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The Helpful and Easy Ways to Remove Outdated Wallpaper for New Wall Treatment

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Removal of wallpaper before the new paintwork is the toughest job indeed, but with right tools and skills the process of removing wallpaper would become easier for you. If you have decided to upgrade the walls of your room with on-trend and new Interior Design options, then you need to remove the outdated wallpaper first. Learn how to make removal of wallpaper easier and quicker and how to end up with walls that are clean and smoother for new paintwork.

Protecting the Space :

Prior to starting the removal process, you first need to protect the surfaces of the room from soap and water that you will be using in the process. If possible you may use the painter’s tape to cover the molding and trims. It is also suggested to use drop cloths on the floor surfaces to protect the finishing of the floor from harsh soap used in the process.

Start Scrapping of the Wallpaper:

Start Scrapping of the Wallpaper

To replace the old wallpaper with the new Wall Designs, you first need to remove the outdated wallpapers. In most of the cases, the old wallpaper peels off freely and this makes pulling of the wallpaper easier. You may start the process by removing the wallpaper by hand without using soap and water. You may use the taping knife to find the edges and try to scrape it off gradually. Ensure that you make long pulls of the wallpaper to remove large portion at once.

Spraying the Wall:

Spraying the Wall

In due course, you will notice that you are unable to pull off the wallpaper further by hand or knife. So, in such situation you have to spray the wall to soften the wallpapers. You need to spray warm water to separate the paper from wall and this will make pulling off the paper easier. If possible make use of vacuum spray which accelerates the process.

Scrapping Some More Wallpaper Gently:

Scrapping Some More Wallpaper Gently

After spraying and allowing the water to get soaked completely, you have to start scraping off the wallpaper. Again take a taping knife and gently scrape the paper, from up to down and right to left. If it is not peeling off easily and making it difficult for you, then you may spray the wall further for several times.

Ensure that you are scraping the paper only and not the wall below the paper. If the wall has multiple layers of paper, then you need to scrape the first layer and then move to the second layer. Removing one layer at a time is suggested. It may be time-consuming but it is the safest way to remove wallpaper without causing damages to the walls underneath.

Washing the Walls :

Washing the Walls

After all the wallpapers are removed, you have to wash the wall to remove the residue and excessive paste or primer before using any Gorgeous Wallpaper Designs. To wash the walls, you need to take a sponge and damp it with water and hove it gradually all over the wall several times. This is an important step before new paintwork and wallpaper installation.

No matter how carefully and smartly you remove the wallpaper from the walls, if you avoid washing the wall before new paintwork or installation of new Wallpaper for Bedroom it may cause problems later.

Smooth The Walls :

Smooth The Walls

If you fail to get everything off the wall, then the new paintwork or wall treatment would crack or flake eventually. Even the small specks of paste or primer can wreck the new wall treatment. So, it is extremely necessary that the walls are treatment and smoothen properly prior to new wall treatment.

To solve this issue, you need to apply the gel stripper in long patches and then scrape it from the wall to ensure that the plaster is smoother as needed for the new wall treatment.

Refresh It:

Finally after removing the outdated wallpaper from the wall, you can enjoy the reward of choosing the beautiful new design for your walls. You may check the differences between Wallpaper V/S Paint and make the right decision. You may keep the project simple with paintwork or renovate the space with inspired and creative on-trend wallpaper patterns. The choice is yours and you need to decide as per your budget and need.

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  1. This blog came at the right time! I am just in the process of changing wallpapers in my home and this time I wanted to do it myself. This is exactly what I was looking for. Your information is to the point and I love how you have shared photos for better explanation. Thanks a ton!

  2. I used your blog to scrap out my old wallpaper and replace it with new ones. I wanted to DIY things myself which was scary. But your blog has been exceptionally helpful. Thank you for these steps!


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