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Modern & Simple Designs to Consider for Indian Style Pooja Room

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In every Indian house, you will find a dedicated space and room for pooja. When we buy a new house, we make a lot of planning, we start buying beautiful idols to worship and also buy other accessories to make it look more pleasant.

Another good way of enhancing the look of your pooja room is by changing the colours of the walls and ceiling of the pooja room. There are many textures and wall paint available in the market which can enlighten the look of the pooja room. You can even opt for the beautiful false ceiling as well to acquire that perfect look.

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Are you looking for unique designs for your Pooja room that can complement your house interiors? If yes, then you can create a specific corner in your home for placing your uniquely designed mandir using these essential tips. 

As we all know Pooja rooms hold a great significance in the Indian household and their placement also matters a lot. We always look out for options to design decorate our space in unique designs. Here, are some popular designs and tips for the Pooja room that you can use.

Here, we will talk about some modern indian style pooja room designs that you can consider in creating a beautiful pooja room in your house.

Backlit Panels to beautify the wall and ceiling of your Pooja Room

Pooja room looks really beautiful when you light a candle and when you add more lights in the room it makes it look ultra-radiant. You can add some warm glow in your pooja room to make it look brighter and calm. Add some backlit panels on the ceiling or on the walls. This will make your pooja room look unique and you will also feel calm and at peace. You can opt for decorative jalli designs as well. The more unique item you choose the better it is for your pooja ghar.

Use Backlit Panels 

Interior designers make use of Corian backlit panels as an alternative to feature the walls for decorating bedrooms and living rooms. This idea also works in the pooja room as the panels here can be customized with many designs like sacred symbols, etchings of gods and goddesses for bringing out a unique element in pooja room designs for homes. In addition, they don’t cost much.

Pooja Room Design with Bells

As we all know that a pooja room usually has many metal accessories such as plates, bells, and brass lamps. Therefore, decorating the room with some metallic colors can enhance the look. One should take care that they do not go overboard with metal as it will overpower the room with its lustre and shine. Pooja Room with Bells

Hence, it is always good to use subtle elements like decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic paint on a small section of the wall to balance that energy in the area.

False Ceiling Designs for your Pooja Room

The most common mistake that we do while planning our pooja room is that we don’t take the ceiling seriously. A false ceiling can make any room look extremely delightful. Adding a false ceiling in your pooja ghar will uplift the look. You can add a simple chandelier on top with mini bulbs fitted inside which will turn your beautiful pooja room no less than the real temple. You won’t be able to ignore the mesmerizing effect. You can buy them at Rs. 90 per square feet. If you opt for wooden ceiling than it will cost, you Rs. 360 per square feet.

Pooja Room Designs and Ideas

You can get in touch with a professional to decide what kind of false ceiling will suit your pooja room and then accordingly you can buy. There are many simple and extravagant false ceilings available in the market. Choose as per your choice and speak to an expert.

Make Use of Wooden Hand-Carved Motives 

For home decor, wood is a versatile material and it is meant to add warmth and beauty in any area. Now, in the pooja room, carved wooden structures or idols are exquisite. If you see in old temples, you will find many sculptures and other hand-carved motifs as well that go with the whole vibe. Wooden Pooja Room Design

If you live in a large apartment then there is one drawback, that a wooden Pooja room might be a little expensive on your budget. But, one can save money by looking for old wooden furniture in the flea market or in second-hand markets and then refinish them.

Add stone cladding on your pooja ghar walls

Another good design for the perfect pooja room is stone cladding. It gives natural look and also maintains the tranquillity. Stone cladding on the walls doesn’t look over the top and you can create a contrast stone cladding wall to a cream or white colour wall. It will maintain the simplicity and enhance the look of the Pooja ghar as well. It is cost effective too. You can buy it for Rs. 95 per square feet.

Pooja Room With Stone Cladding 

If you want to add a touch of nature then, Stone Cladding on the walls gives your prayer space an earthy and fresh look. It is one of the most happening designs for the Pooja Room as it never fails to add a touch of class to the interiors. In addition, you can experiment with different stones that differ in shades and colors to make your space more unique and distinct.

