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Vastu Chart – All You Need To Know About

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Positivity, harmony ,peace along with lots of good vibes. It is something that is necessary for living a good life or having a good quality life. We all know that life is filled with all kinds of ups and downs. Changes and adversities are all inevitable. They are part of life.

But we all can take a few tips in order to maintain good vibes and harmony in our surroundings. We all should try to be as positive as we can. Our aura decides it all.If we are sad we will attract sadness likewise if we are surrounded by good positivity then we will be more positive.

Vastu chart is based upon the Indian traditional values that emphasis upon the idea of harmony and peace. According to the vastu chart one can organise things in their surroundings. It tells how the organisational style can be developed or managed for extracting the good benefits of it.

Vastu chart and the directions.

Vastu charts primarily focus upon the directional links of the surroundings and the prosperity of humans.

Vastu chart and the directions

According to vastu chart few things need to be placed or made according to specific directions to use it for good purposes.The various directions that vastu chart reflect upon are as follows-

  • South direction
  • North direction
  • East direction
  • West direction
  • South east direction
  • South west direction
  • North east direction
  • North west direction

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Vastu chart and home connection.

Home is a place where one feels like themselves. A place for care , love , affection. All these terms stand for home.

Vastu chart and home connection

Home needs to be managed or directed as per the vastu chart so that it can invite all the glory and happiness. Why are homes managed according to the vastu chart? It is advised to be managed according to it because-

  • To reap benefits.
  • To align good positive vibes.
  • To attract positivity.
  • To bring prosperity.
  • To get rid of negative energies.

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Places or directions according to a vastu chart that are best for homes.

While choosing or selecting the particular direction or particular spot at home one can consider aligning them as per vastu chart.

Places or directions according to a vastu chart that are best for homes

  • Bathrooms are advised to be placed in the east direction as it is good to have some vitamin D dosage in the mornings.
  • Study rooms are advised to be in the direction of north, east, or northeast.
  • It is also advised that children should study by facing the direction north or east.
  • For spiritual spots or your puja rooms it said according to the vastu chart that northeast direction is best suited.
  • Dining room is to be directed in the west , north or east direction.
  • All these small things can be taken care of while designing the locations.

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Colour connection.

The colours that invite harmony and peace are advised to be used.

Colours such as yellow, white or green are generally said to be positive colours. One can use them for bringing positivity. Avoid colours such as red and black.

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Why are vastu charts beneficial?

Vastu charts are beneficial because they bring good vibes to your homes.Along with this there are  few additional benefits of setting your home according to vastu charts and they are as follows-

Why are vastu charts beneficial_

  • Connect you to natural good energies-A home settled up according to a vastu chart connects the people living inside the home  with good natural energies. The directions of the rooms or other places also sustain the environmental balances.
  • Ventilation is a key- A good ventilated home is necessary and according to the vastu chart if a home is designed as per its norms then it enables good ventilation.
  • Good living standard-When the designing of homes is done with this then it sustains good living standards and creates harmony.

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Tips to take care at homes regarding vastu.

Tips to take care at homes regarding vastu

  • Make sure that all the clocks of your room or office are working properly as the misleading time can reflect bad vibes.
  • The front entrance of your home or workplace should always be in hygiene.
  • Bowl of sea salt can help keep the negative energies far away. Try to keep a bowl of sea salt.
  • Leaking taps are not advisable according to vastu make sure you repair them as fast you can.
  • If any of your mirrors is broken then try to remove it as soon as possible.
  • Do not keep any slightly broken picture of any deity.

Here is toilet vastu.

Some additional tips to consider for bringing positive vibes.

You can consider these few little things to bring positivity in your life. These things may sound little but they definitely can bring good changes.

Some additional tips to consider for bringing positive vibes

  • Make your bed every morning on your own. By cultivating this good habit you can start noticing the positive changes in your life. It will help you keep active and accomplished.
  • Greenery is another key aspect. Green colour is good for your health. It is now proven that being in nature can help you get rid of stress or anxiety.
  • Light a few candles and try meditating.
  • Play songs that bring peace and calmness to your ears.
  • Use crystals of your choice.
  • Use some oils which can give good positive effects such as lavender etc.

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Why is it advised to stay positive?

It is always advised to stay positive and to keep yourself surrounded by positivity. Be it according to the vastu chart or be it according to science. Everyone recommends that positivity is the key.

Why is it advised to stay positive_

If you are positive then-

  • Life will be a place of bliss.
  • Your thoughts vibrate at specific frequency and when it will match the other positive thoughts they will attract each other.
  • You will be more grounded.
  • You will be more grateful.
  • You will see that your productivity has enhanced.
  • You will start seeing good in everything.
  • Your physical health will be good.
  • Your mental health will be the best.

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Being positive brings all of the good changes in one’s life. It is advised therefore to think positive and always stay positive. Extract the benefits of a vastu chart and see how good it does to you

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