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Vastu Color For Main Gate

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We all know how significant vastu is considered by Indians. When it comes to the structures or making plans for homes or the workplace then vastu is taken care of. People consider vastu compass and vastu experts for arranging or rearranging the interiors or exteriors of either their homes or their workplace.

Vastu gives fruitful results and that is why people highly believe in vastu. In this blog we will discuss how vastu is related to well-being and how vastu colours do play a great role in inviting peace and harmony in the lives of people.

Vastu colours are specifically taken care of whether they are on the main gate or at any other space. Just like various directions like north, south, east , west , northeast, southwest etc are taken under consideration in vastu.

Colours do have a great significance too in vastu. Let us start discussing how vastu can be beneficial and how vastu can give great results.Let us start discussing vastu and colours along with how they are correlated to each other.

In vastu it is said that vastu directions and colours are related. Specific planets represent specific directions and along with that specific colour represents the benefit.

Vastu and colours and how they are related to directions

  • North direction represents mercury and the colour suitable is green.
  • East direction represents the Sun and the colour suitable is white.
  • West direction  represents Saturn and the colour suitable for the west direction is blue.
  • North east direction represents Jupiter and the colour preferred here is yellow and cream.
  • North west is related to the moon and the preferred colour here is white.
  • South east is correlated with Venus and colour preferred is silver white.

AS you can see how the specific directions focus upon the specific planet. According to planets the colours are associated. One needs to keep the direction and colour associated with it in mind.

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Vastu colours for the main house gate

In this section we are going to discuss how the main gate and colours according to vastu are related. The main gate of the house is of great significance.

Vastu colours for the main house gate

Along with colour the direction specific to vastu should also be taken care of . Main gate colour  is to be taken care of for proper well being. According to vastu-

  • Main gate of the house can be of metallic touch as it is considered good. The direction can be west as it works well with metal elements. The colour of the gate can be grey, white.
  • Vibrant shades for main gates can be prefered but some things need to be considered. Shades like pink  and orange can be considered in the southeast direction. Although some other additional tips are to be taken care of while selecting the southeast direction.
  • Orange colour is attractive and can be selected for the main gates of the house.
  • The off white colour is considered good according to vastu. According to vastu, white colour brings peace and harmony so it is advised to use off white colour for the main gate.

Along with all these some other good light shades can be referred to, for extracting the benefits of vastu.

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Luckiest gate colours as per vastu

According to vastu it is said that shades that are lighter in colour are best suited for the main gates. Shades like-

Luckiest gate colours as per vastu

  • White
  • Silver
  • Yellow

These shades are considered perfect for the front gate of the house. There are a few shades that are not considered good according to vastu for applying on the front gate. The shades that are not good are-

  • Red
  • Black

It is advised not to use them for main gates as they attract negative energies and bad vibes.

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Why are colours important in vastu?

Colours are important in vastu due to many reasons. We will discuss why colours are important in vastu. In vastu colours are important because-

Why are colours important in vastu_

  • Colours have the power to attract good vibes.
  • Colours have the power to bring harmony and peace.
  • Colours can affect emotions.
  • Colour can bring joyness.
  • Colours can bring positivity in your home.
  • Wrong colours can attract bad energies and vibes.

Colours have a lot to do with mind and emotions. Colours according to vastu can either give benefits or can give bad impacts too. So it is always advised to choose the best complex of colours for having peace and harmony.

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Colours for different places in your home

Not only in the main gate but in other places too one should take care of appropriate colours. The colour choice can be great and one can reap benefits from it.

Colours for different places in your home

We will discuss what kind of colours are to be used in different places according to vastu. According to vastu-

  • Bedrooms can be coloured with blends of red or pink as they represent love and warmth. It is advised to use red or pink colour in the bedroom.
  • Pooja rooms are a very important place of a house and special care is to be taken  of directions and colours here. Colours like yellow can be used in the pooja room.
  • Study room can also be painted with yellow colour. Yellow colour helps in concentration and helps in stabilising the mind.
  • White along with yellow and violet can be considered good for kitchens.

Like this one can take care of colours for using them in specific directions.

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Colours and their impact on mind

Now let us discuss how colour impacts the mind and emotions and what each colour represents. Colour impact mind as it-

Colours and their impact on mind

  • Affects the overall mood of the observer.
  • Colours like red are warm in nature and produce feelings like love. Colour red is also considered the colour of anger.
  • Blue colour provokes the emotion of sadness.
  • Orange colour is related to emotions like bravery and sociability.
  • Pink colour stands for sweetness and sincerity.
  • Green colour is a perfect colour for healing . It also represents nature and we all know how good nature is for us.
  • White is the colour of honesty.
  • Brown is known for its simple effects.
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