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Vastu for Dancing Ganesha Painting

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Investing in a home is a big thing for many of us. For some of us it is once in a lifetime investment. Therefore we leave no stone unturned while selecting a house for ourselves.

While selecting a house we give utmost importance to the location and size of the house. Sometimes people find that they have the best house or office but still success and peace of mind eludes them.

This may be due to some drawbacks in the place that is vastu dosha which may be responsible for the troubles and obstacles. Vastu shastra is one of the best ways of getting rid of these doshas.

Dancing Ganesha paintings are popular in Indian homes as they bring good luck and prosperity. This will ensure that the positive energy of Ganesha enters your home and blesses it with good fortune.dancing ganesha statue vastu

The best time to hang a dancing Ganesha painting in your home is during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. This is when Lord Ganesha is believed to be especially powerful and capable of granting wishes.

So if you are looking to add a touch of good luck to your home, make sure to hang a dancing Ganesha painting in the east or north-east direction.

How to remove Doshas:

One may wonder if there is a magical way of getting rid of these obstacles. When we think of doing away with obstacles then one Hindu deity that comes to our mind is Lord Ganesha! He has the power of doing away with all the problems in our lives and bringing health, wealth and happiness.

Make your pooja room vastu friendly with these expert vastu tips.vastu for dancing ganesha painting

He is appropriately called Vighanaharta (विघ्नहर्ता) or the one who removes all the Vighnas or obstacles from our lives. On any good occasions like weddings Hindus first perform the Ganesh Pooja so that everything goes smoothly. That is why, in mumbai ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with pomp and show. During these days everyone brings Ganesha at home for a few days.


Where to Buy Online

Dancing ganesha painting is available online at many online stores. Vastu compliant dancing ganesha painting is available online. To view price and to buy click here.

Good or Bad?

Therefore placing paintings or statues of Lord Ganesha in ones office or home should also help get rid of problems and troubles. But Ganesha is depicted in different postures in the paintings and statues like the standing pose, sitting pose, dancing pose etc.

Therefore one might wonder which type of posture is appropriate. Also placing these paintings in the right direction is very important in Vaastu Shastra. Most of the postures like sitting, standing, etc are common.dancing ganesha painting vaastu

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One more pose of Lord Ganesha is the dancing pose where he has either of his legs in raised position. According to mythology Lord Ganesha used to perform for his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Dancing Ganesha Painting Benefits:

There are some Vaastu specialists who say that Ganesha in any posture is auspicious as it is the Lord who has the power of removing obstacles.Dancing ganesha painting vaastu

Some vaastu experts suggest that if there is a water body in the form of a river or drain which is flowing close to your house or even your office and that too in anti-clockwise direction then a dancing Ganesha painting should be placed on the Northeastern corner. The Ganesha in this case has to be west facing.

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Dancing Ganesha increases the positivity if placed in the South East direction. It is considered to be good for those people who are associated with creative work. However one must never place the painting of dancing Ganesha in the prayer room.

As it is not possible for us to view your place/home/office so we suggest in order to get the correct advice for placing dancing Ganesha at home or office it is, therefore, best to consult an experienced and prolific vaastu consultant nearby.

He/she will check the positions and directions of your house or office and will advice accordingly but always keep in mind that placing dancing ganesha in wrong direction is not good. Instead you can place sitting or standing Ganesha in home or office.

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Significance of Dancing Ganesha Painting

Dancing Ganesha paintings are a type of Indian painting that typically depict the Hindu god Ganesha dancing. The paintings are often brightly colored and include other Hindu deities such as Lakshmi, Vishnu, and Shiva. They are popular among Hindus for their religious and spiritual significance.

When it comes to vastu tips for house, Dancing Ganesha paintings represent one of the most popular stories from Hindu mythology. In this story, Ganesha is said to have danced for Shiva in order to win back his head after it had been cut off by Shiva. The story is significant for its depiction of Ganesha as a powerful god who is able to overcome obstacles through perseverance and determination.

The paintings also hold great spiritual significance for Hindus. Many believe that by viewing a Dancing Ganesha painting, they will be able to tap into the god’s power and receive his blessings. The paintings are often used as a means of meditating on the stories of Hindu mythology and gaining a deeper understanding of the religion.

Dancing Ganesha paintings are also popular among Hindus for their aesthetic value. They are often purchased for their beauty and hung in homes or offices as a decorative item.

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Overall, Dancing Ganesha paintings are highly revered by Hindus for their religious, spiritual, and aesthetic value. The paintings provide Hindus with a way to connect with the stories of their mythology and gain a deeper understanding of their religion.

Here are some basic vastu shastra tips for placing lord ganesha at home/office.

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  1. Comment:sir I have a kitchen in north east direction and in such a way that it can’t demolish nor shift other side of house due to geographical as well as financial issue so can i place picture of dancing Ganesha in NE corner on the upper side bcoz just exactly in NE corner,a wash basin and tap is located also in the Exact South West Corner Water Boring is located kindly suggest about Dancing Ganesha and water boring remedies.

  2. The dancing Ganesha statue is available at many online stores. However, you should place the statue of dancing Ganesha in the prayer room.

  3. At home, I also have a painting of a dancing Ganesh, but up until now, I was storing it incorrectly. After reading this article, I have a good concept of how to fix the error.


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