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Increase Wealth and Bring in Prosperity with Vastu for Locker Room

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Why do you need to Consider Vastu Shastra for the locker room?

In every house, there is a locker room where all the money, jewelry, and ornaments are kept safely. If you are determining the shape and location of the locker room on your own, then there are high chances that the outflow of money will be more than the inflow. Well, this is the main reason, why the individuals greatly seek Vastu Shastra for locker room direction as per vastu

Vastu for locker room takes a number of considerations while determining the location and shape of the locker room in the house.

Look, you don’t need to worry about the VastuShastra considerations for the locker room, as there are no practical Vastu drawbacks. For ages, the study of Vastu Shastra has been effectively helping individuals in enhancing their living conditions.

Below here some important Vastu Shastra suggestions for the locker rooms mentioned briefly.

Vastu Shastra Considerations for Locker Room:

  • Size & Shape of the room – According to the study of VastuShastra, it is recommended to design a locker room in rectangular and square shape. The odd-shaped locker rooms are strictly not recommended. Nowadays, the individuals don’t care about the shape of locker rooms, because of less space and hence go for the triangular and other odd-shaped locker rooms. In such cases, there are high chances there will be a continuous financial crisis in the house. Again, the height of the locker room should be the same as other rooms in the house. It shouldn’t be high or small.
  • The direction of a locker in the locker room – The back of the locker or almirah should face the south wall, and the front side of the locker should be facing the north wall. So, you need to place the locker in the mid of the south wall, leaving the south-east and south-west corner free. Make sure that, you are not placing the locker in the northeast, North West, and south-west corner of the room. You should also consider vastu for bathroom as well while constructing your home to make it vastu compliant.
  • Placement of locker – The locker should be placed by the south wall, with an inch distance. Make sure that the back of locker is not sticking to the wall. In case, the space in the room is less; you can also place the locker on the east wall without affecting the appropriate vastu location for the locker room.
  • Doors and windows – It is recommended to design the doors in east or north direction of theroom. Strictly avoid the placement of doors in thesouth, North West, south-west, and south-east Again, it will be more auspicious, if the door has two shutters, instead of one. You can design the windows in the north or east directions of room.
  • Colour of the room – Yellow is considered as the most auspicious color which enhances the wealth. Thus, it is recommended to paint the locker room with yellow color. It will be better if the floors are also maintained with yellow shades.

Necessary Vastu Tips for Locker Room

By considering the above-mentioned factors, you can avail the best remedies for improving the financial prosperity. Apart from the above suggestions, here some important Vastu tips are also mentioned.

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  • The locker shouldn’t be placed under the beam, as it will put unnecessary pressure on the locker.
  • Avoid placing the lockers in the corners of theroom.
  • Locker rooms should be cleaned every day so that no mess is accumulated in the room.
  • You can place a mirror reflecting the image of thelocker, as it may enhance your wealth.
  • The gold, silver and other valuable items should be kept in the southern or western side of the locker.
  • Make sure that the locker room is designed in the north direction of the house. Well, east will also work.

The locker room in a house is the space that is very crucial as it determines the affluence and prosperity of the house. When deciding the position and location of the locker room, there are a variety of factors that you need to keep in mind according to Vastu.

Just like Vastu for Dining Room, the locker room must also be positioned ideally to bring in prosperity and affluence in your house. From the direction of the locker room to the color scheme, size, shape, and placement of the room, everything must be ideally selected.

Anything selected wrongly can lead to a greater outlaw of the money than inflow. So, ensure that the locker room is not only constructed according to Vastu but it is also secured and safe to keep your wealth and money.

Locker Room Size and Shape – Vastu Guidelines

When determining the shape and size of the locker room, you must always prefer considering the Vastu guidelines. According to Vastu for the Locker room, the ideal shape for a locker room is square or rectangular. vastu for locker roomPeople must avoid choosing odd-shaped rooms for lockers. Pentagon or triangular-sided rooms are also common for locker rooms today. Apart from the shape, the size also matters a lot. You need to ensure that the side of the room is never extended and the height of the room is not less than other rooms.

Direction and Placement of Locker

The Locker Facing as per Vastu is also equally important and hence the direction of the locker must be selected as per Vastu. The locker in the room must perfectly face the south side of the room, while overlooking the southwest and southeast direction of the room.

The back of the locker must be facing towards the south wall of the room and the front side must face towards the north wall. Avoid placing the locker towards the northeast corner of the room. Doing so would cause heavy losses in your wealth. Northwest and southeast directions are also not good for the placement of the locker.

The placement of the locker is equally important. Just like Vastu for Kitchen which suggests you place the utensils and kitchenware in the right direction, the placement of the locker in the locker room is also equally important. When placing the locker you must always keep in mind it is about one inch away from the wall.

