color, in your living room, can be very much stimulating. You can use this color in your living room if you need energy, positive vibrations, and warmth. You can select lighter shades of red color on the walls of the living room.
  • Blue Color – This color is used to represent water and sky, and signifies devotion, beauty, mercy, tranquility, and truth. According to experts, this color is also known to have healing power. It can be called as Vastu friendly living room color. You can use lighter shades of blue on the walls of the living room to add beauty and devotion feeling amongst your family members.
  • Green Color – This color signifies positivity, growth, recreation, nature, and prosperity. The color also helps in relaxing your mind when in a temper, offering it with a soothing effect. Using green color in your living room can maintain prosperity and positive energy to your life. It can keep your family members united and healthy.
  • White Color – This is the color of pureness and signifies purity, innocence, cleanliness, luxury, and simplicity. If you don’t want your privacy to be disturbed, then you can use this color in your living room. This one is an ideal color for anyone who lives in a joint family. You can enjoy simplicity and pureness to your living room.
  • Orange Color – This is another color for your home, according to experts. It signifies ease, energy, health, communication, pride, comfort, and determination. Using this color in your living room can help overcome depression.
  • Yellow Color – This color signifies concentration, happiness, openness, stability, positivity, and wealth. The color has the power to create broadening effect in smaller looking rooms. If you have a smaller living room, then Yellow shade can make it appear much more significant.
  • Brown Color – This color, according to Vastu experts, signifies earth elements and remedies along with comfort, satisfaction, and contentment. So, if you are aiming to enjoy your life to its fullest, then this is the right color for your living room.

Your home is a place, where you enjoy leisure time with your family. When selecting any color, you have to consider its exact location, according to the geographical point of view. No matter what color you choose, always ensure your home looks more welcoming and serene.

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  1. I looked at this article after I have already colored my home. my home is color with yellow color which basically signifies concentration, positivity, and wealth. I am so happy that I colored my house yellow color. The article is very good it is gonna help all the readers in coloring their house according to Vastu. thanks for sharing such a good article.


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