Etched Cubical glass panel for pooja room walls for tiny apartments

Pooja ghar is essential for every house and apartment and if you own a small apartment, then you create a cubical between two areas as a partition. Create a cubical with glass panels instead of wood. Wood will make the small cubical dark. Best thing to opt for the walls would be something translucent. Let the light pass through easily. Etched glass will be a wiser choice. Choose something which has decorative designs on the etched glass to make it look attractive.

Glass Pooja room Design

In modern homes, Glass is something that can eventually go with any look that your house has. In most homes, a Pooja Room is placed in the corner of a living room or hall. Therefore, it becomes very essential that it matches the overall theme in that area. So, one can go for a Glass pooja room

Glass can be used for the door of the pooja room or even for the shelves on which the idols are arranged. One can also make use of coloured glass in the background to enhance the look of your Pooja room.

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The cost will totally depend on the quality of the etched glass. The least you can expect to spend is Rs. 180 per square feet which can increase up to Rs. 950 per square feet. Choose according to your budget.

Wall colors of your pooja room

If you can’t renovate the pooja room by spending a lot of money, then the best thing that you can opt for is by changing the wall colors of the pooja room. You can go for bright yellow or orange to make the room feel brighter. Take a look at the pooja shelf and create a contrast. Wall paint is extremely cost-effective. You will have to pay Rs. 21 to Rs. 36 per square feet. If you want to do a metallic paint or want to add some designs and symbols on the walls, then the cost will increase a bit.

Pooja Ghar is an integral part of our house. Prayers are a way to express our feelings in front of our deity. Follow our simple ideas and create a beautiful pooja room.

Screen and Jallis for Pooja Room

In an Indian style pooja room, there is a need for privacy, especially when it connects to your social space or you can say living space. In small homes or apartments, you can install a solid partition that can take away the light in the area besides making it look cramped.

Now, Jallis is the solution that visually divides the area without eliminating natural light. Nowadays, all these screens can be laser-cut into every shape or pattern. 

Decent Lighting in Pooja Room

Lighting dictates elegance in not only Indian pooja rooms but every pooja room like other areas in the house.

When you look for ideas for a small Pooja room design for apartments or any individual homes, then the best solution is to look out the illumination factor available for the pooja area. As the pooja area should have a tranquil vibe so it is best that you stay away from spotlights or focus lights. Instead of that, you can opt for ambient lighting. The main objective of this lighting in the pooja room should be to highlight all the main points like idols. Plus, it should not overpower the room with brightness.

Make use of Modern Accessories

When you decorate your Pooja room with well-chosen simple or modern accessories then it creates an elegant look. You can make use of Brass objects like bells, lamps, and pots as they are ideal for temples and indian pooja rooms designs. Ensure that all the decor accessories blend with the style of your house. Now, you can take the example of the ornately carved wooden panel for a minimalist house.

Captivating Pooja Doors with Modern Designs

Your Pooja door unit deserves interesting design features and it holds several responsibilities like providing an enclosed area and offering a quiet spot for prayer. 

Wood is a quite common material that is used for the Pooja room doors. So, you can try experimenting with metals, glass, laminates, MDF, or a combination of wood and glass. 

You can make it more interesting with various patterns and ethnic Indian motifs such as flowers, sun, lotus, and many more. Or you can also fabricate a door with lattice screens because they set a pleasant mood for prayer.

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  1. Awesome space saving pooja room designs you shared here. I followed these in my apartment and these are superb. For indian homes these are must read ideas for pooja room

  2. I incorporated the pooja room design with bells in my house and it has transformed the ambiance of the space. The bells in the pooja room not only create a beautiful sound but also have a deep significance. They are said to represent the voice of God and their ringing is believed to bring us closer to the divine. This is why I chose this design in particular. The Pooja room is considered to be the most sacred place in a house where we can connect with our inner selves and seek the blessings of the divine. A well-designed pooja room can enhance the beauty of your home and also create a peaceful and serene environment. I have personally experienced it and I can’t wait to revamp my mother’s pooja room. She’ll be super happy to see all these designs.

  3. Wow, simply superb designs. My eyes are on the glass pooja room and hand-carved wooden design. I am wondering how it would look if I combine the two designs and make a new one for my home. The interiors are simply superb and I would like to have something similar for my home.

  4. I tried your stone cladding idea in my pooja room and I just wanted to share how beautiful it turned out! I used a light sandstone for the walls and a dark granite for the floor. The combination is just stunning and makes the room look so luxurious. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your idea with me!


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