Avoid sticking the locker to the wall. The locker must be at least one foot away from the southwest and northwest corner of the room. If space is limited, then ensure to place the locker in the east direction of the room.

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Doors and Windows Direction in Locker Room

When it comes to doors and windows of the locker room, you need to ensure that the locker room is equipped with only one entrance door with two shutters. No matter what type of security system the locker room door has but you need to keep the direction of the locker room door towards southwest, southeast, northwest, or south of the locker room. The windows in the locker room must be in the north or east direction of the locker room.

Colour Choices for Locker Room

It may sound awkward, but as per the vastu for color rules the color of the locker room plays a pivotal role in bringing wealth and affluence to your house. Just like you consider Vastu for Cash Box in Home, you also need to make right selection of colour scheme for the locker room. The color yellow is the most preferred choice according to Vastu as it brings lots of richness, wealth, and prosperity.

So, the walls and floors of the locker room must have a yellow color theme as it brings an increment in your wealth.

Vastu Colors for Locker Room

Vastu colors for locker room can bring peaceful energy and promote good vibes. The locker room is a place where we change our clothes, store our belongings, and take showers.

The best colors for a locker room are light colors such as white, cream, blue, green, and pink. These colors represent peace, purity, and serenity. They can help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the locker room.vastu colours for locker room

Dark colors should be avoided in the locker room as they can make the space feel cramped and uninviting. Colors such as black, dark brown, and deep red can also create negative energy.

When choosing colors for the walls of the locker room, it is important to consider the lighting. Light colors such as white or cream will help to brighten up the space, while dark colors can make it feel more closed in. This can create a chaotic and overwhelming environment. It is best to select one or two main colors and then use accents of other colors to add interest.

If it is a space that will be used in the morning, then brighter colors can be used to energize the space. If it is a space that will be used in the evening, then soothing and calming colors should be selected.

Too much color can be overwhelming and create visual clutter. It is best to use a few simple colors that work well together and then accessorize with items in complementary colors.

Extra Vastu Tips for Locker Room

As per Vastu for home guidelines, the north portion of your house is the ideal location for constructing the locker room. If it is not possible to construct in the north direction, then the east is the best alternative where you can construct your locker room.vastu locker direction tips

It is extremely important that the placement of the locker is not under any exposed beam because it outs pressure on the locker. Placement of the locker in any corners of the room is strictly no-no according to Vastu.

Ensure to remove all clutters and messes from the room as the locker room must be completely clean and neat. All your valuables, silver, gold, and diamond ornaments must be in the southern or western side of the locker for prosperity and affluence in your home.

Constructing a house according to Vastu guidelines is extremely important. Not only the locker room, but the kitchen direction as per vastu, bedroom, drawing room, living room, and even Vastu for Bathroom, homeowners must construct every room of their house as per Vastu guidelines that are easily available online today.

The locker room is an important part of any home, office, or gym. Therefore, it is important to follow vastu principles while designing and constructing a locker room. The locker room should have a good ventilation system so that the valuables stored inside are not damaged by moisture.

  • The door should not be made of glass as it represents water element. Metal or wooden doors are considered to be best for locker rooms.
  • The ceiling of the locker room should be white in color.
  • The locker room should not have any windows as it represents the fire element. However, if the locker room is located in the south-west direction, then a window can be provided in the north or east wall for ventilation purposes.
  • The lighting inside the locker room should be bright and evenly distributed. fluorescent lights are considered to be good for locker rooms.
  • Dark colors such as black, brown, or red should be avoided as they absorb heat and make the room look smaller.
  • It should be clean and organized at all times.
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  1. Each and everything regarding the locker room is mentioned perfectly. The direction, color, Vastu tips, etc. I liked the overall read a lot. As I am planning for a new house, I will keep these points in mind.
    Great post in total

  2. The blog is very informative. The blog is a wealth of knowledge. It is crucial to building a house following Vastu principles. You can relax, experience discomfort, and find peace in a place with good Vastu. VastuShastra’s research has long helped assist people in improving their living circumstances. With Vastu for locker rooms, it plays a crucial role in boosting money and providing success. There are good chances that the outflow of funds will exceed the inflow if you choose the size and location of the locker room on your own. People go to VastuShastra for guidance on locker room design. To keep your wealth and money safe, make sure the locker room is built not just with Vastu in mind but also with security in mind. It is crucial to consult the VastuShastra while designing a locker since it greatly impacts the construction process. Your recommendations and guidance are fantastic on this.

  3. I just love reading your blogs especially the ones that provide knowledge on Vastu. I am learning a lot from your blogs. I have learnt that Vastu is very important for our homes and any place in general. It helps in the overall well-being of our family. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights with us. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

  4. All your blogs are very nice to read.This is good too.Please bring more content on Vastu Shastra because I enjoy reading vastu related information as I strickly follow Vastu.


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